Recipes from Orange zest

Cake "tango Mango"
0.9k - - 8
Air weightless sweet biscuit with a delicate aroma of orange and delicate layers of ripe mango, framed by a thin layer of bitter chocolate glaze. Very easy to prepare but tasty and sincere.
0.6k 4.5 - 1
Great drink, easy to prepare, and tastes much better than the original(personally checked). Very easy to drink, and most importantly in the morning is not a headache.
Salad "gourmet"
0.5k - - -
Some salad recipes with soy sauce at first glance to be too simple. However, this impression is deceptive. For example, prepare this delicious and spicy salad.
Marinated quail grilled
487 - 60м 4
Very tempting and delicious quail will delight Your family and guests!
Salad with chicken and shrimp, "Francesca"
449 - - -
Easy gourmet salad, almost a dessert, and obviously female. The combination of chicken and shrimp with plum and sweet orange sauce wins the first time! Looking at the photo you thought carrot top? And that's not guessed!!! Come - I'll tell you what it is :-)
Cottage cheese casserole with millet and pumpkin
432 - 90м 4
Delicious, healthy, Sunny, tender casserole. Lift your spirits at Breakfast and at afternoon tea, and with tea and coffee.
Orange cottage cheese muffins
307 5 - -
Very tender and tasty muffins with cottage cheese and oranges.
The cake "the snow fortress"
294 5 - -
A sweet cake.
Portuguese pumpkin cake "Bolo Mimoso"
290 - - -
So today we have Bolo de abóbora ou "bolo mimoso". So long and complicated name of this absolutely delicious pie. I made it to Marishkina prom. I would not say that it pumpkin. He's not from the pumpkin, and the pumpkin. I would call it "Almond orange cake with pumpkin"! However, the recipe is so famous and popular that it was even included in the book "100 best recipes. The masterpieces of cooks of the world". In short, a classic, and hence, nothing can not be changed, including the name. The multicomponent recipe, ingredients in a cake a lot, and cooking I would not call easy, at least it's not fast. In General, pie is not simple, but... you won't regret a single moment of wasted time and effort, as soon as the bite and the first bite! Pie is just fantastic! Air almond paste, soaked with an orange syrup, cinnamon, juicy slices of pumpkin and all this on a crispy shortbread crust! Here's a long preamble, but I can't describe this cake in two words, two words do not say anything and not Express my delight. But, not so devil as he is painted, let's get us!
Burger "Milk the tenderness"
288 3 - -
Something I have suffered for yeast cakes, apparently aggravated the shortage of flour)))) but it was delicious and nothing can be done. Soft air. rich flavored muffin yogurt with Apple filling and pouring in the milk. Everything is so harmonious, gentle and fluffy, even despite the large amount of dough, sold my pastries quickly, the tea get-togethers of 5 persons.
Cheese Danish
281 - 60м 6
Of Danish, or a Danish manufacturer, is an Austrian pastries, rooted in Denmark, where it spread throughout Europe and North America. Danesi can be very different shapes with various fillings: nuts/raisins, creamy cheese, different fruits and berries. Very crispy puff pastry and fragrant filling.
Homemade gin
277 - - -
Gin this recipe has a balanced sweet taste, mainly acts as juniper and coriander to the other ingredients. A good as pure and tonic. Suitable for cocktails.
Duck with apples, baked in the oven
273 - 190м 8
Duck with apples, probably the most fragrant and tasty dish. Tapakas in the oven turns out delicious and melts in your mouth. Very juicy and tender. A great dish for the holiday table.
Cake "Vegetable wonder"
271 3 60м 8
All delicious not a priori useful? Dismantle this myth:) I offer to your attention a delicious and very useful cake. My family was thrilled - try to surprise her.
Warm salad with chicken and plums
271 - 25м 2
It is believed that fruit salad that women love. But this dish was appreciated and the male half of our family. Delicious, hearty, juicy. I recommend to cook until the sale is fresh plum.
Granola low calorie
268 - - -
Favorite healthy Breakfast American movie stars. Homemade granola is oats, nuts and dried fruit, baked in the oven until Golden and a fun crunch. More healthy food is difficult to come up with: the granola is full of fiber and vitamins that are saved due to the delicate heat treatment. No complicated recipes and fuss in the kitchen. Unlike store-bought options of homemade granola does not contain excess sugar, TRANS fats and artificial additives. Works well for digestion and metabolism plus cleanses the blood vessels from the "bad" cholesterol. Granola can be sprinkled on fresh berries and fruit, pour a cool yogurt or hot milk. If it stuff the Apple and bake, you get a delicious dessert. Granola is great for those who adhere to a vegetarian diet, as well as in the post.
British caraway cake
266 - 75м 8
Caraway seed cake. A classic British cake, the first known recipe that dates back to the XVI century, has achieved special popularity in the Victorian era, but now out of fashion. Cumin has long been used in British cuisine. If you believe the Wiki, the predecessor of the cake had caraway biscuits. They say that the Victorians liked to serve this cake after a hearty lunch, because it was believed that cumin improves digestion. Just say cumin in the cake a lot and the taste is quite specific. But if you like caraway or anise, you here!
Chocolate biscuit cake making "rose"
261 - - -
First made this cake 4 years ago for a cake for her husband's birthday. After that, he settled down in the recipes of my cakes. Air soft biscuit with the taste of dark chocolate and orange, incredibly tasty by itself, and complete with orange cream is a Symphony. Today I used it for making cake roses. The design idea of the Internet, there are several master classes from different chefs.
254 4 - -
The first month of winter is sometimes associated with champagne. This is on until December 31. And all other days should belong Pegu. At least so say our Scandinavian neighbours. The main ingredients usually include wine (usually red), spices, e.g., cinnamon and cloves, and sometimes made with vodka, akvavit or brandy. The mixture is heated but not brought to a boil so that the alcohol does not evaporate. The competition "new year tastes of the planet".
Cake "Fruit of the Opera"
251 5 420м 8
Want to offer your primariy very light, delicate, truly summer cake or dessert "Fruit of the Opera". Cakes are soft, surf the air, and thanks to a impregnation juicy and moist. The composition without the gluten. Optionally, the cake can be replaced by any other. Dessert moderately sweet. And the combination of strawberry with citrus notes give just the perfect combination. Despite the multiple layers of this dessert, it is prepared easily and simply. Hope you like it!!!
Cranberry shifter
247 5 - -
The recipe was given to Michelle, I significantly increased the amount of cranberries, it is the number and indicate. Cooked very quickly and simply, but very tasty!!!