Recipes from Powder mustard

Mustard in Russian
0.7k 4.5 20м 100
Dijon, Bordeaux, mustard from Me, sweet Bavarian, Düsseldorf - all kinds of mustard do not count! What is the difference between "Mustard" from "Mustard"? Mustard, as we know, upset. :-) In Russia, PPE mustard began to cultivate since the 18th century. In the city of Sarepta (within present-day Volgograd) in 1810 was started the first special plant for the production of mustard oil. Russian mustard has THE PUNGENT TASTE "the mustard scale." Its characteristic odor, bitterness, and pungency of mustard isothiocyanates, the main component of the essential oil of mustard and also the famous "mustard gas" mustard...
Crispy chicken wings
404 5 - -
This appetizer is more difficult and costly in terms of time, but it's worth it. Especially suitable for those who loves nature and to cook using the convection oven.
Homemade mustard
231 4 - -
Tastes better than the store. The recipe is illustrated with user Охапа_71 in the framework of "Coloring".
Quick mayonnaise or as they say, "home"
211 5 - -
All ingredients should be at room temperature. If the mixture will begin to curl, add 1 yolk, then a little oil. And if all else fails, don't despair, and make a cheese pie!
Tomatoes in mustard "Session"
200 4 10м -
Now the preservation time and many people make preparations for the winter. I want to offer the option of a starter of tomatoes under a nylon cover. A very simple recipe to cook, anyone can cook and not only. And the spicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent!
Potato wedges
173 5 - -
A dish that is very popular with the children.
Mackerel in mustard marinade
172 - 10м 4
A good recipe Express pickling mackerel. In just 10-12 hours ready a great fish!
Pickles in mustard sauce
164 3 - 6
Pickles - yum!!!
Berry-Mandarin salad with quinoa
164 - 20м 4
Another from a variety of great summer salads. Bright, tasty, useful, satisfying and a lot a lot of advantages.
Cherry sauce
156 - 120м 1
Hello! You still don't know how to cook a felt cherry then must see this video recipe!
Garlic sausage
155 - - -
Semi-smoked sausage
Biscuit "Mustard"
153 3 - -
Biscuits on the website a great many, but this is not found, if not, sorry... Very easy to make, and the color - the sun, immediately uplifting.
Chicken in sauce with baked garlic
153 - 45м 6
You like chicken? Know the answer! I want to offer you a wonderful recipe. Fill, friends, the scent of your house! Let's bake with garlic! The marinade, well, a miracle! Tender, tasty, I promise! To cook this dish for lunch you are invited! And well, dinner, too! All will be very not difficult! The result is beautiful! You will enjoy with your family!
Mustard home
152 3 - -
For those, who like spicy. Very tasty mustard, my daughter eats only homemade, store-bought doesn't compare.
Mustard at home
145 4 - -
I have often, at the wrong time ends mustard. And use it in cooking, I often add the marinade, in salad dressing, sauces, etc. When it ended, once again, I decided it was time to try to make mustard itself. Tried it, it worked such vigorous horcicka breaks to tears. But quite by accident I managed to make it even more spicy. How? come and see.
Salad dressing
144 - 30м -
Salad Cream. This popular UK salad dressing a little bit like mayonnaise, but has a more pronounced sour-sweet and creamy taste. Complements any green salad and will serve a nice cold sauce for boiled eggs, or sandwiches.
Cottage cheese-pumpkin-cheese puffs with salad
141 - - -
When the donuts are hot, they are incredible in themselves: crisp and tender with a strong cheese flavor, when cool - combine perfectly with the spicy salad, which I highly recommend everyone to try, and maybe decorate the holiday table!
Fruit mustard "Mustard"
141 - - -
Mostarda – a traditional Italian sauce of fruit, pickled in mustard and syrup. The main components of the sauce are different berries and fruits, syrup, mustard. Mostarda has an original fruity-mustard taste. It goes well with meat dishes, cheese. There are some very simple recipes fruit mustard made from scrap materials in a couple of minutes. There is a fancy, sophisticated, luxurious, exceptional. But whatever fruit mustard, the taste is always difficult and is revealed gradually: first, a sense of sweetness of fruit, and after showing a slight sharpness of mustard seeds. I have to say, the sauce on the fan. It will appeal to those who like sweet sauces for meat, cheese. The recipe for this sauce I saw on TV. The ingredients in this recipe, the public and the summer-autumn period every home owner. Originally made mostarda recipe, didn't change anything. Because I wanted to try, say, a recipe original from the author.
Cheese scones
141 - 30м 8
Cheese scones perfectly complements not only the butter but also cream cheese, cucumber herbs, just tomato. And most importantly, that they are prepared 30 minutes but it stay in the oven.
Mustard spicy
135 3 - -
After a successful experiment with mustard at home, I decided not to stop and try other options mustard at home. I present to You another option, I liked it even more than the previous one. Mustard turned out spicy, with spices. Hard about the mustard to say delicious, but I liked it very much. She is strong and soft at the same time.
Salad "old Russian"
135 - - -
One of the countless options of salad of Russian cuisine. Quite spicy, with a rich taste and an interesting dressing - a very worthy dish for fasting. Try?