Recipes from Tuna

Tuna salad – delicious, quick and easy
0.6k - 10м -
I love this salad for its simplicity and amazing taste. For me the recipe for this tuna salad is a real find, as they say - stick wand when they come unexpected guests. A great combination of just three ingredients make this salad a hearty, tasty, and beautiful!
Salad "Puerto"
378 - 20м 4
Lettuce happened after watching the TV series "Kitchen". The combination of spicy arugula and tender tuna perfectly set off by pickled onions and olives. Quail eggs add a salad satiety, and cherry tomatoes are good in any dish.
Niçoise salad
366 4 20м 6
Nice fish salad with my changes and additions.. some green beans, tomatoes, onions.. and even eggs, olives, canned anchovies and tuna, with a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, mustard, garlic and allspice..
Pancakes with tuna
357 - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
Salad "Tuna under a fur coat"
314 3 20м 6
A rich dish made with simple ingredients. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cowes, or delicious potato snack with tuna
304 - 30м 10
This recipe is from Bolivia, but taste characteristics is quite suitable for the Russian table. It is possible to call this dish a salad or appetizer.
Croatian fish pie
290 - 30м 10
Delicate fish pate, melting in the mouth. Recipe brought to you from Sunny Croatia. You can do as the fish (red, white) and shrimp and any seafood. Stunning! Universal recipe.
Pacific soup with seafood and tuna
286 - - -
Dear cooks, today I want to invite you to a tasting of an absolutely amazing soup. Of course, you can say that, if you believe my words, all my soups - "extraordinary". This is not so. But with this soup it's an interesting story. I love shrimp, relate well to the squid, once even ventured to try the oyster and survived. What I could never bring myself to swallow is the mussels. Well, no way! Until that day, when she cooked this soup. This is something completely unimaginable, I just couldn't put it down. I didn't even notice as it ate all the mussels that were in my plate. And the husband demanded a repeat two days later, after the soup is over! Going to cook on the weekend "Bis"!
Tartlets of bread with tuna
277 - - -
Simple and delicious cakes of bread for toast, perfect as a festive table and for snack. Fill can be absolutely different fillings and cooking them just a few minutes.
Vegetable tower with tuna
267 4 20м 1
Rings I have, used plastic bottle
Toast with tuna
264 5 15м 6
Offer a recipe of my favorite grenaches tuna.
262 - - -
Salad love in Bahraini and Tunisia. Ideal for cooking in the country. !!! SW. The moderators! Photo is mine, but my husband and I published our photos in the photo drains so that they are in the Internet, do not swear :)
Salad of red beans with tuna
259 3 - -
Another delicious salad.
Tuna salad "Third eye"
256 5 - -
A light and tasty salad. Preparing is quite simple, looks very elegant.
Cutlets of tuna with a yogurt sauce
256 - 30м 4
The secret of this dish - the combination of sweet and spicy meatballs spicy with a cooling yogurt sauce. To prepare this meal can be quick, easy and affordable products! Ready to usual canned food to a new level?!
Salad "Christmas bell"
252 4 - -
Bright and simply delicious salad.
Ear Lek
250 - 100м 10
Flew to winter in Egypt. Then surprise all your recipes.
Eggs stuffed with "Tuna in pistachios"
232 - 15м 6
Today we have a dish of eggs..! Filling with fish, and gifts from the birds..! And who doesn't love a tasty bite to eat..??, and then a wonderful time to spend..! Simple and easy I have a recipe..! After all, nothing need no snacks..! And as always in the beginning of the festivities.., him opens the table she..!!
Tuna sandwiches for Breakfast
227 - 30м 2
Another variation on the theme of "hot sandwiches tuna". Was born this recipe last year on my birthday. My husband loves all the harmful and useless I am. So he found a middle ground.
Pie arkhangelogorodskaya
220 - 160м 6
In Arkhangelsk such open pies called pie. As toppings they mostly use cod or halibut. Of course, you can use another fish. I made a pie with tuna. Dough vegetable filling too (you can cook in those days during lent when we can eat fish). Delicate airy yeast dough, delicious filling-try it.
Pie "King-pea"
212 - 40м 5
This recipe I borrowed from one of the marathon weight loss where involved. He diet, but it does not affect the taste. Very hearty and delicious. This is my first recipe on the Cook, not throwing stones... I Hope you enjoy - my family appreciated)))