Bakery recipes

Apple pie with apples in 30 minutes
388 - 30м 6
Hello everyone today I want to share with you the recipe of Charlotte in 30 minutes. It is very airy and quick recipe Apple Charlotte, which consists of only four ingredients and always turns out fluffy and flavorful.
386 - 60м 8
Basbousa - Eastern dessert traditional for Egypt. In fact it is a cake with semolina and coconut, soaked in sweet syrup. Juicy, sweet, delicious and very easy! Basbousa get even the hostess who bakes for the first time. The ingredients are readily available and easily replaceable, the most important to follow a few simple rules. Thanks to vanilla from Haas basbousa becomes even more refined Eastern fabulousness... help yourself!!!
380 - - -
Sheker-Bura is the sweetness, which, along with baklava is prepared on the spring holiday - Novruz Bayram. If the baklava had heard all, Sheker-Bura know not all... and not a cook. I want You to meet this sweet dish in anticipation of the holiday! Recipe have tried to describe as much detail as possible, to make it all clear for those who decide to cook Sheker-borax home! Come, meet, help yourself!
375 3.5 50м 20
For this recipe my mom always baked a cake, but in a large sexnice. I don't have one. Her recipe requires a Cup of yogurt, but because the local population does not know what kefir is, and vaguely represents what should be a real sour cream, I changed it a bit. But it is no worse than your mom.
Ukrainian pampushkas with garlic
373 - - -
In April, my family begins the season of donuts. There's nothing more delicious Ukrainian borscht, and even donuts. Invite...
Cupcake marzipan "Christmas log"
372 - - -
Delicious soft cake, with an almond and muffin. Loved everyone in my family spoiled! I want to thank the Irinushka Benito for marzipan sent me a parcel in from the distant city of Kosice! Never caught my so fresh, soft and fragrant marzipan! Yes, and from Dr. Oetker! Just had to bake something amazing!
Doughnuts of cream cheese
370 - - -
Offer to prepare delicate, airy donuts. The dough contains Philadelphia cheese. Donuts have a delicate texture, moderately sweet, airy. You can prepare for Breakfast or afternoon tea.
369 3 - -
I do not remember, unfortunately, whose kitchen, but we ate chichini on vacation in the South. After my arrival, I often made them for Breakfast, but then moved away, and today this is inspired by holiday memories and scones. Very thin cakes of unleavened dough with filling inside. Are made easily and quickly, and extremely tasty.
Japanese bread with condensed milk
361 - 180м 1
What is the difference between weekdays from holidays? Elegance spent time in a special mood... If we start from these definitions, this bread fits the name "Holiday". It is interesting for its separated layers, a pleasant milk flavor, tender crumb and a beautiful view. So why is it not to bake in the Easter holidays? In the preparation of the dough I used the bread maker.
Quiche with leeks
357 - 70м 8
Dear cooks, offer to bake a delicious pie with leeks. Among the many variants of this wonderful cake this is a very worthy place. Pie is perfect in all respects - it is beautiful, tasty and tender. Recipe taken from the book "the Art of French cuisine" from Julia child. Some ingredients are listed in cups, the Cup volume of 250 ml. my Only deviation is that I used blue cheese instead of the usual solid, highly recommend, it's delicious.
357 4 40м 6
The contest "a Journey through old recipes" Is a dish of my childhood... when I'm cooking, before my eyes was grandma's kitchen, her song... Now I honestly don't cook it. And remembered butsyky only when I mention ' buela (I called her for advice). But I think that after tonight I will prepare often: daughter eats them for both cheeks, as I... Here it is, the CHANGE of GENERATIONS... Oh, by the way, my grandmother is Ukrainian. And the dish is a true Ukrainian!
Roskon of the Magi - Roscon de Reyes
357 5 90м -
January 6, Spain celebrates the Feast of the wise men or "Reyes Magos" ("the king of wizards"). He is considered the main year children's holiday. Day of the Magi, completed in Spain Christmas and new year celebrations. The meal must end with a cake called "roscón", baked in a ring shape and decorated with colorful candied fruit. They say they represent the gems that sparkled on the clothing of the Magi. For the contest "new year tastes of the planet"
Diet oatmeal pancakes
357 - - -
These pancakes are light and contain far fewer calories than usual. The filling can be anything low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, boiled chicken and mushrooms or something else to your taste.
353 - 60м 10
Here came the second crop of spinach. I offer one of my favorite, homemade pies. Fast, simple and very tasty!
Chocolate osamabin with a banana
349 - 15м 1
Today I will tell you how to cook chocolate osamabin with a banana. This is a very tasty, quick and healthy Breakfast of oatmeal. The taste of this oatmeal pancake can be changed every day, you can add berries and fruits. This oatmeal pancake, you can do sweet: remove cocoa and add cheese, ham or herbs.
Easter cake "Cinnabon"
348 - 300м 8
Our family is indifferent to the rolls "Cinnabon" and in preparation for the next Easter holiday was invented to bake their cake recipe. What "magic" the aroma spread throughout the apartment when it was baking, mmm... fantastic! It is very difficult to wait for the holiday, and then another, and be limited to one piece, despite a rich stuffing, and even does not stop the fact of approaching beach season ;). Join us!
Azerbaijani churek
348 - 120м 4
In Azerbaijan bread is baked simple, without any complications. Pita bread, various cakes and bread, which translated into Russian means "bread".
Pie-Changeling "Caramel-banana"
347 - 60м 8
I really liked the recipe for this cake, I again today decided to bake, but only with bananas, as the author of this recipe blogger Kimberly. Fast, easy, and most importantly, very tasty! I'm sure this cake does not spoil, Use any fruits, nuts, cream, frosting and so on. For imagination is huge, and the result is always delicious! Begin!
Sand cake with walnuts
346 - - -
Simple in execution and very tasty big cake. Well in this shortbread dough, nuts and chocolate frosting. It is similar to a cake, it is loved by children and adults. 8 years ago I found a recipe online. Thank you to the pastry chef who invented this recipe!
Creble "."
345 - 20м -
In my childhood was not plasma TVs, mobile phones and cropley, but had friends playing outside and "no". To drive the child at play with friends was nearly impossible, and my grandmother did just-fried "no" caught us with friends on the street and stuffed our pockets this yummy."Figoski" my grandmother called just crable)) And "no" they because nothing turns a delicious option for tea.
Carrot bread
341 - 1000м 2
Beautiful and healthy rye-wheat sourdough bread. Recently got into baking, first baking in the bread machine, then used the recipes to bake in the oven. I loved to bake bread and I decided to raise the level - raised sourdough for baking unleavened bread. Every weekend now I'm looking for new recipes and my house fills with the smell of fresh bread. This recipe I found in the blog Anna973 apparently it is some famous character in the environment of bakers. I'm not too experienced Baker, but since I found this recipe, not the Cook, I decided to photograph the cooking process and add the recipe! Sorry for such a looong preamble, let's get finally to the preparation of bread!