Recipes from Bread

The Caesar salad traditional
5k 4.7 30м 4
Today I will tell you how to prepare a Caesar salad with chicken classic recipe
Kereset in Hungarian
1.2k - 20м 15
Kereset (sheep cheese with spices) in Hungarian. The first time I tried this snack in the store and not realized what it's made of... to explain in Detail how to prepare, my husband, of course, could not. Since then, she has become my regular Breakfast. And today I made it myself, and in my execution of it was even tastier. In General, I invite everyone to come to visit...
Salad "Alina"
1k 3.5 - -
Found on the Internet. Thanks to the author Nelchik. A very interesting and tasty salad. Soon Old New year, try this cake!!!
0.8k 3 15м 6
Delicious replacement pizza every day. Well suited to soups.
0.6k 5 5м 1
Don't even know what this is, whether a snack or a kind of a salad... But this dish is very good for Breakfast, especially kids! I was simply delighted as a child! While preparing simple, hope to have you and your children!
Canapés assorted
0.5k - - -
Canapés are prepared quickly, is a recipe in a hurry, the option from the "guests on the threshold". The basis for them can be prepared in advance and finish just before serving. It is convenient for cherished parties. For a nice chat on the sofa or playing Board games in the warm company of canapés disappear unnoticed, as they do not put. So put twice, can't go wrong. The combination of flavors canapés familiar, understandable, they can easily offer to strangers, they hardly anyone will not like.
Garlic croutons
0.5k 4.9 - -
For those who don't trust the crackers from the store, this easy and cheap snack is a great option.
498 - 15м -
Nice and easy to prepare Greek sauce of salted cod caviar will grace any holiday table as snacks and for sure will surprise guests with its elegance.
Tournedos a La Parmentier pork
486 5 40м 4
This recipe I found in a cooking magazine "Sale e pepe" and decided to try it. Simple to prepare, very tender and tasty.
483 4 20м 2
Very simple and fast! In the morning when in a hurry, the most it!
462 - - -
Suggest you try a very tasty and unusual dish of Moroccan cuisine. Very aromatic, delicious, satisfying and beautiful. This dish diversifies and quiet family dinner and festive table. Help yourself!
Burgers "Hunting"
460 5 - -
The recipe is my own, so to speak, is obtained empirically. Highly recommend. This recipe is perfect not only for coffee, cakes can be cooked in duhoki, pre-fry them in vegetable oil. But! Than a good grill. Not a bit of excess oil, it all makes sense in its own juice. Tender, flavorful, very tasty.
Soup "Touraine"
443 - 30м 6
"In France, one of the most favorite soups - Touraine, from garlic to tomatoes – a native of Gascony. Locals call it a dialect "quickly done" - he really is prepared immediately, and the hostess used this recipe when you need someone to feed. It is also the "hangover" soup: its flavor literally returns to life, so Touraine is often served as Breakfast."
Canapes with goat cheese and canapés with salmon
433 - 20м 8
Everyone knows what a canapé (canapé) is this little French appetizer has gained popularity in many countries. Weighing not more than 80 g based on dried bread or on a substrate of solid vegetables with various fillings, mostly preparing for the holiday table and buffet. Later they began to use the skewers, but not for beauty, but not to get your hands dirty while eating. Today I offer you 2 types of canapés: "canap& #233;s au fromage de chèvre" - with goat cheese and "canap& #233;s au saumon" canape with red fish, I got this smoked salmon! No complicated preparation and decoration of any table!
Fish "Harbour"
420 5 60м 4
In the beginning was the idea to make just the meatballs, but then decided "to dream" delicious "boats" from minced fish, with a side dish of spaghetti...
400 - - -
Tunisian soup, leblebi usually served for Breakfast. A thick hearty soup will be most welcome before a hard day, and the next morning after a fun stormy night. Chickpeas, which is based on the dish, rich in proteins, so that the energy will last a long time. Offer prescription list of spices can complement those found in the kitchen. The most important thing — not to start crossing things off spicy harissa.
Salad "South beach"
392 4.5 - -
I really hope this salad will appeal to lovers of sea food. This salad will adequately take its place on the festive table and pamper you and your loved ones in everyday life. Easy preparing, in the end, looks cheerful and delicious.
Sandwiches in Cretan and Spanish
391 - 20м -
I want to introduce you to the Spanish sandwich called the "Breakfast poor Andaluza" and Cretan sandwich"Ease". Dakos is one of the most popular traditional Cretan dishes. Colorful, juicy and very tasty snacks. Both in their own way very tasty and easy to prepare.
379 - 20м 4
A very hearty dish, which has an unusual name. Why it is called, unfortunately, failed to learn. But to cook and taste this delicious dish is worth it!
Soup with bread and dumplings
371 - 30м -
Recipe taken from the magazine "Liza". If everything is clear with dumplings, the bread here is very unusual. Offer to try will not be disappointed
Croutons with beetroot mousse and herring
365 - 20м 6
Snacks of herring is very loved by us, besides they are enough budget, and no holiday is complete without them. Suggest You try a small (one bite) crunchy croutons with spicy beetroot mousse and herring. Of course, first and foremost, it will appeal to men as it is just the perfect snack to vodka, but among the fair sex certainly there are fans of salty and spicy!