Recipes from Cherry tomatoes

Octopus salad Sicilian
0.9k - 75м 2
Offer to go to Sicily and enjoy a salad with fresh vegetables and octopus. Bright, fresh and tasty salad for a good mood!!
Salad "Orion"
0.8k - 10м 2
Don't know about you, but I sometimes buy salads in cooking. So this salad I bought last week, very much for his not quite normal taste range. Looks very bright, for spring. In addition, very useful.
Salad with chicken and poached egg
0.7k - 20м 1
Despite the weather - the calendar we have spring! And it confirms the sun, which in spite of everything is already warm!! In terms of cuisine for me spring is always a salad. I offer quite hearty, but not very nutritious salad. Go!
Vegetable plate, baked under the grill
0.6k - - -
I love roasted vegetables, they can overeat all day without worrying about the figure, so I again they come! Great as a side dish, while fasting or on a diet, to vegetarian and healthy food! The dish is quick-cooking vegetables you can experiment endlessly, depending on the availability of them in the fridge! Very tasty, healthy, flavorful! The piquancy gives the dish a tomato-soy sauce, pickled cucumber and rosemary!
White beans with asparagus, coriander and pesto sauce
0.6k - - -
Legumes, including beans, peas and lentils contain sufficient amounts of protein to build muscle. But just beans is boring. We promised to make your diet delicious. So, be pesto, coriander, asparagus, and follow the instructions below.
Fish "VIP"
492 - 15м 2
+ video. Instant, easy, amazing, VIP fish recipe specially for "Matches+". Only one restaurant in the world was served a fish. It was in Libya, in Tripoli. Beautiful, two-story restaurant, near the Turkish Embassy. From the Windows overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Fate brought me together with the wife of the owner of this restaurant, ASMA al Shamas, I taught her English, we became friends and she often gave me "guest card" for my family. We could be the map to go to a restaurant and order any dinner or dinner on the house. The food there was served only fish and seafood. Chef Ramzi, a Lebanese by origin, was personally asked whether we are happy with the ordered dish. I left the country, like many of our compatriots, when NATO began to bomb the city. Thank you EMERCOM of Russia... chef Ramsay is already there, in light of recent events in the country, perhaps the restaurant too. There are only bright memories of happy, carefree days. I tried to play a special fish recipe in "black sauce". Moreover, I tried to make a video to show how quickly you can prepare this dish.
Japanese salad with chicken and ginger
454 - 10м 2
If you love Japanese cuisine and pickled ginger, this salad you'll love. The salad is prepared quickly, from simple ingredients, but has its own "flavor".
Salad "little dew drop"
438 4 - -
Very juicy, tasty and light salad.
Canapes with goat cheese and canapés with salmon
438 - 20м 8
Everyone knows what a canapé (canapé) is this little French appetizer has gained popularity in many countries. Weighing not more than 80 g based on dried bread or on a substrate of solid vegetables with various fillings, mostly preparing for the holiday table and buffet. Later they began to use the skewers, but not for beauty, but not to get your hands dirty while eating. Today I offer you 2 types of canapés: "canap& #233;s au fromage de chèvre" - with goat cheese and "canap& #233;s au saumon" canape with red fish, I got this smoked salmon! No complicated preparation and decoration of any table!
Field salad "Bistro"
412 - 20м 2
As "the Suite does the king", any salad leaves from the field will beautify a spicy dressing. With this kind of dressing, I was faced for the first time, but really we liked it! I recommend heartily.
410 4 5м -
Again, everything about it-the SHRIMP . Very few people who don't like food from these crustaceans. What is she so fascinated us, taste, ease, simplicity in cooking or is it just a fad.
Pink envelope with vegetables
403 - - 4
Fillet of salmon, soaked with aromas of spices and vegetables is a complete meal in the fresh air in the envelope of foil.
"Lasagna" with rice paper
394 - 30м 4
It's tasty, quick to prepare dish suitable for camping and home parties! It is excellent both hot and cold!
Salad "Tuscany"
388 5 30м 4
Salad with a slightly salty taste, perfect for dishes of potatoes.
Steam Chilean sea bass with sauce Sabayon
385 - 30м 1
Chilean sea bass can replace the conventional cod. It is desirable that the fillet was thicker.
Salad "Delight"
384 - 15м 6
This delicious salad can be attributed to the original salad with herring – many like it even more than "Herring under a fur coat". In salad vegetables in perfect harmony with Apple and salad is enough light, fresh and juicy.
Salad "Puerto"
381 - 20м 4
Lettuce happened after watching the TV series "Kitchen". The combination of spicy arugula and tender tuna perfectly set off by pickled onions and olives. Quail eggs add a salad satiety, and cherry tomatoes are good in any dish.
Salad "Palette of taste"
374 - 15м 2
Today, right in the eve of March 8, I received a mail-order gifts from Tanya - LaCostena, among the many pleasant things I immediately saw the book "Recipes for delicious dishes" of greens and salads. Leafed through and immediately made this salad. Think he will suit those who want to lose excess weight gained over the winter, because it only 41.5 kcal per 100g of finished product, and in addition, it is spicy, tasty and healthy.
Super Sandwich
353 3 - 1
This sandwich is not very difficult. The main thing is that You have a good mood.
Chashushuli chicken
349 - 60м 4
A great dish for a family dinner, for guests! Very bright and colorful!!!
Frieze salad with radish and Parmesan
340 - - -
I bought the other day at the market a head of frisée and literally fell for him. No, I used to buy in supermarkets... in the package, some of the Italian company, separate sheets. Took a few times. But there was a head... huge, fresh, beautiful, curly... Wheee!!! Now spoil their different versions of salad. We have to eat while it's fresh!!! Today, another option: a very easy, incredibly tasty salad with fresh vegetables.