Broths and soups recipes

Moldovan Deputy (Zalman)
258 - 120м -
Same national Moldovan dish, very tasty, and easy. Takes minimum time and maximum pleasure.
Soup "Field" from childhood
255 - 90м -
The taste of this wonderful soup from my childhood. My mom made it with rice or couscous, but the main ingredients were peas and egg. The name of this soup fun - "Field!" I don't even know why)))Now this is a soup I feed my family, and you want to buy!
Soup "Sombrero"
255 3 60м -
If the fridge you find some mushrooms, a piece of smoked sausage and a jar of vegetable mixture Sombrero, you can cook here's a hearty soup...
Grandfather's soup with a quenelle of buckwheat
254 - - -
A delicious soup with the mushroom aroma and delicate cheese quenelle. A rich, nourishing, aromatic - it is fine to diversify Your dining menu.
Soup "Star"
251 - 30м 6
The memory about the Soviet times. I really liked the soup with the "stars" from the nondescript bag. And here in the store happened to see these "stars" was raided by pleasant memories of childhood. Came home, the soup was ready in 30 minutes. Delicious soup, simple, but such a homely, nourishing and fragrant. I have not tried to reproduce the same taste, but were guided by the preferences of family members.
251 - 50м 4
Albondigas (accent on the letter "o") thick vegetable soup with meatballs. It's a Spanish or Mexican dish. The taste is very intense: spicy-hot, just what you need in the cold season. The dish is hearty, think, love your family and friends.
Chicken broth with croutons
250 3 - 9
Easy chicken soup. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Soup seafood
248 - 30м 3
I live in the Primorsky Krai. We love to catch and cook fish, squids, mussels, scallops, shrimp. Seafood balanced in composition, they are easily absorbed by the body and are a low calorie diet. Diet based on the consumption of seafood reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps fight excess weight and even (checked temperamental Italians) increases libido. This recipe I picked up from eldest daughter. No wonder they say: live and learn. The soup is very light and low in calories.
Rice-vegetable soup
245 5 40м 5
Rice is a source of carbohydrates, to eat it properly. Here is my version of a perfect combination of rice with vegetables. Very nutritious and zero inches to the waist. Sorry no photo, just at first did not, and repeat do not like soup, so I don't know if I can take pictures again...
Cream soup with broccoli and Apple
244 - - -
Get ready for summer! Offer to cook a very easy and delicious soup-puree of broccoli and Apple. Diet can be delicious!
Soup with sorrel
241 3.5 - -
Sorrel is very tasty and healthy. And in winter, this soup will be very useful. A piece of black bread soup with sour cream... Mmmm... Smells like spring! :-)
241 4 5м 10
Perfect for hasha and his. Adds bright flavor and a spicy flavor.
Vegetable soup
241 4 30м 8
The delicate flavor. Perfect for children and dietary food. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Soup "Field"
239 - 40м -
The soup is a rich, nourishing. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Polish soup with pickles
238 - - -
This is one of the most popular traditional Polish soups. This soup is low in calories. Try to cook for dinner Polish soup with pickles and dressing for the pickle "Maggi". Preparation takes very little time, the result is a delicious and hearty entree, reminiscent of a pickle.
Mushroom soup with fennel
237 - - -
I've combined the seemingly incompatible products: mushrooms and fennel, and it turned out delicious, tender, velvety soup with a wonderful aroma.
Tom Yam (or Tom Yum)
237 - 40м 10
I have never been to Thailand, but not time eating with my husband this dish in different restaurants and cafes. Finally managed to make it taste like. We call it among ourselves Tom Yum (it's delicious). Bon appetit!
Hodgepodge "My fish"
237 3.5 - -
I belong to a small number of strange people who don't like soup. Well I do not like it, you can eat, but fun to me is not delivered. The only ear in my life that I ate with pleasure, had cooked on the fire. This backstory is told to what I was really afraid to cook fish hodgepodge. And me about her so many nice things to say. Well, decided... to my Delight there was no limit! I just fell in love with this dish with a spoon.
Caucasian bag
236 - - -
Caucasian Solyanka is Ossetian bean soup Kaduri bash. It feels heavy, but in fact there are a lot of vegetables: enough to eat, but not overeat. And most importantly — simple to prepare.
Pea soup
236 5 - -
Delicious soup.
Kharcho soup with lamb
235 4 - -