Recipes from Crackers

Salad "Spicy"
1k - 30м -
Tried this salad at the pizzeria "Celentano". And now he's my favorite.
Salad "Spanish rose"
0.9k - 30м 10
I don't know why the salad is called ""Spanish rose", but I strongly suspect that because of a distant resemblance with this noble flower. But I know for sure - the salad is very tasty. A combination of chicken-pineapple-cheese can be considered a classic of the genre. And at the same time it will satisfy even those who are not a connoisseur of "sweet" meat (to this fellow I am). It turns out very tender, juicy and quick.
Salad "don Fasoli"
0.7k - 60м 4
There are many recipes for salads with beans but that is the kind I site not found. And I really liked it, though, and prepared from almost what is left in the fridge after celebrating the New Year:-) the Smiley is to let you know, friends, that I'm exaggerating, joking))) of Course, the products are all fresh.
Salad "Polinka"
0.6k 3 - -
Calve Salad
0.5k - - -
Made it for the first time and I liked the combination of flavors. Slightly changed the recipe. I suggest to you to assess it to your taste.
Salad "Werule"
0.5k 3.9 30м -
This is a wonderful salad that everyone likes!
Salad "Midori"
481 - 20м -
Fresh salad with croutons. It will take a worthy place on your Desk. My friends always ask to cook it on the day of birth. I called it "Midori" (Japanese. green) in honor of cucumber. Just like that! P. S. I apologize for the photo quality - made cell.
Salad "Caesar"
460 4 30м 5
Easy to make!
Chicken "high"
423 - 30м -
I want to share with you a recipe for your favorite salad from the category " guests at the door")) it is Prepared and on the table, this salad never left, swept away on "cheers&qu ot;.
Salad "Dream girl"
374 3 5м 5
Very simple, easy and quick to prepare salad. It is quite beautiful, original and SATISFYING dish.
Salad "Thousand Islands"
367 4 30м 4
Salad for those who loves to eat but doesn't like to cook. Fast, original and simple!
Salad "Foodie"
354 4 40м -
Salad gourmet! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad with beans and corn
345 4 15м 4
Hearty, quick, but hard
Salad Lyubasha
343 5 10м -
Tried this salad at a party... When I said what it was made - thought it would be tasteless, empty, but actually was very tasty))))
Salad "Chicken stoned"
337 - 35м 2
Delicious, juicy salad of simple and affordable products will be a real decoration for the holiday table! Help yourself!!!
Salad "Robin"
336 3 - -
A tasty salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Crispy salad
323 - 30м 6
A light and tasty salad that is very easy to prepare, suitable for every day and festive table.
316 4 5м 1
Very simple.. quick and tasty.. Wonderful soup for the upcoming cold weather and a great first dish for the kids and their moms to watery and kids to feed and time to prepare to spend quite a bit of tasty broth with egg, herbs, seasoning, sliced meat and crackers.. America will not open, BUT suddenly someone come in handy... we like this soup very much and with the onset of cold weather he often appears on our table
"Trouble at the henhouse"
315 4 30м 5
Very tasty and satisfying salad requires little time for preparation. And do not be ashamed on the table to submit to a festival.
Cream soup "Spring mood"
314 5 20м 3
A lot of green vegetables and no meat.
Salad with sprats "Flower"
306 4 20м 6
Salad with an interesting taste.