Sauces recipes

Spicy sauce-gravy with meat and horseradish
157 - 60м -
This dish as gravy suited to any garnish, or even as a sauce for any meat... Has an interesting taste of hell, and surprisingly not spicy taste... (well, of course, if you do not give a lot of shit).
Lemon-mint sauce
157 3 - -
This sauce is well suited to grilled fish. Especially delicious with mackerel.
Spicy sauce with herbs
157 4 10м 10
Delicious spicy sauce, my favorite, suitable for meat and chicken, and fish. Already many times handed out the recipe wish!
Sour cream sauce, adjika and coriander
156 - 5м 4
The sauce is perfect for Shawarma, kebabs, pita, hot dogs, and just with hot Pitta bread or pita bread is delicious!
Sauce "Tartarus"
155 - 5м -
I love this stuff. Very tasty, it turns out home. Goes well with shrimp, and just spread on bread is delicious.
Tomato-vegetable sauce
155 - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.
Salad dressings: of rasola of green peas and beans
154 - 30м -
The liquid from the cans of peas are usually discarded. But few people know that at its basis it is possible to cook a delicious homemade mayonnaise. And cooked beans also makes a great sauce that can be eaten even in the post. Try, because any salad dramatically changes the taste and appearance depending on the chosen filling.
Garlic pasta avocado
153 5 15м 5
Universal pasta to fish and meat dishes.
Strawberry-yogurt sauce
152 - 15м 2
Fragrant sauce with strawberries. Aroma of summer strawberries, taste great. A light and tasty sauce for pancakes and fritters.
Peanut sauce for salad "Chuck"
150 - 10м 2
Hello! First, the story. My husband and I really love seaweed salad "Chuck" (well, that is tasty and healthy), but the problem is that it is vital peanut sauce. It stores no, first ordered online, but for a long time l have not been delayed: it was too good and chicken-piggy-tempura, and marine reptiles. Decided to improvise. What came out of it - you decide!
Cranberry sauce
150 - 45м 8
A stunning sweet and sour sauce bright pink, turkeys and more!
Fried eggs in bread
150 5 10м 1
Fried eggs in bread.
Sauce "Bomb"
149 - - -
Gorgeous sauce with a Grand finish!!! Perfect for any dish. It can not only serve the meat, fish, vegetables, etc, but also bake in it. Don't forget to pass it to the taste!!! Your loved ones will be thrilled!!!
Spicy sauce with cucumber
148 - 6м 4
Very original fresh-spicy taste that will delight the taste explosion. Very tasty and meat and fish and vegetables.
The sauce of roasted tomatoes
148 3 - 4
Sauce for pasta
Thyme jam to pancakes
148 - 60м 4
When I saw this recipe, I thought that might give a combination of water, thyme and lemon? But when I made it... Guys, this is the bomb! Very sorry I made such a small portion. The freshness of citrus and light spice thyme perfectly invigorates and refreshes. In my opinion, great for morning toast with butter or pancakes (pancakes). The idea I saw of Yulia Vysotskaya, but the proportions have set up for yourself.
The vegetable sauce to the kebab
147 - 15м -
A wonderful addition!
Salsa olives with lemon and orange
147 - - 4
Here is an unusual sauce-a side dish! A very interesting taste.
Pickled plum
146 3 - -
Also from the Azerbaijani cuisine. Very interesting zagotovochka obtained. Plums are very tasty, spicy and not too salty.
146 4 - -
The BAJ is a universal Georgian sauce, which is suitable for many products. In Bage the most important thing is the nuts, because they give taste to the entire dish. The BAJ is not necessary to boil.
Dolma from grape leaves "yarpag dolmasy"
145 4 - -
Translated from Azeri-Turkic "yarpag dolmasy" means "leaf Dolma". The translation of the word dolma is from Azeri-Turkic, as, indeed, from any Turkic language, means "filled, stuffed". This dolma is very common in the East. Do Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Persians (Iranians), but they all do it in different interpretations, and they look completely different. My recipe is an authentic Azerbaijani dolma.