Dairy products recipes

Yogurt ordinary
130 - 15м 5
Delicious thick yogurt.
Mozzarella home
130 - 60м -
Everyone who loves mozzarella.
Nadughi in mini-pellets Suluguni
130 - - 5
Each of our travel to a new place leads to another the knowledge of local cuisine. So this time, visiting Tbilisi, I managed to discover new. We all know cheese dressing, but few people know that there are a variety of cakes. These cakes sell in the markets of Georgia. These are thin, almost transparent pancakes the size of a saucer, with a recognizable taste. When buying cheese on the market, the woman-the seller gave us Suluguni cake inside which was a mouth-watering cheese nadugi. So dish has this name. Porassprosit Georgian friends and Google in the web, concluded: the filling for these pancakes is identical to the already known to the ricotta.
Cream cheese of sour cream and milk
129 - - 2
Didn't think given my version of cream cheese in the recipe "cookies "Oreo" so many people are interested in! Since I've been using them for a long time and even already prepared everything "eye"))) So, publish it as a separate recipe! Sour cream and milk it is advisable to take fatter if you want the final product, more fat and a buttery texture! I love cheese more dense, so 1-2 hours the cheese is unloaded, and then put a small load and leave for the night. The expiration date will not say exactly, because more than three days the cheese is kept! But in my opinion, up to five days can safely stand in the refrigerator.
Yogurt from warm milk
126 - 450м 7
To make yogurt, and it turns out delicious, sweet prostokvashi, as store. No, better and tastier.
126 - - 4
Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Cheese "mozzarella"
124 - 30м -
I love Mozzarella, especially the balls smaller. He's great in salads or on a pizza, or just as a snack. But the price... not the most available. So I'm very interested in how to cook at home. Shoveled a mountain of Italian sites, I chose the best option for home cooking. It was very simple.
Homemade cheese
123 - - -
The technology of making cheese at home.
Cottage cheese dessert with berries
123 - 5м 4
A long time ago in one of the cooking magazines I saw a recipe of delicious cheese, and now this recipe has taken root in my family.
Homemade yogurt " Danone"
122 - - 2
Yogurt is simple to prepare, it turns out thick and delicious. Filled with jam will remind you of yogurt "Danone". Be sure to try.
122 - - -
Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.
121 - - -
Young cheese in a Greek style. We must understand that true feta is made in Greece from sheep's and goat's milk cheese but this recipe turns out pretty close to the original.
Cottage cheese-cottage cheese
120 5 - -
This recipe I made not for ourselves, but for our chefs living abroad. A big problem for them to find real cheese. By trial, I still found a way. Turned so easily and without problems to convert liquid cottage cheese-cottage cheese (cottage cheese) in the ordinary curd. What can be said about him? Slightly salty and in the first few hours felt a bit cheese, but then the flavor of the "cheese" has disappeared. Try this recipe. I hope I could help, and now the delicious curd and casseroles will be on your Desk! Good luck!
A La yogurt
120 - 10м -
I love homemade yogurt. I recommend everyone to try!
Butter with spices
120 - 20м 20
This oil helps in the kitchen:)
Cheese brine "Korotynsky home"
118 - - -
One of our favorite cheese, which I do every time I have to buy a large quantity of domestic milk, and he's still not tired. Spreads in the mouth and fading away. Flavor that just pleases. Help yourself.
The cottage, "the yogis"
118 5 15м 2
Very useful and simple.
Cheese "Philadelphia"
118 3 40м -
In the midst of the global financial crisis... Cut people, cut back, and then not paid... And could not help coming to the conclusion that we need to learn to save! Experimented in the kitchen, and turned out to be an excellent replacement for all the well-known product, which many cooks can't do without. Use on health!!!
Cheese "Creamy" from the women Shura
117 4.3 15м 1
This very tasty home-made cheese, which is about 15 -20 minutes, did the sister of my grandmother - Baba Shura. As a child I loved to visit at her house - she baked delicious pies with cherry and pozdnikova, and I asked her to cook your favorite cheese. In memory of dear Baba Shura, which is no longer with us, I want to share this recipe.
Processed cheese at home
117 4 - -
Do you love cheese? Have you tried cooking it yourself? It is simple and fast, and eat it as...
Spicy cream cheese from yogurt with herbs
117 - 1440м 5
Cream cheese. He's cream cheese, it cottage cheese, cream cheese. Soft, chewy sweet. Which is so nice to spread on crusty toast and drink a Cup of coffee. Cooking is very simple.