Porridges recipes

Porridge "Drain"
207 3 40м 4
Porridge similar to field soup is a very nutritious, tasty food from simple ingredients
Porridge "Chocolate vermicelli"
206 - 15м 1
Browse through the category dishes "Porridge" I found this recipe, but I think that this version of the porridge certainly is, and as it turned out, no :-) I Want to share with you a delicious, unusually beautiful and quick to prepare porridge)) Kiddies love it :-)
Risotto with cherries and pine nuts
206 4 40м 4
Delicious, "fancy", a dessert risotto - like, not only adults but also children! An alternative to the usual rice porridge.
Pumpkin porridge
205 3 - -
This recipe is a sweet porridge from the pumpkin without adding grains
Custard semolina
203 4 20м 2
Such a mess was I in kindergarten. Salt semolina, similar to barley, corn or wheat on the water.
Sochivo made from rice
200 - 60м 10
Christmas eve - the night before Christmas. Necessarily according to tradition, Christians eat sochivo is a traditional Lenten dish that is prepared on Christmas eve. According to legend the one who will taste sochivo, will live happily all year. The main ingredient can be wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley. But we are more used to rice, we'll cook from it. Supplements can be quite different to your taste. The dish must be juicy, it will achieve, thanks to the honey pouring. Happy New year and merry Christmas!
Porridge with banana-pecan topping
200 - 10м 1
The fragrance that filled the kitchen during cooking of the porridge, will definitely attract attention and arouse interest among all members of the family: both adults and children. Young lovers should really like sweet fruit and a nutty component.
Casserole buckwheat
199 - 60м 1
This diet meal is not very difficult and relatively quickly.
Cold oatmeal in Swiss "Bircher muesli"
198 5 20м 5
This amazing dish was invented in his clinic for patients of Dr. Bircher. He thought it was oatmeal and apples-the elixir of longevity and health. From myself only I can add that in Switzerland in any store you will find a lot of types of ready-made Bircher muesli. They, of course, long-term storage, i.e. with preservatives. Hotels of the world Breakfast will be offered it Bircher muesli. I suggest you to prepare this healthy Breakfast yourself. I've experimented and found a perfect recipe.
Guryevskaya porridge
194 - - -
Oh, how could I not deservedly forgotten, in my opinion, is the dessert. As they say, this dessert was a favorite of Alexander III, and who are we to argue with the taste of Royal personages.)) Come and we will feel people of Royal blood and prepare this dessert at home.
Multigrain porridge "Tropical Paradise"
194 5 - -
With what do you associate the tropics? Personally, I have to rest, and with coconuts, bananas and oranges... these are the ingredients of this delicious and healthy cereal with a rich coconut note. A nice addition would be baked with orange juice and bananas. Let's dive into a relaxing atmosphere!
Fruit, rice "cheesecakes"
193 - - 2
A delicate fruity-rice "cheesecakes" successfully diversify Your Breakfast will fill your body with nutrients and help to boost your energy before a working day.
Millet porridge with cauliflower
191 - - -
This dish I like the fact that you can change the proportions depending on the preferences and to millet porridge with cauliflower or cauliflower with millet. In any case, it turns out very tasty.
190 - 30м 10
This side dish consisting of millet with potatoes and fried onions, a great find in the days of fasting. Taught to cook by my grandmother of her husband, when we were in Ukraine. "Slivochnoe" (in Russian will sound "sliwoski") porridge called, probably, because it blends the soup and serve as gravy. Porridge is very fragrant and rich! In our family its all love. Highly recommend!
Millet porridge-orange for 2 minutes
189 - 2м 1
I offer the option of millet porridge with orange juice, which is prepared in a few minutes. One, two and voila! Tasty, healthy and simple. Serve hot with a slice of butter!
Night oatmeal "Mocha"
187 - 10м 2
Night oatmeal is a convenient way of cooking Breakfast. Just enough in the evening to mix the ingredients and clean up the oatmeal in the fridge until morning. I suggest to try the oatmeal with the taste "Mocha" is the porridge and coffee "in one". All simple, but tasty and impressive!
The porridge and the secrets of its preparation
187 5 25м 2
Last time I told how to cook rice "Indian", now I want to share the secrets of this buckwheat, "Russian". Try properly cooked buckwheat at least once, and Your opinion about the excellent taste of this dish will change forever!
185 - 15м 1
Here's a delicious and unusual fruit I got!!!!!
Multi-colored buckwheat
185 - - -
Tired of the usual buckwheat? I suggest you make this buckwheat porridge with cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas and corn.
Carrot-rice casserole
185 - 90м -
A dessert that won't ruin your figure, if not add butter, and vegetable oil can post.
Rice porridge from childhood "from Marousi"
185 - 1м -
The simplest version of quick rice porridge yogurt will help you save time to prepare, tasty to eat and keep the shape.