Dishes pita bread recipes

Vegetable burrito
118 - 50м 4
Very juicy, spicy burrito.
Turkmen lavash rolls
118 5 25м 8
lavash rolls
Meatloaf with beets
118 - 15м 4
This is an improvisation on an ordinary beets with garlic and mayonnaise! Very tasty and festive! )))
Rolls "Palatine"
117 - 40м 4
Once decided to treat dad to Japanese cuisine. Ordered sushi and rolls. Dad was not happy : ( they Said that it's better that the Japanese eat, and we, Russian, are more like potatoes with meat. Then I came up with the idea to make these rolls, which would be made from the usual Russian man ingredients.
Roll with avocado in 5 minutes
117 5 5м 4
Continue the theme of "green" Shawarma, rolls, pita, this time with avocado.
Pie "three-Tiered pineapple in pita bread"
117 - 40м 8
Simple, tasty, easy, great... but just try it!!! For all lovers of pineapples and simple desserts!!! So come get some!!!
Roll with minced chicken
116 4 40м -
A simple loaf which for my family!
116 - 20м 6
A great appetizer for the holiday table! Scatters "cheers" in 15 minutes!
Stuffed pita is Turkish for "Fish with bread"
116 - 30м 4
Yes, it sounds so translated the names of Turkish dishes "Balik ekmek". Very simple, very quick and very delicious recipe. Essential for a quick snack, a picnic or youth parties when you need a quick and filling to feed a dozen hungry students)))
Alternative to canapés
116 - 15м -
This recipe is closer to sushi than canapés, but to call it "sushi" would be wrong.
116 5 30м 8
Had often fly to Moscow and on the transfer of a station always bought cheese burrito. Now there's nostalgia. After reading recipes for pita decided to experiment. And it turned out wonderful! It's certainly not a burrito, but it looks like. And very tasty! Step by step recipe to make did not become, all very simple.
Pizza lasagna in Russian
115 4 40м -
Comfortable, quick, beautiful and delicious.
Lavash rolls with sweet peppers
115 - 20м 5
I used not purchase pita bread... and due to the fact that your lovasik turned out a little thicker and sdobnoe than regular pita, it was very interesting and tasty)) For recipe pita thanks to the author "begi"! It's all good!
Baskets of pita bread
114 4 7м 1
Pita can be cooked thousands of meals. I stopped at one - on baskets. Well, and their variations are many. I have just a dining cart. As a main dish..
114 - 40м 5
Typical Turkish cakes. The original name of "Gul Berek". The filling is different, the most popular, of course, meat and spinach-cheese.
Crispy rolls of Armenian lavash
112 - 15м -
Armenian lavash is always present in our shopping cart. If time and hunting to eat any of this product you can prepare wonderful rolls. Easy, tasty and fast! There are different toppings to Your taste! Be creative! While I will share one of the many variants of this dish! ; )
A quick strudel
112 3 - -
Tender, crispy strudel without the hassle!
112 4 20м -
Pita bread with filling.
Tacos grilled mushrooms
112 - - -
A wonderful appetizer of mushrooms and vegetables can be cooked outdoors. Will need Taco shells, spicy vegetable salad and marinated skewers of mushrooms.
Quick meatloaf
111 3.5 70м 4
Crispy pita bread with meat and vegetables.
Burrito in Russian with cabbage
111 - 10м -
Want to surprise your beloved family a delicious Breakfast? Burrito pita with young cabbage for You! Time the cooking takes 10 minutes! My daughter nine years, really liked this Breakfast, and the husband who hates cabbage, to my surprise, with pleasure eats. Similar recipe on the website not found, so put on Your court not spicy, succulent dish with vitamins.