Recipes from Vanilla

Decor for desserts "Swans"
0.6k - - -
Dear cooks! I want to share with you a way to create a delightful swans for decoration in our sweet dishes! Whether it be cake, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins... in One word anything you want, you can decorate this way! Complicated nothing, but the sensation of Your products is guaranteed! The first time I made my niece to school for a party... Then a friend's birthday... Then husband to work for colleagues to some kind of festival... the Reaction is always one!! And sounds like this: "UAAAUUU!" Swans invented not by me... but a definite authorship, I don't know, so I will say generally that peeped in the Internet! In the recipe I special attention is paid to the swans, and related steps, give a link. Welcome to my "Swan lake"!
Cake "Merry little pigs"
0.6k - - 12
So many gathered recipes, and time is never enough, so, as always - the main load on the weekend. Saw the design idea of the cake on the Polish culinary website, very I liked it here and tried to play. I think that this fun design will appeal to both adults and children, at least, my husband, was thrilled! Besides the cake deserves special attention - a chocolate cake in tandem with the cream caramel and praline almond brittle will hardly leave anyone indifferent!
Cake Dr. Anke
498 - 180м -
This cake was loved by Leo Tolstoy. Cake recipe from the notebook of his wife Sofia Andreevna. Her recipe left Dr. Anke. In the Tolstoy family was the couplet: "What is stronger than death and rock? Sweet ANKOWSKI pie!" the Highlight of this cake in delicious lemon cream.
Cheesecake "bounty"
490 4.5 - -
Who ate the bounty, who knows...
Lean Apple pie "hostess"
376 - 30м 6
One of my favorite pies, delicate and moderately sweet, found on the Internet. Why I called it "hostess"? Because he prepares well, very simple and fast! Everyone treat, this pie is like. Maybe you, dear cooks have to taste.
Pie-Changeling "Caramel-banana"
366 - 60м 8
I really liked the recipe for this cake, I again today decided to bake, but only with bananas, as the author of this recipe blogger Kimberly. Fast, easy, and most importantly, very tasty! I'm sure this cake does not spoil, Use any fruits, nuts, cream, frosting and so on. For imagination is huge, and the result is always delicious! Begin!
Milky-vanilla "jam"
337 - - -
Don't even know if this blank the name "jam", but the other does not occur. The original recipe from Stelios Pallaresa called "the Marmalade and vanilla milk". Very interesting and simple recipe. The jam is flavorful, creamy, caramel. Very tasty in the morning with toast or with pancakes, or as a sponge for greasing loaf. In General applications, you can find a lot of.
326 - - -
The Egyptian cake of puff pastry with vanilla "Mahalaua" in the filling. Seductive and desirable.
Chocolates handmade
316 - - -
Of course, buy a ready chocolate a lot easier, but the delicious home-made chocolate, prepared with love, will not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Handmade chocolates are very tasty, soulful and very easy. And this fun activities for adults and children and unique gift I want to give all of you congratulations happy new year, all the favorite holidays and wishes all the very bright and the fulfillment of all your dreams!
Cake "Havana"
311 - - -
Preparing her daughter to the DR. The daughter said that the most delicious in this cake - cakes. The rest of the guests just said that tasty))) the authorship is not expect - a recipe from the Internet. Can't say that the cake is simple. On the contrary, it seemed to me that it is quite complex, but, honestly, the result will please you.
Milk-cranberry-pomegranate jelly
306 - 90м 4
Beautiful striped, fragrant and sweet jelly! Jelly-dessert will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children!
Chocolate Muscovy cake from Adriano Zumbo
303 - 360м 16
Then, finally, ended our festival, and then, finally, I came to the works of Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. Information taken from the website of Nina Nixie, because more in the Russian language Internet information about this cake was nowhere to be found. And Nina thank you so much for Russification of these masterpieces! About the taste of this cake too, especially I will not say, simply quote: "Dessert is unusual and original, tender and very tasty. The cake consists of a soft, almost airy mousse without gelatin, sweet Apple layer and thick layer of salted caramel. This caramel and apples combined with a rich chocolate taste, a delicate sponge cake and crunchy base sand spicy cake, have an amazing ability to capture your attention so much that you lose track of time while you enjoy every bite"... no More running! Meet Muscovy Chocolate cake!
"Tutti - Frutti" with cream and marmalade
300 5 40м 4
"Tutti frutti" - all fruit (ital), in a figurative sense - all sorts of things. Sweetie pie with fresh peaches, apricots, strawberries and cherries - in General with any fruit that you find in the fridge. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Cake "Opera"
297 - 240м 20
Asked me once Brother in "Chocolate". Suggested to try the cake called OPERA. Delicious, hearty... I Decided to restore this masterpiece at home, fortunately, there is a reason. First, where I went, it's our favorite website. Cake here this is, but, no offense to the author, I did not understand. Decided to poke around on the Internet and I found this: options cake a lot, probably due to the fact that the authorship fought two of the greatest confectionery house. I chose the house of Gaston Le nôtre, who (Gaston Le nôtre), by the way, was the prototype of chef in the cartoon Ratatouille. Why am I still attracted to this option... As I understand it, the author and the site itself has translated this recipe from the book by the famous Gaston Le nôtre, which (book) was produced only in French, English and Japanese. But when making this, don't be afraid of the word Masterpiece, I did not neglect to take advantage of advice and other masters. And here I suggest your Opera (L'opera Cake) on your court. By the way, in cooking it was not so difficult as its description. The cake can be cooked in one evening. The words cite the author with his corrections and additions in brackets.
Cake "Pamir"
292 4 - -
I will be brief, in the PAMIRS cold, the ink in the pen freezes, so I write on the keyboard. I'm sorry, don't have writing, and journalistic talent, not given to me to make such a report from PAMIR! But we will replace it with a small hill, which is located in the MAGHREB.
Cake "Caramel"
281 3 120м 12
The name speaks for itself.
Cake "Eden"
274 - 90м 12
Thin and delicate chocolate cakes, flavored cherry compote and lots and lots of mousse from dark chocolate, covered with delicious mirrored icing! This is my special cake in honor of the decade favorite site! Chocoholic, I invite you all to visit the next batch of hormone happiness.
Cheese cake
269 4 - -
The taste is great. The pecans and maple syrup give the cake an unusual taste.
Cake "Chuckie"
266 - 120м 10
Beautiful, megacolony cake from Chef Andy. Rich chocolate cakes with vanilla layered with white chocolate. Top cake covered in Italian meringue. The author was preparing a cake for Halloween (hence the name) and made it frighteningly black. My version is quite peaceful. Perfect for any day!
Raffini leavened with apricot jam
264 - - -
These amazing buns - a kind of symbiosis of croissants and muffins. Delicate, airy! Don't fall in love with them is simply impossible! Offer you the option of cooking in sourdough. The filling for griffinov you can choose to your taste — vanilla cream, pudding, caramel, marmalade...
Vanilla roses
262 - - -
Vanilla roses - our proud answer to Chamberlain! Here is the proud answer! However, Chamberlain is neither here nor there, so to speak, the proud reply "yeast mafia", though, and where to get this mafia? Just wanted to show (and prove) that tasty pastries possible and it turns out wonderfully with a very small amount of yeast! And now, face the facts! (I noticed that often put a lot of yeast in pastries, which deteriorates its quality and is not useful). Baking is a delicate, fluffy, fragrant even with a minimum amount of yeast, most importantly: correct technology of prepare the dough. And that baked goods are best stored in a closed box each time you open it, will inhale the heavenly aromas of vanilla!