Tomato soup "Perlovka"
184 3 30м 4
Soup - impromptu. Was boiled barley, which we had to use. I decided to experiment. Pictures are not done because there was no certainty that you will get something edible. But when my darling started to ask for more, I decided that soup was a success and can share this recipe.
Bulgarian rogovitski
184 4 30м 4
The best dough for chebureks. As far as I know, traditional rogovitski are done a little differently. But in our family for 4 generations rogovitski doing so. It's kind of pasties from a very light, thin, porous dough stuffed with cheese and herbs. By the way, the dough then just velikolepnaia for pasties perfect. I advise everyone to try.
Fish meatballs in Odessa
184 4 60м -
Was this morning at the market and bought a gorgeous sausage (sprat). At first I wanted to pickle, but then decided to make the meatballs. ))Help yourself!!!
Salad "Flamingo"
184 4 60м 6
Delicious salad made easy.
184 4 30м -
This dish in the Czech Republic sold on the street along with hamburgers and hot dogs. Very like the little boy in both salt and sweet version.
Wattle and daub with cheese
184 4 15м -
This dish is quick to make, original and, most importantly... look on the page!!!
184 3.5 120м 8
Very tasty and satisfying....
A La "kata" halva
184 4.5 30м 30
Unexpected guests at the door. How to surprise? For a quick and tasty... Was puff pastry and halva. Sweet, tasty, fast. Not even allowed to fully cool down...
184 3 - 4
A little practice - and a hearty Breakfast is ready. Like children, and inside you can wrap different vegetables: potatoes, cabbage different varieties, peas, grated radish, carrot, fresh cheese, etc.
Kuban green soup
184 3 50м 6
Kusnetsky soup, lots of vitamins... This is a recipe for the grandmother, what could be better!?
Cake "the hen"
184 5 85м -
Very tasty and quick to prepare cake that is loved by both children and adults
Chicken rolls "Relish"
184 3 - -
Try juicy rolls of chicken breast coated in chips.
Porridge forest
184 3 - -
One of the recipes North African cuisine. Sometimes with friends, going on nature, not on the barbecue, and cook simple field mess. All products take in the eye, but one whole chicken, and replaced the millet for the couscous, making porridge just won.
Chicken breast with a secret
184 4 - -
Stuffed chicken breast and chicken rolls
Envelopes with greenery, "Spring has come"
184 4 - -
Very spring dish for Breakfast, dinner or unexpected guests
Salad "Chip"
184 4 20м 4
Borrowed this recipe on a cooking website, not remember its name. But remember a pleasant, unusual taste.
Puff pie with potatoes and mushrooms
184 3 - -
The option of dinner.
184 4 - -
Pita with Adygei cheese.
Kharcho soup with lamb
184 4 - -
Cupcake from what is
184 5 - -
Cupcake from what are in your fridge. Delicious and simple.
Cake with ice cream
184 - - -
The taste is still reminiscent of ice cream candy "pigeon milk". I liked the combination of chocolate with vanilla ice cream. Easily and gently!