Recipes from Broccoli

Salad "perfection - 2 "
0.9k 3 20м 4
As a right beautiful woman, began worsening male "cervical svijeta"! Yes, and it would be necessary to podrujit after the holidays, and in fact, indulged myself! And this is the pampering side out, the skirt was something rather compact to sit, fastened only on the breath! And I made great additions (just a little) in the "light as a feather, fresh as a may breeze, juicy, like a Paradise Apple, bright as a flash of light salad "perfection"!
Salad "Orion"
0.8k - 10м 2
Don't know about you, but I sometimes buy salads in cooking. So this salad I bought last week, very much for his not quite normal taste range. Looks very bright, for spring. In addition, very useful.
Salad "La Boheme"
0.5k - 20м 2
The salad is simple, but it combines two most important qualities: first, hearty and healthy, and secondly, low in calories! Simple ingredients, which are saturated enough, but to get better will not, and unusual taste due to the filling and fragrant herbs-tarragon. Begin to prepare for the summer, girls!
Salad "Versailles"
0.5k 3 - -
The salad is very tasty, very simple and quickly prepared. Eaten - much faster!!! One of my specialty salads. Recommend!!!
Salad "Suzy"
460 - 30м -
The salad my girlfriend, a descendant of the pirates of Borneo where she was born and raised!
Salad "Fantasy"
438 - - -
That is called "Fantasy" I first saw this salad. Very bright and rich, it attracted me because of its content. I immediately wanted to try it, and my expectations were met. The salad was very tasty, juicy and unusual. Help yourself!
Salad "90 -90 -60 "
381 - - -
This salad was the first time I tried it I liked it so much that when he got home, I immediately prepared.
Cream soup with broccoli and Apple
370 - - -
Get ready for summer! Offer to cook a very easy and delicious soup-puree of broccoli and Apple. Diet can be delicious!
Meatloaf "Amazing"
362 4 80м 6
Roll just melts in your mouth, very flavorful and tender. The combination of the ingredients give this fragrance, which is felt even from the neighbors))) This dish can not only annoy your neighbors, but also to impress loved ones and guests!
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
357 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Salad "Favorite cabbage"
340 5 10м -
This salad I brought from USA from the restaurant in which he worked. This salad consists of two types of cabbage - cauliflower and broccoli and also onions. Continuous vitamins!!! And the taste... the Most popular salad in the restaurant!
332 5 40м 8
The dish is cooked for a long time. Decided to share with you.
Snack "Pinto"
320 3.3 - -
This is my favorite salad that I always order in a cafe when my husband and I dine there. The name is not changed, and as for the recipe, you did that on your own, using the ingredients that are in the original recipe. Forgive me chef of this establishment if I did not, but was very - very tasty!
Cream soup "Spring mood"
310 5 20м 3
A lot of green vegetables and no meat.
Zapekanka "On the island of Buyan"
294 3 - -
In the sea the island was cool, Not RUB, not residential; It lay empty plain; It grew on oak unified... ...through the lapping waves ... and the surf... through the rustle of leaves and the howling of the wind...we're getting to a good shelter.. where fear no storm...where on the carpet near the fireplace in moricet cat.. gentle fire warms our body, our soul will warm up here's a juicy zapekanok delicate puree with marcovicci and dill.. filled with bright vegetables and tender mushrooms.. all this combined with bright spices and condiments.. very juicy.. tasty.. but at the same time totally lean.. so "Fast from Moulinex". with pleasure.
Casserole vegetable
266 5 - -
Delicious vegetable zapekanka
Warm salad of broccoli and green beans
265 - 20м 2
Delicious, fragrant and interesting salad! The combination of raw tomato with roasted vegetables, shrimp and cheese!
Soup "licenovski"
259 4 - -
Soup "my way". How much borscht or boil and still it turns out different.
Salad zucchini with pesto
250 - - -
The main feature of this amazing salad in pesto. Just wonderful filling! Useful, delicious, vitamin, dieting!
Spaghetti Tricolor
249 4 20м 2
A delicious hearty dish
Farfalle (bows) with Neapolitan tomato sauce
243 4 20м 4
Gardens and orchards have long covered with snow, while the green freshness always want. Then come to the aid of frozen stocks. This dish is very simple, but bright and tasty. So I share with you.