Snack cake "Coat from Tiger"
334 3.5 120м 12
The salad is dedicated to the coming New 2010 Year of the Tiger. For the contest "Christmas style". Nebezizvestny salad "Herring under a fur coat" becomes our snack cake. Look...
Delicious quick pizza "that was"
334 - 40м 8
Good day to all povaryata. This is my debut. Very afraid. Seen a similar version of the test. When cooking pizza, every time I try to do something new. Then there's my favorite, so to say classic in my kitchen. That's exactly what I decided to imagine today. Prepared quickly. The ingredients are simple. Do not judge strictly. )))
Celtic Christmas cakes
334 5 30м -
So I began to study the traditions and customs of different countries. While pulled in the old days, traditional Celtic pellet. It turned out that this is a very tasty, very simple and fast. Of course! After all, the recipe is tested for centuries and adapted already "beneath us." For the contest "new year tastes of the planet."
Pies of puff pastry with potatoes, greens and onions
334 5 25м 6
My version of puff pastries with potatoes. I do today is puff pastry, a little later lay out the recipe for meat lovers... Turn out very tender, crumbly cakes.
334 4.5 10м 4
Sauce, served with meat dishes.
Cake "fried Eggs" with peaches and whipped cream
334 5 75м 12
Rate the delicious taste of almond-chocolate sponge cake with the flavor of fine liqueur. For teachers ' Day, the competition "School time"
Fish baked in carrot-tomato hat
334 3 - -
This dish is prepared in a cafe where I sometimes eat lunch. Here she tried to cook a similar dish. Tilapia under the heading of carrots, onions and tomato sauce baked in the oven. It was very tasty. It is not difficult to see.
Salad "Karabas Barabas"
334 4 30м 2
the fairy tale continues. Joined today Karabas Barabas, his children waited a long time
Rolls (Crescent)
334 3 - -
Pecherski! :)
Greek fish soup
334 5 45м 4
When I found this recipe in the book, now occasionally cook, good, prepared quickly. The soup is tasty and flavorful. On the website, like, this recipe is not found ))
334 5 40м 10
Looked at all the recipes on crackers, found similar but not the same. Did the first time you fill your prescription girlfriend. I liked very much. After a couple of days there will be guests, will make more.
Salad "Italian" pasta
334 3.5 - -
Italian without pasta, somehow it would be strange. But the salad is really quite tasty. Pasta with ham and tomatoes become soft and some special flavor. Try it!
Trout in foil
334 5 70м 4
Delicious tender trout baked in foil.
Salad "Sardine"
334 5 - 4
Very tasty salad that will not leave no one indifferent!
Pizza lasagna in Russian
334 4 40м -
Comfortable, quick, beautiful and delicious.
Diamonds potato "Masha"
334 - - -
Recipe taken from the magazine "Delicious," perhaps they are named in honor of the author. I decided to try and I liked it, and you vote...
Chocolate and vanilla Easter cake
334 - 60м 10
Write the recipe for cake late! But I advise everyone to cook this yummy. Is done simply, quickly eaten!
"Tropical" cheesecake with red orange
334 3 - -
Luscious cheesecake with the addition of juice of red orange.
334 - 20м 20
One of my most favorite dishes of my childhood, and secondly- it's quick, tasty and budget. My men (husband and son) love mincemeat.
Salad of Chinese cabbage with grapes and cashews
334 3 - -
Light salad, which like most of women and children
Hepatic pancakes
334 4 - -
My variation of cooking this dish.