Broths and soups recipes

Soup "Goju"
408 - - -
Have you ever been ever Ukrainian weddings, so with all the traditions.. in the village.. and not in a cafe or restaurant... but in the tent... And then the wedding? - ask... And that's it for this wedding, but on the second day (walk and celebrate there one day) I tried this the first time "goju", it probably is brewed specially, so after the tumultuous festivities and received degrees, a little easier this morning, because the celebration will be a long... ) For these weddings specially build a separate kitchen, a small cabin, with clay build oven, convene the most famous cooks of the village and cook all sorts of Goodies... mmm-mm. the Gojo boiled in huge cauldrons, all the guests))) and it is eaten instantly))) I tried to reproduce the recipe of The "goju", but at home, as it is cooked in bone broth and 8 -10 hours on the stove, that is "weary" the whole night, then of course a little different my recipe))) But the taste - it is the most... and with each spoonful I remember those fun days of childhood))) And since now another Great post I offer a lean option with mushrooms, and when the fasting is over it will be possible with the meat on the bones to cook it)))
Soup "hen"
405 5 - -
The name of the soup gave my son in childhood. This soup is like my home. Try it, maybe he will like you.
Soup-soup of wild duck
401 5 50м 5
For The Lion.
Barley soup with mushrooms
398 - 60м 4
In the spring, especially if you are fasting, just the essential vitamins! Pearl barley is very useful, but we use it, unfortunately, not very often. Offer simple but tasty soup, rich at the expense of barley and opacak.
395 4.3 - 4
Jute dlinnoplodnye (Shogi olitorius L. , muhie). Perhaps in Russia it will be hard to find this herb, but if you do find her, try to cook. And it grows in India, Southeast Asia, South and Central America, Central Asia and the Caucasus. You can try to replace the nettles or leaves of lime, Yes lime.
394 - - -
Tunisian soup, leblebi usually served for Breakfast. A thick hearty soup will be most welcome before a hard day, and the next morning after a fun stormy night. Chickpeas, which is based on the dish, rich in proteins, so that the energy will last a long time. Offer prescription list of spices can complement those found in the kitchen. The most important thing — not to start crossing things off spicy harissa.
Kuk-si with meat and spring salad in Korean
392 5 60м -
Anyone who likes Korean cuisine, and those who haven't tried. My favorite dish in the hot summer day. Well, of course, I recommend to those who after the festive gatherings, the next morning not feeling at ease, that is, simply put, was a little too much fun. Encourages tested!
Shurpa Burlatsky
391 - 120м 10
Burlatsky share – heavy. This work is akin to a spring Affairs in the country - plowing, digging earth, planting.. In both cases you need good nutritious food. Our boatmen have developed to a certain menu. Basically it's the first meal – soup or soup. And the second – porridge. For the shipowner, who accompanied his load of merchant porridge cooked separately. Rump covered in a canvas bag and boiled in a pot of soup. The porridge was rich in meat broth. Meat eating was definitely present. Try to pull multi-ton ship on an empty stomach. But by the end of the day all calories are spent on the burlatskii strap. Let's fantasize, what could be burlatskii, for example, shurpa. Cook was appointed the youngest of the boatman, it was his additional load during night stops, when there was a fair wind and with a tail went sailing by day and by night. At this time cooked on Board. Do a wooden box filled with earth or sand, and the campfire. Interested in what's cooking on ships overseas Oriental merchants, probably tried to cook their dishes, for example soup. Only adjusting the recipe to suit your needs. Overseas tomatoes and peppers is not for the man. Only local vegetables, spring greens that in abundance grew near the tow path – a young nettle and sorrel.
