Desserts recipes

Cake "Black Prince"
367 - - -
Offer to make home-made chocolate cake "Black Prince" yogurt with delicious sour cream and boiled condensed milk. Surprise your loved ones with delicious cakes. Preparing the cake easily!
Polish cookies "Colacci"
367 - 30м -
Кolacky (kolace, kolach, or кolache) - a common cookie in some countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland), each country has its own particular recipe. Offer the Polish version of the cookie. Make it for Christmas and not only. Budget recipe, fast, delicious.
Biscuits "Pads"
367 3 30м -
This recipe is for the sweet tooth. Perfect for a Cup of tea.
Cake "Monastyrskaya izba"
366 3 - -
A delicious cake with cherries.
Chocolate cookies with nutmeg
365 5 60м 4
Unusual cookies in taste and color. It's worth a try!
Pastry stuffed with "Hello from the USSR"
364 3 - -
Remember, once sold cookies in the form of tubes with walnuts? Here I am, remember... I loved it very much, and rummaging in my mother's notebook, I found a recipe that really reminded me of these tubes. It turned out I was right! In the end, crisp cookie with a walnut-honey filling offer on your court and the court of competition "Silver Line to the delight of children".
"Cat's eyes"-cake-roll
364 4 40м 8
My most favorite cake!!!
Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas
363 - 180м 8
Offer You a recipe of strawberry & banana cake without baking. Delicate summer dessert with strawberries and banana. Bright and beautiful cake with a pleasant taste and delicate texture. Every year I get excited about when you see this delicious berry that becomes decoration for any dessert.
Leningrad cookies
363 - - -
Recently, the Scullion saw a recipe for Tiramisu, which used cookies Savoiardi. The owner of the recipe kindly shared the recipe of the cookies. It turned out, Savoiardi very similar to the Leningrad of my childhood! Now sales are analogues, but the taste is not the same, and Eldorado all sorts of alarming. Thanks to the Internet, the desired recipe is found, with whom you want to share with you. Prepared quickly and easily. Turns out very light weight, so it is a lot. And the taste of crispy, melting in the mouth.
Cake "Nut gourmand or 2 in 1 "
360 - - -
Initially the recipe of this cake seemed a little boring and I decided to dream a little. That's what happened))) the Recipe was posted on the website in 2008 by user Jumba called "the Nut gourmet", and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Dessert "Shock-manzhe"
359 4.5 30м -
Chocolate Cup with brandy
Cake "snow Queen"
357 - 180м 20
Daughter has long been telling me to bake a cake dummy. I chose a long time, in what colour and what style the dress to consider, but then we read a book about "Snow Queen", and the decision came by itself.
Marzipan cookies with pistachios
357 - 50м -
Or pistachio cookies with marzipan. Recently, we visited for the first time in Italy, specifically in Rome. Of course we wanted to see the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral, but we wanted to try Italian food. We were not disappointed. We liked everything, and breads and cheeses and various antipasti and something else... on the first day, walking through the narrow streets of Rome, we stumbled upon a small bakery shop, where we of course looked. And there is a real Paradise for the sweet tooth. Our will power was broken, and we bought a variety of sweets, as they say "on trial". We especially liked the biscuits called Pistacchiono. As part of its we, with certainty, identified pistachio and marzipan. The rest of the ingredients left for us an Enigma. After returning home, I decided to bake something. But, as usual, had to improvise on the move and, as a result, I did it - here is a delicious cookie, with a delicate aroma of almonds and pistachios. I hope You enjoy...
Cake "Meteor - 3 "
354 - - -
Another author's recipe of the delicious cake.
Cake "Meteorite - 2 "
354 - - -
Another flight of fancy transformed into a delicate and delicious cake, the idea of cooking which I nurtured for a whole year...
Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus
352 - 20м -
Saw this recipe in a TV show. Decided to try to cook, but since the exact proportions did not know, did everything by eye. For Breakfast only, so ate)and a Great hearty and healthy option for Breakfast instead of pechenyuzhek (very satisfying)for both adults and children who cannot stand oatmeal as cereal. There is a minimum of sugar! (so who likes sweeter-add separately)
Cake "Paul Robeson"
350 - 120м 8
I have reviewed a lot of recipes on different cooking sites. Saw the recipe with the same name, but it is not so, in my recipe instead of cocoa powder used ground cherry. I got this recipe at a young age from her sister. All my friends come on holiday with the hope to enjoy this delicacy. After the feast, there is no one piece and regret that few got. Try, do everything strictly by the recipe and you will not regret it.
Cake "Parisian"
346 - - -
Quick, easy to prepare and very delicious cake. Looking at all these recipes on "the Cook" decided to add this recipe.
Cake "Poleshko"
346 3.5 - -
Offer the option of quick and delicious cupcake. This recipe I always use when going to a lot of cookies, and different. To throw, not throw it away, and then that there is such a magic wand.
346 3 90м 10
The Bibik or bebinka, the traditional layered dessert of Goa, Damao and DIU. Pearl Goan-Portuguese cuisine. According to tradition, should consist of 16 layers, but in Portugal, in a Goan restaurants are usually found only from 7. Baked in specially designed ovens supply heat from the top. Served in the restaurants in a warm or hot with a scoop of ice cream. This recipe was found and prepared by me at the request of our respected Olenka Bugenvilia.
Waffles "Red Velvet"
345 5 20м 8
Bright, delicious waffles at the yogurt. Surprise and delight your loved ones.