Recipes from Beef liver

Liver cake "For your loving husband"
0.8k 3 - -
Yes, another liver cake. But not normal, and with a secret. Rather, with a twist, which is the addition of buckwheat flour. It makes the cakes so tender, tasty, aromatic... My husband, a big fan of liver cake when he first tried, was ecstatic and said that the delicious liver cake still did not eat! Since only such specially for him!
Salad "Mexico"
0.5k - 60м 10
Salad "Mexico" - a frequent guest at our holiday table. And taught me how to cook it to my sister, she's a respected administrator in the city of the restaurant)). It sister and was invented composition. Popular, easy to prepare, affordable products, very tasty salad. Cooks, share with you the recipe...
Liver cake "mother"
462 4 30м 12
Very delicious cake. Ever so yummy, not eaten, not married yet. Cakes thin, and the cake melts in your mouth. You can sit down and eat the whole cake.
The Salad Mill
449 4 25м 6
It turns out a nice combination of boiled liver and Korean carrots. The taste of the salad is very tender and slightly spicy.
408 - - -
Dish of the liver. Recipe found on another cooking site. Very tasty!
Liverwort buckwheat
376 - - -
My family loves liver. However, everyone likes something different. The middle son loves the tabs from the liver with onions, Junior loves liver with mushrooms in sour cream, dad all prefer pate. But there is an option that suits everyone – the liverworts. Any dish with liver stuffing is good, though the pancakes cook, even the meatballs, though, simply bake pie casserole – the same liverwort. And with buckwheat liver is an excellent pair, and the mushrooms not extra. To separately not to bother, will do – and immediately! Besides – be quick! Because cereal we have not become –and take the cereal from buckwheat "Mistral"!
The rumaki
375 3 - -
The rumaki is an appetizer, which is prepared from pieces of meat or seafood (chicken breast, liver, shrimp) wrapped in a strip of bacon.
Kuchmachi-beef giblets from
375 - 60м 5
The first dish I tried several years ago in St. Petersburg, in a small Georgian restaurant. I was shocked that lungs eat, and looks like a scar - no. And recently, the store saw sales and beef lungs, kidneys, and tripe, and heart. Buds however I did not dare to take, and in the recipe Kuchmachi not found. To reach them as something separate.
Salad "White nights"
347 4 20м -
In fact, the salad is properly called "Night", but I'm too bright ingredients and decided to rename it.
Fried liver with potatoes
335 4 15м -
Tasty and healthy.
Royal wings
331 5 60м 4
Dedicated I deeply respected, hard-working Chinese people! Unusual option of cooking chicken wings.
The liver in a pot
315 4 - 2
Delicious and not very difficult!
Figure in Arabic with the liver
310 3 100м -
I wanted to make Khan using. But... due to change of circumstances, spontaneously, turned out a new dish. A great combination of liver with rice and chicken with vegetables. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".
Salad of liver
308 - 20м 4
Salad of liver with spicy fried onions.
276 5 1м -
Chicken galantine is a dish of French chefs. This alone suggests that the dish is very tasty.
Salad "Straw"
258 - - -
Another salad I loved pechenochki. Geniusly simple, easy and useful. :-) And called it a salad because everything is chopped it into sticks. And I wanted to share an idea feeding boiled language. So how? Beautiful? ; -) Try it, you will not regret!!!
Liver with cream and shippingonly
256 - 30м 5
This dish is quite simple and delicious recipe every woman can modify to your taste. Liver - not a favorite product in our family, but this recipe stuck)))
Salad " Cossack"
253 4.3 - -
This salad I first tried at your favorite restaurant. Since bought it always. The menu assembled structure, already prepared at home. Want to buy You! The original recipe with polenta, liver and mushrooms!
Appetizer "Funny chickens"
246 4 20м 2
Appetizer - stuffed liver mass of eggs.
Appetizer "Tiger serpentine"
242 3 - -
Juicy carrot, carefully wrapped in melting on the tongue liver cloud. Tender roll. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
"Liver in sour cream"
237 4.5 40м -
Easy, delicious and very satisfying!