Recipes from Crab sticks

Salad Agat
0.8k - 30м 6
Creating delicious, beautiful and delicious!!!
Salad "Seth de Polo"
0.8k 3.3 10м -
Always thought that crab sticks need some other combination of products. This recipe found in the magazine "Food" and dare to try. A few minutes turned out to be very tasty salad. Recommend.
Salad "Jung"
0.7k - 25м -
So it was called in the culinary magazine, from which I copied this recipe a few years ago. Maybe because the composition is salted herring and crab sticks? And recently I stumbled on him in their culinary records. Decided to cook. Came out quite unusual and very tasty. Invited to a tasting)
Salad with crab sticks and smoked
0.7k - - -
I bought shares two packages of pork. Actually, I smoked very much, but two packages!!! Sandwiches don't eat... That and began to experiment. And the first thing I did - the salad. And it turned out very easy, and incredibly delicious! The main feature of this salad: the products are preferably cut into thin as possible, and long strips.
Salad "Titanic"
0.6k - 15м 4
This is the favorite salad of my children. If you ask "What to cook on the holiday table?" they answer in unison; the "Titanic"! :)
Salad "hastily or Guest on the threshold"
0.6k 5 5м 6
The salad, which can be done in 5 minutes... delicious and unusual...
Salad Royal
0.5k - 60м 10
A delicious salad, incredibly beautiful on the holiday table. An extraordinary play of tastes: kiwi gives the salad a pleasant acidity, shrimp, caviar, make it exquisite. Guests will be delighted! Bon appetit! A recipe from a magazine "woman."
Salad "Grasshopper"
0.5k 5 15м 4
A very long time tried this salad at a party... now I cook more often... loved it for the freshness, lightness and extraordinary taste...
Salad "Mexico"
0.5k - 60м 10
Salad "Mexico" - a frequent guest at our holiday table. And taught me how to cook it to my sister, she's a respected administrator in the city of the restaurant)). It sister and was invented composition. Popular, easy to prepare, affordable products, very tasty salad. Cooks, share with you the recipe...
Salad "Wedding Admiral"
0.5k - 20м 5
For our women and men salad will love! No wonder such a high rank he got his already! So gentle, it's Golden! Delight at the festive table! Airy, delicious and easy! Adorn everyday life for the whole family!
Lasagna with crab sticks "dreams of the sea"
0.5k - - 4
And what Italian doesn't love lasagna?! Right! Such is not the case!)) Truly rich Italian cuisine, the lasagnas, they never have. Just recently found out that it happens like this - with crab sticks. Told her about one Italian chef, I had heard vaguely, remembered, prepared, tasty meal You have brought to show.) The whole trick to this lasagna is that crab sticks is not only in the filling, but they are still in as a layer, instead of sheets of dough. Just need to roll out crab sticks. A very interesting idea! The lasagna came out tender, juicy, delicious, nutritious. This portion can feed 4-6 people. Want to finish Your day in such a wonderful dinner.
Salad "Captain"
476 4 15м 5
"Remember, captain, how you escaped in the ocean? Sailed in fog and the white hat." Well, our salad for good captains, cowards do not treat! Marine motifs with cabbage, peas. Great addition dinner.
Splashes of color
474 4 15м 4
Fresh, interesting m a delicious salad strikes a riot of colors. He not only quickly prepared, but also eaten.
Salad "little dew drop"
437 4 - -
Very juicy, tasty and light salad.
Salad of crab sticks with beetroot
411 5 20м 6
Crab salad with beets and smoked cheese
Salad "Dandelion"
404 - 20м 6
Salad recipe present - Guests are always entertained! We call it "Dandelion" Eat and lick your finger!
Salad "Vityaz"
392 3 15м -
Quick to prepare and delicious salad.
Appetizer "Cheese Rafaello"
383 4 - -
Savory cakes
Salad "Wet"
376 - 20м 6
Greetings to all! The salad is very tasty, easy to cook. Salad recipe a long time ago brought home the mother had no name. When it was prepared the first time, I asked why he's so wet, so to him, and "stuck" is the name :-) to Make this salad you need layers. Can be used as a deep form, and flat, whatever you like (I always do in a flat). Very tasty salad, try it. Good luck.
Salad "Cardinal"
374 4 - -
Tender salad.
Salad "Maureen"
370 - 20м 3
A salad alternative to your favorite salad with crab sticks, at the festive table and in the family circle is popular for its playful and bright image.