Cook in a double boiler recipes

Meatloaf with djusai
177 - - 4
Not throwing the Slippers from the simplicity of the recipe, in fact, the filling can be done all sorts, the whole trick to the test. I live in the East and we love jusy. It is added to the dumplings, rolls, pasties, salads... well, everywhere. So, let's start!
Tomale Pie Dip (chicken pie dip)
176 3.5 60м 8
Delicious Mexican dish.
Fish cutlets in Romanian
176 3 - 1
A healthy diet should be in the first place, especially when it's so delicious
The sole a couple
176 3 - -
Steam dumplings with red currants
176 4 35м 4
Very airy, soft dough dumplings just melt in your mouth.
Steam chicken bun
176 - 180м -
Steamed cakes "Gift for huli-Jing". You know what huli Jing - the Chinese Fox is a werewolf? Beautiful, seductive and treacherous at times taking the form of beauty, in order to confuse the minds of the poor students... You may ask what does all foxes, and even the werewolves? And just huli-Jing, like all self-respecting foxes, for sure I love chicken! But eat them raw they are, perhaps, not by rank. So when she was going to make this time chicken, motivated by interest in Chinese culture and recently read "Notes Liao CIA of the extraordinary" woke up inspired.))) I wanted something soft and delicate, and however unusual, as the nine-tails huli-Jing. So I got these steamed cakes with chicken. The filling turns out really tender, and the soy sauce instead of salt and butter added to taste delicacy. Well, to judge, of course, You, dear cooks! I think Fox would not mind)))
Pasta with chicken for a couple
174 4 - -
Dish for steam cooking.
Mini city mint
173 - 145м 6
Very fresh and delicate taste with the smell of summer. Need a bit of fun myself sometimes afford. Per serving 175 calories
Lenten fish pilaf for a couple
171 4 45м 1
I love seafood and healthy eating, and in this recipe I combine the healthy with the sea. Share with you.
Manty "Another recipe"
168 - 40м 4
A traditional meat dish of the peoples of Central Asia. Prepared as taught by my mother))) the Only difference is that I added the stuffing the pumpkin. And tastier and even juicier.
Meat hedgehogs for a couple
168 - 50м 5
Delicious steamed meatballs in the form of hedgehogs.
Shrimp in a creamy sauce and gratin of zucchini
167 - 80м 3
Tiger prawns in a creamy sauce "Elder" gratin of zucchini. The recipe is taken from Nina Niksya, author – Serge Fery! I want to say the shrimp was very tender, and the taste gratins are just gorgeous!
Rice porridge with apples from grandma
166 - 35м -
The recipe is basic, but really are simply divine. This was a very often in my childhood my grandmother did, but she only made with apples, daddy has raisins added. And you can do to your taste. For a start, even can only be done with apples and enjoy the taste in its purest form, then I think it's not only raisins, but dried apricots, prunes, but it is an acquired taste and for those who love to experiment.
Chinese steam dumplings
166 - - -
Friends are invited to a master class on modeling of shaped dumplings - Lotus flower, water Lily, fish is simple and gold. Gather the whole family at the table - from small to large, it will be interesting, and then good!
Fish with rice
166 - 45м 3
I kept experimenting with the steamer. This time made with rim coho salmon, the fish is not dry, with the sauce. Now I was helped by Leyla, for which many thanks to her! When I have it from your photos to edit.
The sago pudding with peach sauce
165 - 120м 6
Sago! Here's a rare cereal, gluten free, and therefore very useful in diets, I came across recently in the sale. And an interesting recipe for it I found in an old book by Elena molokhovets in 1901. No. 1510. Slightly adapting it to our current products and measures, I still decided to make this an interesting and original pudding!! And to dedicate this absolutely unusual treat I want a great lover of all rare, vintage and original... Guess who?? No?! Then come visit and learn all about it!!
Chicken "Tender"
163 4.5 45м -
In a double boiler.
Artichokes stuffed with mushrooms Turkey
162 - 25м -
Finally, our family gathered to show their work. For a very long time I couldn't come up with a dish for the Christmas contest. I wanted it all to be tasty, useful, beautiful, and all the family work to occupy. Randomly remembered the recipe, to which all hands did not reach, or rather dare not dare to cook this wonder of nature. Only have to buy artichokes, but it was not so easy to find them in our stores. Husband was looking for two days this overseas vegetable, traveled half of Moscow and, of course, found! Our work for the contest "Family dish of the year".
Steam fat
162 - 30м -
This fat is constantly preparing my stepdad.. We love him so much and so quickly eaten. That was the first time photographed..
Lazy dumplings
160 5 60м -
Steam banana pudding
160 - 45м 6
Want to offer fans of banana pudding, consists of available products, very useful and steamed!