Cooking in grills recipes

Casserole with fish
114 4 - 4
Cheese rice with fish layer. Delicious casserole for cooking in aerogrill :)
Eclairs in aerogrill
114 4 - 4
Continue to master the grills and this is my first cakes in it. In principle, the recipe is not new, just specific instructions to the owners of this wonder-stove. So if you want to remove it, then so be it.
Barbecue in aerogrill
113 5 13м -
Bread in the convection oven
113 - - -
Girls, I did not expect, was a small piece of dough from a pizza, and left such a wonderful bread tastes better than xn. To prepare the dough, used a measuring Cup and a spoon to HP.
Pickling cucumbers in aerogrill
113 - - -
I want to share with you a easy way of pickling cucumbers in the convection oven. Used it for 3 year, all jars are great, cucumbers are tasty and crispy! The marinade can use your, I suggest that their proportions of salt, sugar and vinegar. Blanks are engaged at the cottage, in the fresh air. Combine business with pleasure and from the convection oven is not hot!
Chicken wings
112 3 60м 4
Chicken wings.
Pepper stuffed
112 - 60м 6
Recipes stuffed peppers found the site a bit... My very simple, but a little different from the rest)))
Vegetables on skewers
112 5 50м 5
Spicy zucchini and tender squash.
Steaks of salmon in aerogrill
112 - 20м 3
Very tasty and very tender! Fast!
Juicy chicken fillet in aerogrill
111 - 60м 6
Not so long ago acquired a miracle of technology that everyone is talking about - aerogrill. So the other day I decided to cook something quick and tasty :-) my family all love chicken... so I made chicken in soy sauce! Quick, tasty and juicy! And that's what happened!!! Bon Appetit!
"Sea language" in aerogrill
111 3 30м 2
Tender, virtually fat sea fish. And most importantly, prepared with the least effort!
Fried fish
110 3 25м 2
a very simple way to cook fried fish in aerogrill!
Skewers of hearts in aerogrill
110 - - -
Why not cook for a change and a barbeque...
Fish with vegetables with cheese sauce in aerogrill
109 - - 3
Another tried and tested recipe in the Treasury of recipes "Cooking in aerogrill". Easy, affordable products, quickly prepared. AND DELICIOUS!
"Ham" chicken
109 - - -
"I'm not a magician, I'm just learning". So do not judge strictly. The word "ham" has taken in brackets because they do not know how the resulting product may be referred to as ham in the truest sense of the word. But what very good, I promise! I cooked my ham in a collagen film on motives of rolls Kolbaskina Paul and Tatiana (here nick Author-Tatiana M). But from minced meat in aerogrill. I know there povaryata, which is also fun to make your home-made meat product. So I will share what I did.
Carp in aerogrill
109 4 35м 2
Was waiting for a loved one with a trip and thought, what would be his treat. That experimented with river fish.
Delicate strawberry-cheesecake
109 - 30м 3
My son said to me, I love something sweet. So I tried. Delicious, juicy, very strawberry zapekanka for your child.
Chinese chicken wings
108 - 95м 10
My friend works as a programmer in China. After learning about the contest, I immediately began to reach him and that's what he sent me the recipe for Chinese chicken wings barbecue. Of course, they can be cooked on the grill, in the oven, but I like the convection oven. Flip is not necessary. A timer is shut off.
Skewers of nutria in aerogrill
107 - 60м 10
As you understand, we really like the nutria, so we use all possible variants of its preparation. Believe me, nutria meat can replace pork: it is cheaper, many times healthier and tastier. The thus prepared shashlik is no worse than on the fire, the only thing there is no smell of smoke, but it is faster and less troublesome.
Chicken tipsy
107 - 60м 2
Thought to surprise me with some new recipe for cooking chicken is difficult. How wrong I was!!! To say that this chicken is good - it means nothing to say. You are welcome!
Candied zucchini
107 - 60м 10
Jam don't like zucchini don't like, but "dry jam" zucchini, or fruit, came to my liking!