Marinade, breading recipes

Chicken thighs in the marinade "Mojito"
93 - - -
Marinated "Mojito" chicken meat is very tasty, tender, flavorful, with a pleasant sour taste of lime. This recipe will make a pleasant variety to your daily routine, and will not go unnoticed at the festive table. Come and help yourself :)
Marinating herring, herring, mackerel, sprat
90 - 30м 5
A simple and reliable method marinate the fish with aromatic spices. Believe me, this flavor and aroma you will not find in a super market or from those who trade in the market. Bon appetit!
Salad of marinated tomatoes brown
89 - 15м -
Late fall tomatoes are often dense and not juicy, fresh salad such as something not very much. But if a little to marinate in the flavorful filling, you get a very tasty and quite delicious on its own. I suggest you to prepare. Salad convenient to take with you on the nature, put in Shawarma, put on a festive table...
Marinated herring "Gentle"
89 - 20м 4
Very good recipe - herring leaves a gentle, long shelf life (if you live suddenly so much), tasty and flavorful! Ate with gusto and pleasure!
Bread crumbs
88 - 20м 1
If you think why bother at home with breadcrumbs. Dry them, grind... Easier to buy in the store are nothing at all! No! You first try to eat a spoonful of the purchase of breadcrumbs, and then home, then realize that even the chicken in this batter is much tastier, and it sounds such a chicken do at home! But on the subject of chicken later...
Pickled mushrooms
85 - 20м 3
Marinate the mushrooms - it is incredibly simple. Just 20 minutes of preparation and a day of patience. At your disposal will be a gorgeous sweet and sour, pickled mushrooms for appetizers and salads. Prepare this recipe and maybe you stop in the store to buy mushrooms in cans.
Flavored bread crumbs
83 - 5м -
I want to offer the recipe of flavored breadcrumbs. The idea I saw on the Italian site. This baby is perfect for pasta, casseroles, salads. To enhance the taste and flavor, I added Parmesan cheese. Store chips in a tightly closed container (jar) so it is not damp.
Pickled mushrooms for the winter
74 - 120м 2
The recipe for this marinade I used for 9 years. Found this in the book have girlfriends. The author (whose name I unfortunately do not know) promised that he will always remember her kind words. Than I, all my relatives and friends have been doing for so long. Now started the mushroom season, maybe someone will be useful.
Salting mackerel in mustard brine
72 - 15м -
Good day)) I Tried many different recipes for pickling mackerel, but mustard in brine mackerel is particularly good.
Seasonal marinade for the lamb "Autumn evening"
71 - - -
To share our favorite way to marinate lamb, usually fry on the grill on the coals. A minimum of forty minutes and the meat is ready to send to the grill, sometimes Dozhivem the rest on the next evening, no less tasty and juicy, if the our do not dry up. Ingredients for marinade are taken based on 1 kg of meat (this weekend I bought lamb hearts... mmmm, tasty)
Chicken wings coated in cornflakes
31 - 20м 2
Recipe for chicken wings KFC style. Made simply and quickly, however the oil takes a lot. Too lazy to read traditionally at the end of the post will be as clear and the video is 2.5 minutes without words. I recommend the movie to see for the sake of completeness.
Nuggets at home
12 - 30м 3
A simple home recipe for chicken nuggets. Too lazy to read - watch the video, it goes 2 minutes, everything in detail and without words.