390 - 540м 10
Just specify that on the website there are recipes Hasha. If dear moderators and cooks will find that my recipe is extra - do not be offended at the deletion. My recipe is adapted for cooking hash in urban kitchen on an ordinary stove. In my opinion, hash is the king of soups. It is so rich and tasty. Of course, the time of its preparation - minimum 8-9 hours, but this soup has so many advantages that you will spend this time not in vain, especially since it does not require attention. I'll try to list the advantages of the Hash. 1. Hashi is a great help in the treatment of fractures and diseases of bones, strengthen the backbone of the body during adolescence. In Georgia, doctors prescribe Hasnow diet. Soup will save money on expensive pharmacy bio-supplements for bones and joints. 2. It's a great hangover cure (itself personally did not try, but 5 cookbooks with recipes of Hash from different authors argue). 3. It's a balm for the stomach after a hearty feasts and long trips. 4. This delicious, rich soup - a distant cousin of the jelly. 5. Soup budget. Khash is prepared, in all 5 books chose the best option. I hope someone come in handy. 6. In the East there are still special places, Chechnya, which serves khash. National cuisine Uzbek bet, but this is Georgian cuisine, and the Transcaucasian and Iranian, Turkish (soup called Kall-pocha).
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
388 - 40м 5
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
Soup "Chord" with rice and prunes
379 - 30м 8
Bright, flavorful and thick soup with lots of vegetables and the softest meat. And even soup with lamb can be quite easy and without peculiar smell. Come and try it! p.s. The history of the name figured out, leave in the original as in clipping from a magazine. This is probably related to grub. There is a certain similarity of textures and flavors.
Soup with bread and dumplings
368 - 30м -
Recipe taken from the magazine "Liza". If everything is clear with dumplings, the bread here is very unusual. Offer to try will not be disappointed
Soup of offal "Kagay, surbi"
363 - - -
Or "the poop soup" is a soup made from offal. Chuvash national cuisine. Preparing this soup on major holidays or during the slaughtering of cattle, the fresher the food, the more tender it turns Kagi, surbhi. The soup is delicious, nutritious and flavorful.
Soup "Packet"
363 - - -
The favorite and most delicious soup. The my grandma's recipe that she cooked all my life and which got it in turn from her grandmother. She was prepared mainly on holidays; the soup still remember all the relatives and friends who came to visit her. This recipe is very difficult to find in the Internet, I found literally a couple of mentions that "Basket"- a dish that is Astrakhan, and it was prepared before, mainly fresh fish in the Russian oven. We cook in the oven from meat or chicken, but it's so tasty. A thick, rich soup is languishing under test, which in turn is impregnated with the flavor! Frankly, this dough is for me the favorite part of the dish)
Veal chorba
362 - - -
Veal soup is the national dish of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, if you're ever in the Balkans, certainly try it! In the meantime, we can prepare Corbu themselves, the case for one - buy "right" veal. I was finally able to buy the tender meat and I want to share a recipe of delicious Carby.
Cream soup with broccoli and Apple
361 - - -
Get ready for summer! Offer to cook a very easy and delicious soup-puree of broccoli and Apple. Diet can be delicious!
Rice, bean soup "In haste"
361 - 30м 3
As one of those times when the soup is time-tested and brewed in a season many times. Often come to the cottage for dinner and need mega fast cook soup. If you have the broth, I have it usually frozen in such cases, it is good. But without the meat broth soup is great, hearty, flavorful... Pour plate?
Solyanka in Georgian from Ilya Lazerson
360 - 90м 4
Brutal recipe from chef Ilya Lazerson, who, in turn, tasted this dish in one of the institutions of Sochi and shared with us on your channel page impressions and, of course, by a recipe. As simple as possible in cooking and available ingredients.
Soup canned
351 - 30м 6
Light fish soup from canned saury.
Soup "Spring joy"
347 5 40м -
Low-calorie soup is prepared quickly, tasty! very good for those who are fasting!
Pumpkin soup
346 - 30м 4
Hello dear cooks. On this site I for a long time. But your personal recipes as it is not meant to spread. But for the past two years as I live in Spain, in the part called the Basque Country. And I became interested in her kitchen because my husband is Hispanic, and baskovskijj people are hard to convince that in the world there are other equally delicious "food". As I know, most of the Spanish restaurants with three Michelin stars located in the Basque Country. And San Sebastian is a city with a record number "Michelin" stars per square meter in the world! But I'm not going to acquaint you with molecular gastronomy. Because at home, it is almost impossible to reproduce, we, mere home cooks. But what is different baskovskijj normal cuisine is simplicity, naturalness and usefulness. So, let's begin.