Recipes from Olives

Salad "777 "
1.4k 5 30м 6
Very interesting chicken salad, although the list of ingredients and say. Taken from the menu of the café. Before you met me it was one of the two most favorite salads my husband (now he has dozens of them... ), but this remains in the forefront. Easy, beautiful and delicious!
Salad with avocado and meat of krill
1.2k 4.5 15м 1
Under the influence of Olga Pachita I finally bought krill meat. I really enjoyed it and I decided to make a favorite salad with avocado, which goes well with seafood. Highly recommend; )
Salad "Moo-Moo"
1k 5 60м 6
Dear Cooks, do not accuse me of plagiarism, this design is on the site, but of other products. And This design I found on another site and a recipe I made up to match the content and approached the New year of the Bull.
Salad "Pink Panther"
1k 4.5 - -
Very easy to prepare salad. Help out in case of arrival of unexpected guests. Suitable for those who "Kremlevka". Tasty and juicy, with a spicy bitterness lightest!
Salad "perfection - 2 "
0.9k 3 20м 4
As a right beautiful woman, began worsening male "cervical svijeta"! Yes, and it would be necessary to podrujit after the holidays, and in fact, indulged myself! And this is the pampering side out, the skirt was something rather compact to sit, fastened only on the breath! And I made great additions (just a little) in the "light as a feather, fresh as a may breeze, juicy, like a Paradise Apple, bright as a flash of light salad "perfection"!
Salad "Hummingbird"
0.8k 5 - -
Delicious, bright salad of canned squid
Salad "over the rainbow"
0.8k - 40м 8
Very tasty, colourful and unusual salad on the holiday table
Salad "Witch"
0.7k - - -
Hello! I want to offer to Your attention an interesting salad: easy to prepare and very tasty.
Salad with sea cocktail
0.6k 4 30м 4
Sea cocktail with vegetables and cheese
0.6k 5 - -
Beauty in a box. On land, probably, all know. But have you heard of Japanese Bento? Bento - literally translated as "the food in the box". This is originally a Japanese tradition associated with the preparation, serving and eating of food. A kind of "rations", consisting of rice, meat or fish and vegetables, fruit, placed in a special box that the Japanese take with you on any occasion - be it work, business trip, school excursion or a day off. Bento can be prepared at home or buy in a special shop. In the homemade Bento is always an element of creativity, love and care to your family. In addition to the above it should be noted that obento plays a very important role in everyday Japanese culture. The art of selecting components for Bento and serving are some of the signs of a good wife/mother, and besides – thus, it is possible to Express your love and care for the dearest people. There are about a thousand types of Bento. In this recipe, we will discuss with you the preparation of Kyaraben — Bento, made in the form of men or animals. And also, you will see some ideas for your own unique Bento.
0.6k 5 50м 5
Somehow my husband was fascinated by the TV series "the Sopranos," in this series the characters are constantly eating some kind of dish called Ziti. Ate with a good appetite, so we also wanted to try what it is. The recipe was found online, adapted themselves and were preparing constantly. So if you love pasta, sausage, tomato sauce and cheese, you too will surely enjoy this recipe.
Salad "Wheel of fortune"
0.6k - - -
Well, VERY tasty salad!
Salad "Black goddess"
0.6k - 30м -
Very tasty salad. Tried it from a friend, and among all, he liked me. Even my husband who doesn't eat olives, eat this salad with gusto. For the recipe thank you Valerie from the site of Delishis.
Salad "Grasshopper"
0.5k 5 15м 4
A very long time tried this salad at a party... now I cook more often... loved it for the freshness, lightness and extraordinary taste...
493 - 40м 4
"does" - French stew made with chunks of white fish, potatoes and tomatoes stewed with white wine.
Salad "Rhapsody"
485 - 30м 2
Offer to cook dinner salad, which will replace the hamburger with a side dish and will become a full-fledged dinner. After all, chicken with vegetables, it's bright, it's fast, it's satisfying and it's just finally. And if the court of autumn, and budget. And, Yes, it's delicious. Cooking?
Trout "Fish in Greek"
481 - 15м 1
The dish is very light, diet that contains no superfluous or the wrong fats, no component is subjected to a roasting heat treatment is minimal. In this hearty and very tasty thanks to the combination of flavors of ingredients. Invented to cook when I was losing weight, but the recipe is firmly established in the menu and "bezpajumtnieku" diet. You can cook not only in a double boiler, refer to the recipe, there is described the second way.
The Chinese cabbage salad and sprouted buckwheat
461 - 15м 4
Sprouts - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals! Offered to taste a wonderfully healthy salad of Chinese cabbage and sprouted green buckwheat. Not far off of lent, this dish will be very useful.
Salad "Chervona Ruta"
418 3 20м 4
Sunday celebrated restaurant its 45th anniversary. There was this salad, do not judge strictly, that I publish this recipe, you're not done. Yes, and do not make the house ever because of the perversity of the ingredients. But maybe someone wants to try, really liked the atmosphere.
Salad "Stranger"
416 3 - -
Bright and juicy salad. Did for guests - the older generation are not appreciated, apparently, affected by the addiction to Capital and the coat :-) But we liked it... Is pretty fast, it turns a lot.
Sandwiches "Boats with caviar"
413 5 20м 6
How you can decorate regular sandwiches with red caviar