Recipes from Brandy

0.9k 4 300м 1
(based on "the Count's ruins") Is long, but its preparation is quite possible to do incremental and stretch for a few days. I did a 2 day.
Roast beef with wine sauce
296 3 90м 8
A good meat dish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Crispy honey cones
233 4 20м 24
With bright caramel flavor.
The chicken liver pate with orange jelly
227 - - -
Very tender and tasty pate with a citrus jelly (jelly can be done with any other fruit or berries, for example: with pomegranate juice, cranberries, cranberry). I will now always do it this way! recipe source: Julia (laperla_foto, LJ) + I
Cupcake Lemon
174 4.5 - -
Very tasty and tender cake. As my dad said, "just melts in your mouth!"
Sweet and sour shrimp with brandy
173 - - -
And again a recipe from a Chinese cooking portal.
Dessert strawberry cheese
172 - - -
Delicate, strawberry! Perfect for the holiday table. Help yourself!
Cupcakes with boiled shushenkoe
170 4 - -
Like cupcakes seen on kokenge Sonya Accountant.
Marzipan classic
167 - 30м -
I represent to your attention a classic recipe of marzipan, which I use. Note that don't use eggs, because you can catch Salmonella, and the retention time of this marzipan is much shorter or not at all desirable. The recipe is simple and tasty marzipan, the shop will not buy. The version with brandy for the adults :-) In the version for children do not use flavor rum and brandy, and replaced by "Rose water" - 1 teaspoon Bon APPETIT IN 100 g of finished product contains: Protein-10 g; Carbohydrates 54 g; Fat 26 g; Calories - 490 kcal.
Caramelized chicken liver with Apple
159 - 20м 2
Pretty fast and delicious. Us this dish very much. Soft liver with sour-sweet flavored sauce. A piece of liver with a bit of sugar Apple is sweet (but it's certainly not for everybody).
Pie "Chess" in marzipan
158 - - -
I represent to your attention a cake not only for lovers of chess. Looks spectacular, and the taste is delicate, pleasant and unusual that it needs to survive. Try, evaluate and Express your opinion. Bon APPETITE IN 100 g of finished product contains: Protein-8.8 g; Carbohydrate 52.7 g; Fats-by 20.6 g; Caloric value - kcal 423,5.
Cake Nostalgia
154 5 60м 8
Sometimes there are such dialogue:-Mom, do you cake on a cool evening, baked in the fifth grade!! Great son you're 19, I think I remember what it was a cake!!?? Very tasty with sour cream - that's all I heard for clarification! Well , let's try to remember a delicious cake!!
Cocktail "Not now, honey"
149 5 - -
Cooked very quickly.
The chicken liver pate with brandy
146 5 60м 8
Serve it with bread slices, and pickles will not remain unnoticed. It can be prepared up to 4 days before serving.
Fillet in Russian with a surprise
145 - 30м 4
Under this name saw the recipe in the magazine. And, of course, it was interesting to me, what a surprise. While not prepared and have not tried and do not understand why it is called a prescription. Come in, dear cooks, I will share with you!
Chocolate dessert with liquid middle
143 - 15м 2
Is very quick, and delicious!!!!!!
Apple-Amaretti cake
143 4.5 70м 8
I share with you another recipe without flour, and biscuits "Amaretti" - тоrta di mele e amaretti di. Not difficult to prepare. Recipe taken from the Italian magazine "Un mese in cucina", 2002.
Candy "Nipples of Venus"
142 - - -
Let me offer you a treat, which you cannot pass indifferently. A unique and exquisite taste of chocolates. For darling, beloved or favourite - just for a gift. Сapezzoli di Venere - treat yourself, friends, health.
"Banana caramel tartlets" (Banoffee Pies)
139 4 100м -
Continue to cook according to recipes Mishelle-Svetochka, do not get tired to Express my gratitude. Delicious, fragrant tarts.
Pasta "reginelli" c sauce-stew
137 - 100м 4
Pasta "reginelli" c sauce-ragout of wild boar and chestnuts. I hesitated to put this recipe. But then I saw that Brat put up a recipe for chicken with chestnuts, I thought, "Means chestnuts still in Russia!"... In the review of the same recipe Brat explained the difference between "edible" and "inedible" chestnuts...
Dessert-pyramid "Eternal love"
135 - 180м 6
In the film, "Teheran-43" first song "Eternal love" in Russian, the words were written by Charles Aznavour. He also performed the song in the film. Charles Aznavour for the world was the epitome of romantic songs. Today, he was 86 years old, and it takes place not only among the great French singers, but also the world. This dessert, like a real French chanson is the dessert of love, Declaration of love, where there is a bright "the Culinary range of tastes".