Cook in a slow cooker recipes

Chicken with vegetables and Apple in cream
153 - - -
Offer to cook tender chicken with vegetables and Apple in a velvety sauce. Fast, simple and very tasty! But to cook with ease, this dish helped me multivarka Vitek VT-4205 VK.
Pie croutons and cherry
152 - 60м -
Saw the recipe online, I was surprised, interested, I tried to do. Unless you have replaced the oven on the slow cooker. Well... Just available during summer season and very unusual. The taste of childhood, but slightly modified :-)
Bread from whole wheat flour "Green valley"
151 - - -
Very beautiful and delicious bread, and very helpful. Quickly prepares pastries for a long time does not get stale. Perfect for crock pots and the oven.
The pork in vaccinia and slow cooker pressure cooker
151 - 90м 6
The pork can be prepared from any part of the pork and of the meat of any animal and birds. Only choose what you want to have ready-made pork -lean or with fat bits. If it's lean, you can take a ham and a neck, the less fat. I'll cook pork (roast) chops. Bone cut, one can make roast potatoes. Well I have the meat is marinated and soy sauce TM Kikkoman sauce teriyaki marinade gave the meat original taste. The result was tender, juicy, flavorful pork.
Salmon in tomato sauce with mussels and shrimp
150 - 60м 2
Tender fish cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR, stewed in a fragrant tomato sauce with the addition of shrimp and mussels. It's quick, simple, tasty.
The feature
149 - 30м 3
Carrots, butter, dried fruit, citrus, spices for mulled wine. A simple recipe for a delicious dish.
Pie "Guests at the door"
148 - 45м 8
Found this recipe somewhere on social media, it is prepared quickly, the ingredients are always at hand. Now often it is cooked when the guests at the door, and to buy nothing. Rescued pie has no time, and much more time to come to the rescue.
Zrazy a La Cordon Bleu
147 - 60м 6
Tender chicken cutlets with fragrant viscous filling. Cook in multivarka Vitek VT-4205 BK.
Cod in cream in a slow cooker
146 - 50м -
Everyone has moments in life when cooking dinner is necessary, and no time, effort, and mood. Dumplings and pasta do not want. Here then comes to the aid of kitchen appliances.
Beef in pomegranate-cranberry sauce
146 - 90м 6
With multivarka I have long strong and tender love. For me, the slow cooker is an indispensable helper in the kitchen. Many slow cooker dishes come out tastier and healthier than on the stove, and most importantly, without additional time. Downloaded, turned on and mind your own business. Most of all I love to cook meat in a slow cooker, because it turns out very tender and juicy. This recipe was the result of a mix of your favorite ways of preparing beef in our family, beef in cranberry sauce, beef in pomegranate juice and beef with prunes. The result did not disappoint me.
Cabbage casserole Finnish
145 - 45м 4
Vegetable casserole in a slow cooker is always very quick, tasty and healthy. And thanks to the addition of meat and cream can make such a casserole is also very hearty dish. What is the recipe for a cabbage casserole Finnish in the slow cooker. Recipes are casseroles there are many national cuisines. But hardly in any other country these dishes are loved more than in Finland. Finns prepare casseroles of turnip, Swede, carrots, rye flour and dairy products. One of the most popular varieties of cabbage casserole with meat and cream. It is called "Callinica". Cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY.
Chicken with string beans in a cream sauce
143 - 60м -
Chicken with string beans in a sour cream sauce in a slow cooker. Quick, tasty and easy dish - great for beginners "multi-chefs". I began his acquaintance with the slow cooker.
Scrambled eggs with young nettles in a slow cooker
142 - - -
Tasty, tender, beautiful scrambled eggs with young spring greens.
Gratin of buckwheat with nuts and dried fruits
142 - - -
Gratin is a French casserole that can be prepared from almost anything. It is mostly found from potatoes, meat, fish with sauce and cheese. But this dish is more suitable for dinner. I offer you a delicious, nourishing dish for Breakfast. Instead of the usual porridge, boiled in milk. So they call it muesli, but it's not even muesli, and... see and try for yourself.
141 4 - -
Recipe for a slow cooker. Manna in multivarka it turns out some particularly ethereal, tender and crumbly.
Fruit and berry pie in a slow cooker
140 - 80м 8
Lush, tasty cake with fresh fruit and berry lovers sweet. Perfect for tea parties with family or friends!
Potato pancakes in a slow cooker
139 - - -
Such pellets can be prepared with different fillings. Tortillas cooked in multivarka Stadler Form.
Salmon "Goa"
139 - 45м 3
Very tasty, bright, causing the appetite dish!
Chicken in cream, cooked in a slow cooker
138 - 90м 10
Easy fast dish is cooked in a slow cooker. It's just food!, note! every day! But in the holidays we iskusnica!
Chocolate cake for one-two-three
138 5 70м -
The recipe for this, do not be afraid this word, gorgeous cake (and the name) I borrowed from a wonderful blogger Andrew Rudikova. This is one of the most delicious, tender, high porous and sponge-cakes, which I did! Rich chocolate taste, ease of preparation and a set of products, which is the home of every housewife! Of my changes - cooking in a slow cooker, and not in the oven (finally summer has reached us and you don't want extra degrees in the house to add!) Come in and taste!
Baked pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella
138 - - -
Offer to cook a very flavorful macaroni casserole. The smell of baked tomatoes, oregano, garlic stratele is on the whole kitchen. The casserole turned out tender and very tasty, with slices of mozzarella browned at the edges and stretching the strands of cheese in the middle! I will cook this often!