Recipes from Zucchini

Salad "Babylon"
477 - 20м -
Delicious, spicy, hearty but not heavy... the dish looks very attractive, and I want to try it!
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
361 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Burgers "hi 90-m"
333 3 30м 6
Economical meat dish, but at the same time - juicy and delicious!!! THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE!!! after the adjustment of ANY products, little bit similar to meat, you CAN cook SOMETHING, even VERY edible, adding or "diluting" the minced meat with vegetables... In the 90s to "maloyed nome stuffing" we added onions, beets, potatoes, carrots, etc. vegetables, observing, of course, some proportion. Today I add FAVORITE VEGETABLES to JUICY burgers, but grateful ". s" menu and economical "science" hungry 90th...!
Stuffed vegetables with caps
331 4 90м -
Looks nice on the table
Chile sin carne
285 - - -
Chile - a famous dish with a very confusing history. Traditionally, chowder chile con carne (i.e. "peppers with meat") was born in Mexico, and from there moved to the United States and became a national dish - in particular, the official national dish of Texas. But if you will be traveling to Mexico, you won't find any Chile - neither CON nor SIN ("no") carne. Classic chili (which "CON") is half meat. But the second half is vegetables! And if it is, this vegetable half, "strengthen" and properly cook, backed by spice and a good oil, it will turn out just delicious, not inferior to Chile from beef. The site already has recipe for chili sin carne but Natasha's dish is cooked as the second, hot, and Chile - it's still soup... very thick, but the soup. At least in the U.S. he serves in that capacity.
Zucchini salad with pine nuts
280 - 5м 2
Preparing for the picnic, we choose light meals, easy to make and so, then to carry and to eat conveniently. This salad is on one-two-three right in sadochke/container. Interfere with a spoon, nothing else - on the road all mixed up.
Spicy appetizer of zucchini
273 - - -
Absolutely incredible combination of zucchini and mustard. Optionally, the workpiece for the winter! Come on, teach!
Salad zucchini grilled with mint
271 - 15м 2
Very simple products and performance garnish to grilled meat. But thanks to the marinade for vegetables Forester this dish is very fragrant and appetizing.
Vegetables with Chinese noodles
267 - 30м 4
The dish is delicious! Ideal for fasting and for everyone else. Here is how to become fast and have something useful, lean but still delicious to discover or to invent. And how hard it is, when, in addition to steamed, fried, boiled vegetables :)nothing is impossible. For those who follow the plagiarisms: Your recipes I have put on koolinar. EN
Salmon cream soup
266 5 40м 4
Soup with creamy fish flavor and rich creamy texture.
Tomato-vegetable sauce
230 - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.
Couscous with zucchini and eggplant with yogurt sauce
229 5 - -
a quick , easy dish for lent
Fillet of ostrich "White sun of Australia"
226 3.5 45м 2
Few know that Peter had not died in Central Asia, and went after his exploits (in various fronts) straight in remote Australia. There he tasted the ostrich meat and fried pickles...
Savory muffins with quinoa
204 - 30м 12
Recipe eateries muffin from quinoa super useful. PP a great Breakfast or snack. In muffins you can use any cooked meat and any cheese. Gluten-free recipe.
Pea soup with pesto
195 - 80м 3
Hearty and delicious split pea soup with vegetables, pesto and cheese. To the soup, I suggest to cook garlic croutons.
Tomato soup with meatballs of lamb stuffed with goat cheese and hazelnuts
192 - - 3
Propose to dine bright, busy, hot, fragrant soup with meatballs, which are stuffed with goat cheese with hazelnuts. Go - help yourself!
Tortilla with zucchini and shrimp
190 - - -
Mouth-watering casserole of zucchini and shrimp, something that is necessary for a light dinner!
Mexican fish soup
189 - - -
One of the favorite soups in our family. Well just had to share. The recipe comes from Portuguese magazine on cooking. Please do not judge strictly.. this is my first published recipe.
Vegetable millefeuille with petals polenta
183 - - 3
I suggest to eat a light delicate dish, consisting of several layers of petals and fried polenta. With bright creamy cilantro sauce. An explanation for the unusual name - at the end of the recipe. Come...
Appetizer of zucchini, peppers and feta cheese
181 4 - 2
I really like the combination of baked sweet pepper and feta cheese. And if this great combination to add the young zucchini, lightly baked in the oven turns out very tasty appetizer. For the contest "Vegetable traffic light".
Biscuits "Useful propolene"
181 - 40м -
Very tasty and healthy version of oatmeal cookies!