Cook in a double boiler recipes

Cheese with sun dried apricots
125 - 25м 2
Cheese is very useful, but kids don't always want to eat it! You have to go to all sorts of tricks!
124 4.7 - -
Meatloaf with vegetables definitely will like all the Housewives! Prepared in the steamer, I don't have it, so that the steamer was made of improvised means))). Participate in the contest "Fast "Philips"
Vegetable steamed buns of semolina stuffed with spinach
124 - - -
Useful, air, vegetable rolls cooked in a double boiler. Who are interested, please treat!!!
Steam roll "lady" with a cheesy mushroom sauce
124 5 - -
Roll out dumpling dough stuffed with meat and cabbage, steamed, mantoverde (or steamer), and it did cheese-mushroom sauce. The combination of fillings of meat and cabbage is very tasty, and if you season it all with mushrooms and cheese, it is possible to equate to a festive dinner, turned out well, very tasty. Steam rolls with meat are called "Lady", but to claim such a title, I will not, I do not know how he prepares, all the subtleties of cooking the stuffing and whose dish do not know, therefore I propose an alternative, which can be called "simplified manti" in their interpretation.
Steam pork sausage and chicken
124 - 50м -
Many families have long abandoned "shopping " of sausage, and it is clear why: the terrible chemical composition+bad taste+health and this whole "beauty" is still decent and worth the money! Offer the option of home sausages steamed. Not difficult, quick and tasty!
Sausage from steamer
123 - 50м -
I suggest you have the steam version of sausage. Easy and very tasty! The sausage is juicy, with excellent flavor, holds shape well and not falling apart! And it fits perfectly in the diet of the first half of the day, for losing weight or blyuduschih your figure!
123 5 - -
This recipe I have exhibited, but without photos it is difficult to imagine, and I really want to share with you this wonderful dish!
Just meat
123 4 90м -
Meat with spicy broth
"Underdog" from the liver of poultry in a sauce of port wine
123 - 30м 3
As always in my menu-quick, tasty and healthy)
The tabs of "sleeves"
122 5 90м -
Series No. 3, until you get bored, I will cook in the "sleeve", very tasty and solid facilities.
Fragrant pink
121 - 15м 2
The recipe is simple, but very satisfying! And for diet suitable for breastfeeding moms, which itself is!
Chicken breast baked with mango
121 - 30м -
Brought out of Egypt 4 mango, but one needs to eat do not have time before it becomes soft, like mashed potatoes, the kids that refused to eat. And there came to my mind to bake it with chicken, the smell that filled the kitchen, it is still impossible to forget.
Ravioli stuffed with curd-cheese nachinkoy for a couple of "Italiano"
121 - 40м 4
This is a wonderful dish - a kind of Italian pasta, products made from wheat dough with different fillings. The combination of tenderness, delicacy and lightness - that's what I wanted, everything turned out well!!!
Pork for a couple in the ground roasted rice
119 - 135м 4
Meat hammer fried rice is a native of Sichuan cuisine. Preparing one of the favorite in Chinese way - steaming. The result is a very tasty and tender meat in the crust.
Home kebab
119 3.5 60м 10
Here's a homemade kebab :) Recipe to come up in the morning in bed :) Delicious and dieting.
Squid stuffed with "Sea"
119 - 15м 2
When you stand in the kitchen and in front of you lie the seafood, to think, what to do with them can be very long. Because of them you can do whatever you want. Here we are with my husband, remembering the statement that all ingenious is simple, I prepared this dish for a dinner devoted to Valentine's day! And raising glasses in voice proposed a toast: "give me tonight"!
Fun balls
119 - 20м 3
This is a very simple, tasty and healthy dish. I prepared my little son, and I recommend to those who are watching their figure. Cakes turn out tender and light.
Roll meat
119 4 60м 8
Continuation of the series "cooking in the steamer".
Chicken breast with crab meat
118 3 20м 1
The combination of crab meat and chicken - "BOMB"
Vegetable patties with fruit for a couple
118 - 180м 9
Very tasty patties, rolls out. Very tender, melt in your mouth. Don't suggest to make them larger. Worse shape and need longer to cook. While it's up.
The potatoes in the steamer
117 5 - -
For those who the seem to be fresh.