Recipes from Puff pastry

0.8k 3.5 - 18
Wanted to cook khachapuri :) but a fantasy played out :) and stuffing the cheese went the contents of the refrigerator :):):) turned out very edible!:)
Puff "cherry delight"
0.8k - 60м 10
This is a very quick but very delicious cakes from ready-made puff pastry and a delicate cherry filling (source is the Internet, thanks to the author). The idea of cooking, I think, is already on the website, but for me the highlight was the filling and ease of preparation.
0.7k 4 5м 1
Vintage Yemeni dish of fried puff pastry.
Sprats in envelopes of puff pastry
0.6k 5 25м 8
These envelopes are prepared very quickly. But they are no less delicious. Perfect for Breakfast and snack. They're nice as well to eat with a Cup of delicious tea or coffee!
0.5k - - -
This Greek pie makes every woman on the sea of Azov. It is made from a pumpkin, meat and puff pastry.
Salad "royally"
442 3 - -
This salad will decorate any holiday table.
Coulibiac puff pastry with cabbage
401 5 50м 5
Coulibiac with cabbage is very similar to the skits that my grandmother is baking in the Russian oven.
387 4 50м -
The name, of course, ridiculous, but it's from the personal vocabulary of my Polka)) So she called the stuffed meat in puff pastry!)
Quiche-pie potato-salmon
369 4.5 60м -
Under the impression potato quiche-pie of Malecki (Maj4ik) are still.Yummy,I recommend it.So,following in the footsteps of Maya.Thanks for the inspiration!
369 - 60м 10
Here came the second crop of spinach. I offer one of my favorite, homemade pies. Fast, simple and very tasty!
"Bird under prostokvashi"
367 - 40м 4
For the Contest "new year feast of fairy tales" Believe it or al don't believe, and lived on the white light of Sagittarius, a young heart of oak. He was neither handsome nor ugly, neither blush nor pale, neither rich, nor poor, nor scab, nor in brocade, and so voobche. Service Archer fishing and hunting. King game Yes fish and thank him. King: - Saragassa, brother, in a way, Yes we get food, grouse partridge, al, al Isho someone. Not smogesh, who is to blame, I dolzhon to execute you. Public matter – you follow the thread?... Walked around Sagittarius a hundred forests, an hundred bogs, but all to no purpose – no partridges or grouse! Tired, no urine, and it is the night. Suddenly sees a hut stands on chicken legs. Sagittarius: - Look over there, maybe there is food? Baba Yaga: - You FAQ so gloomy, nor ruddy, nor gavoi? You chavoy not yourself! There's a pimple on the lip! Oh, you'll waste health in the Royal slugbot voobche!... Ill – it does not matter! Sprobuy soup from the pot! "Muchamore" tea is brewed, all-natural environment. Ate – nonsense, I still have food! Here is a birdy shirt baked under Prostokvashino. Sprobuy "rabbit droppings"! He is vigorous! He will catch! And where will the healthier honey, though the taste is not honey. My lunch, although not steep, and, sometimes, die – but some survive, those live to old age!...
Palette of love
330 - 90м 2
For my sweet, beloved the one and only... I love you. And today I want to Express all their feelings with a palette of different flavors. In this dish, cooked for you and with your help (because you were there and smiled at me), has it all: the freshness, richness and elegant acidity of vegetables, zesty spice and sweet flavor of the sauce, and even some dryness and stiffness of the envelope. But you know – your smile and your kindness can do wonders. And now, from beneath the fragile shell shows a gentle, impregnated with the juice pulp. It mixed sweetness, poignancy, tenderness and juiciness... And in the middle of the sun, the power of heat which always keep you warm and will give you eternal spring – "Spring in the heart."
330 - - -
Remember the fairy tale by Charles Perrault "the Sleeping beauty" as the Princess pricked with a spindle and fell asleep? This is the spindle I tried to cook. It turned out so delicious that I did not expect, in this flow the minced meat soaked with flavor of smoked Prime rib and the taste was amazing.
311 5 30м -
Cake of puff pastry with chicken meat and potatoes
Cottage cheese-spinach casserole
301 - - 8
Casserole where alternate spinach and cheese.
Spicy Mexican pizza
289 - - 5
Weekend released time for culinary experiments, especially if the weather does not favor the sun. Pizza Mexican bean layer with cheese and spices – why not?
Basket "Red riding hood"
286 5 - 6
I hasten to disappoint the sweet tooth... it's not sweet tarts. This baskets with meat, very flavorful, with onion, fennel (which I loved last time), opiatnami and tomatoes. Very tasty and juicy!!!
Cheese Danish
281 - 60м 6
Of Danish, or a Danish manufacturer, is an Austrian pastries, rooted in Denmark, where it spread throughout Europe and North America. Danesi can be very different shapes with various fillings: nuts/raisins, creamy cheese, different fruits and berries. Very crispy puff pastry and fragrant filling.
Walleye in the "sheepskin"
278 5 - -
Tasty, hearty and flavorful dish of perch.
Mini rolls with chicken in Thai style
276 - 60м -
Finger rolls, small, barely a mouthful, fragrant, with an exotic touch, and very tasty. Perfect as a snack for wine.
Scotch pie "Cocci-Licky"
272 3.5 70м -
Whew! I finally made this cake! Never thought I'll be a week chasing leeks around the city! Simple, delicious pie with a soft filling. The Scottish response to the Russian kurnik for the competition "new year tastes of the planet"