Porridges recipes

Oatmeal "Kitty"
140 - - -
Healthy and nutritious cereal with the taste of your favorite childhood taffy "Kitty". Fast, simple, but very tasty!!!
Millet dessert salad-citrus
139 - 30м 1
Delicious dessert salad is obtained from boiled in Apple juice millet, flavored with honey, nuts, candied fruit and creating a refreshing note of tangerines. This is one of our favorite treats in the post, it's quick and easy, and the taste is extraordinary.
A variation on the "Rolls"
137 - - -
Decorate the holiday table is such an unusual dish and you will not regret, as it will not remain indifferent! Or even a weekday to please family and myself, something original. Where did the idea... somehow by the Discovery, in the culinary category, showed the chef, a foreigner who has worked for many years in Russia and he was preparing a "sushi" of buckwheat! Oh, how I wondered!!! I was surprised, but also tried - delicious! Here only the original filling not remember, we had options to invent... Very original look on the table, they all want to try such an unusual combination.
Corn porridge pumpkin-Apple
137 4 - -
Tasty and useful porridge. Instead of corn you can take rice, oatmeal or millet.
Mum's porridge
137 5 25м 1
My youngest daughter doesn't eat cereal, doesn't like it! Every time you have to think of something to mask... With a "masking" can be cooked any porridge. But for Breakfast today - OATMEAL, sir!
Oatmeal in the bread maker
136 - 30м 1
Tasty, healthy and quick Breakfast. Especially those who work! This cereal has multiple advantages: 1. Requires no work! 2. Can't burn! 3. The milk will not escape! 4. All the beneficial properties of oats and milk (or water for those on the water makes) are fully preserved! 5. While You are going to work, Breakfast is prepared by myself!
Coffee and chocolate rice porridge
136 - - 2
Are you a coffee lover? And the chocolate like? Then this cereal is for You. I would say that it is "adult" option of Breakfast because the composition is alcohol, and too much caffeine to children to anything. But, darlings, we can treat?! Delicious cereal with a rich coffee flavor and aroma, chocolate notes and a sweet-spicy dates will give You great pleasure.
The porridge "Peter"
135 4.5 30м 4
The porridge is fragrant, nutritious, ready to eat as a separate dish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Millet porridge with carrots and dried apricots
135 - - -
Breakfast at the cottage needs to be quick and delicious! And preferably useful! Don't always have time to cook classic milk porridge. But such a mess like always! Quick and delicious!
Almost Royal buckwheat quick
132 5 25м 3
Fireworks of flavor! Very tasty, hearty and fast! Find for country life!
Quick sweet rice porridge in the explanation of Shir-bring
132 - 10м 2
Shir-bring - Afghan dish. Means "milk - rice". Rice porridge with a specific flavor of cardamom. Delicious and interesting combination of pistachios. And the flakes almost lightning-fast preparation.
Apple couscous
129 - - -
I want to introduce you a very delicious and sweet porridge to cook which can each child. You can make it for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Semolina Apple juice
128 5 - -
Wonderful recipe of semolina. Juice you can take any, and then every time the porridge will be with a new flavor.
Armenian harisa
128 - 300м 6
At the hearing, often perceived as "harisa". This specificity of the pronunciation in the Armenian language. Very useful hearty dish, simple in content, but very time-consuming to prepare. I taught him to cook my close friends from Gyumri (Leninakan). In this recipe I will offer a few, well-known and tricks for easier cooking this wonderful dish without losing flavor. At least this recipe at the time of publication on this website only as close as possible to the original.
Porridge "Friendship"
128 4 30м 5
This rice-wheat porridge. I know and love is still a time summer camp. In the winter I make it often.
Buckwheat porridge in Boyarsky
128 - 30м 4
Buckwheat with mushrooms and pork - a classic. What could be more delicious to start the day! Prepare a favorite recipe in the Zepter. With Zepter cookware is very easy to prepare healthy meals. Thanks to her possible cooking dishes without water and frying without oil. Ready meals retain useful trace elements, color and shape, and they have fewer calories.
Breakfast "Strawberry delight"
128 - 30м 4
Indulge in the country of their children and adults in such a simple Breakfast-dessert. Good in heat and cold, is done very quickly and, believe me, very tasty! The idea I saw in the magazine "Lisa", made from any seasonal berries from my strawberry!
Porridge with pumpkin
127 3 - -
Delicious porridge with pumpkin, the recipe mom )
Fruit mix
127 - 10м 1
Delicious, nutritious, quick and very healthy Breakfast. Oatmeal has always been famous for its useful properties: it perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, promotes weight loss, improves digestion. Well, the fruits serve as a rich source of vitamins. Preparing once or twice. Help yourself!!!
Porridge "Friendship" cedar milk
126 - - -
We all remember from childhood porridge "Friendship", which was cooked by our moms and kindergarten milk. Many are now happy to eat Breakfast cereal, so not worth a post to find a cereal with milk. I offer to cook porridge in a new way - on cedar milk as we post. Cedar milk is also called vegetable milk. Porridge with cedar milk makes a delicious, appetizing and very useful. The kids are happy to walk into such a mess.
Pea porridge with pork
126 - 80м -
I admit, I love canned mung bean porridge with pork... well, the ones in banks))) but good quality and tasty this cereal to buy in the store is not easy, unfortunately. I like it, at least I have not come across... I decided to find a similar recipe and myself to prepare their favorite cereal. I think I managed it: oatmeal is almost the same, only better))) like everything that is imbued with a homey feel and our sincere desire to please loved ones. I found a mess - not canned, just rich, warm and soulful dish for dinner or lunch. Quite a troublesome process of preparation, but the result is, I think, is worth it! With all my heart I share with you this recipe, dear Cooks! Heat all this rainy summer)))