Billet recipes

186 3.5 15м -
Mixed vegetables quick cooking
Tomatoes with grapes
186 3 40м -
Very tasty and simple recipe
Cherry jam
185 - 90м 4
Cherry jam (diseases) | Recipe for a tasty jam [family recipes] the time has Come for winter harvesting. Today we will tell you a recipe of delicious jam from the cherries. Cherry jam is especially recommended in the winter – it is an excellent tool for the prevention of colds. Jam is a jelly - like thick syrup with chunks of berries and fruits, or with whole fruit. Jam can be used for making sweet cakes and pies. Cherry jam with gelatin is a wonderful Supplement to tea at any time of the year. A thick, fragrant, and delicious are the most accurate characteristics of this dessert. The main advantage of this recipe is that it does not require too much time and special skills. Watch our video and cook with us this wonderful gem.
Marinated appetizer with vodka and "Cabbage cigarette"
185 - - -
Cabbage cigarettes - a great appetizer will decorate any table, great for kids who like to drag pickles (you don't need a plate and a fork, grab and run, while the nurse did not notice )
In the food processor
185 3 - -
Used for cooking levengi (chicken stuffed with nuts).
SOT "Baby"
183 - - -
Wonderful salad for the preparations for the winter. Have long promised to share it, my hands reached. Beginning to cook a fresh batch and remembered that it would be necessary to issue a prescription. Why this name - I don't know the recipe came to me with the same name in 2001. Since there is no winter without this snack, always close. Eat it with great pleasure and lovers and Opposers of the eggplant)
Fat Hungarian
182 - 100м 10
Super salted fat Hungarian with a sharp taste of red pepper and a subtle garlic flavor. This recipe is for those who are able to wait, as the fat is cooked 8-9 days. And then will be awarded an unusual and delicious snack!
Lemon-candied orange
182 5 500м 10
This delicious dessert is a satellite of the Christmas holidays: after the New year is always plenty of peels from different citrus. Please be patient for a week and you will be rewarded with these marvelous citrus slices in sugar.
Salad "Hunters at rest"
180 - - -
This salad literally knocked my husband off his feet, laid him "roof"... He love it. Favorite appetizer with vodka. I, unfortunately, love can not share, because the bow in such quantity are not too keen...
Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"
179 - - -
Good day, I want to share with you the recipe for “Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"!“ Very pleasant, exotic taste the marmalade! Marmalade is solid (which can cut) and liquid (smear)! I suggest a liquid version that is stored in jars! Fans of bananas and pineapples I can only advise!
Borschova seasoning for the winter
179 4 - -
For fans of soup
177 - 40м 6
Of course there are many ways to pickle cucumbers, but this method gave a delicious, crunchy, slightly spicy pickle that can be eaten, and in pies of pizza go to the salad is not ashamed to put :)
Appetizer "Modigene"
177 3 - -
Love simple and delicious recipes, so this appetizer of eggplant for me and my family very much.
Pickled peppers
177 3.5 30м -
Preparation for the winter.
Spicy aubergines
177 4 - -
The perfect snack. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cucumber slices
175 - - -
Hello!!! We have this year's extraordinary crop of cucumbers!!! Put a lot of jars Zelentsov "Bulgarian", and cucumbers all grow and grow - just no time on processing them... And here, just by the way, I use the recipe my friend. In this way roll up the cucumbers for my son for the third year - he loves these cucumber slices! ATTENTION!!! THE RECIPE GIVEN IS BASED ON ONE (1) HALF-GALLON JAR!!!
Plum-universal seasoning
174 3 60м -
I also will add their imagination on the seasoning! Soon in Latvia will be ripe plum. I was in a distant Soviet era of empty shelves from a friend received a jar of cooked pureed plum. Necessity is the mother of invention! See the recipe.
Vegetable caviar type adzhika
174 3 120м -
The perfect seasoning for the winter soup, borscht, meat, chicken
Salad with peppers and onions
173 - - -
This year we have in the country a huge harvest of peppers and I completely forgot about this recipe that I remembered and decided to share with You. Is easy, and it turns out for the winter snacks, I invite you to try.
Gram flour for sweet baking
173 - 180м 2
Since I love to mess with sweet pastries, always looking for some new and unusual products that you can use it. To be honest, for a long time "walking around" this recipe and thought, and suddenly would come all this way, and I don't like the cakes of chickpea flour...
Salad "Great taste" or squash Lecho
172 - - -
Want to share a recipe for a tasty salad for the winter. It tastes very similar to kefir, only the main ingredient in it is not bell peppers, and zucchini.