Recipes from Potato starch

Salad "Hu"
1.6k 3.5 30м 2
The salad is very simple, delicate, hearty, spicy, and I always cook for the holidays for a change!!!
Cake "loaf"
0.8k 5 120м 12
Today I want to offer you one of the most unique cakes of the Soviet past. We can say that this is one of the masterpieces of the Soviet confectioners. The first time I had a chance to try this cake in Moscow in the mid-80s. the Second time - 7 years ago in Chelyabinsk. After returning home, I started to dig all the cooking sites looking for a recipe, but the cake is so difficult to prepare at home that for a long time, all my search results didn't bring. Apparently nobody wanted to risk it. But after a long search - a miracle! in one of the cooking forums I came across the coveted recipe. After reading it, however, depressed - too difficult. But, on reflection, decided. Alas, the first "damn", as usual, turned out lumpy, and, at the final stage when it was necessary to color the cake under the grill. I put it in the oven, and she started to wash the dishes. Casually, turning his head to the plate, I, to my horror, saw that the oven is blazing fire!!! In General, the top was completely charred. Had to cut what was supposed to be the most delicious. However, my family has stiskala for a sweet soul that remained, and were extremely satisfied. And still the cake didn't let me rest. Week I weighed everything "over" and "against" and took the risk again. The second attempt succeeded, but the desire to repeat substantially reduced. Was supposed to be a very significant occasion, I once again ventured into this culinary feat. Just make a reservation: if your oven has no functions "grill" or "convection", at worst, confectionery burner, you should not even start since the final stage is the process of caramelization. The first part of cake making is quite simple, familiar to most Housewives. Here is the second part advise to be patient and gather the maximum: it is not for the faint of heart! I will try to elaborate on the process of making the cake, but most likely will not be able to consider everything. If the recipe you are interested in, write that it is unclear I will clarify.
Jelly potato starch for cakes
0.7k - 5м 1
I want to offer to cook jelly (glaze) filling for pies (cakes). Of course you can buy ready-made upakovochki, but sometimes there's no time to run to the store, and the pie you want to fill jelly. Preparing jelly from potato starch and syrup from canned Mandarin oranges. Varying syrups, or juices, you can make jelly of different colors. The idea I saw on a German site from Silvia, thank you very much.
"Fu Yong"
0.6k 5 30м 4
Ex-Chinese omelette with sweet & sour sauce. Once upon a time this dish was indeed Chinese, but changed over time to suit the taste of Europe and America. However, the omelet with chicken, shrimp and vegetables very good, simple and delicious and will become a full-fledged lunch or dinner with a side dish of rice. The addition of fillers (meat and vegetables) can be easily varied.
Pancakes for children's yogurt "mixture"
494 - - -
I have accumulated a lot of children's yogurt "mixture", which I get at the dairy kitchen. My son doesn't drink it much, but the pancakes baked from eating it just like that! So I suggest you apacite your kid pancakes on the yogurt. You will see how he would happily and hungrily eat them. And the mother joy and the baby fed. The pancakes turn out tender, soft and delicious. My family all love them.
478 - 60м 3
Often go to the border Jake, I love and often cook Chinese. Read the recipes of other chefs, many hurt in Russian looks like, not the taste so breathtaking! usually cook "the eye", so measures are approximate
Cake "Cheesecake madness"
391 - 60м 8
If you want to cook a beautiful birthday cake with incredible taste, it is ideal. Unusual, lush cakes and delicate cream will delight all of your guests.
Salad "the Dreamer"
380 - 60м 6
The recipe for this salad came quite by accident. Was looking for recipes with egg pancakes, reviewed several options and decided to combine them, something removed, something added, a delicious salad, my husband and son loved it, now often it is cooked. The salad is quite hearty, can quite replace a full dinner.
Biscuit from whole wheat flour without eggs
363 - 60м 6
Very soft and tender cake with light notes of orange. You know, many of our "cooks" try to stick to a healthy diet. I dedicate this recipe to them!
Christmas lamb
337 - 40м 2
Delicious Christmas lamb. These can be done yourself and as a gift. Recipe for 2 lamb.
Cake "Kremowka Krakowski"
328 - - -
The recipe of the cupcake Kremowka Krakow is very popular in Poland since ancient times. But the history is somewhat silent one caveat - these cakes have a high enough alcohol content in the cream. So go "kremowka" meant to feel like an adult and try the "forbidden fruit".
326 - - -
The Egyptian cake of puff pastry with vanilla "Mahalaua" in the filling. Seductive and desirable.
Crispy duck breast
312 - 40м 2
Crispy on the outside and pink inside duck breast. Found on the Internet. Original used Chinese seasoning 5 spices, but I'm kind of mixed. I want to say that one little breast (the marinade is enough for two), because after steaming it with 400 gr decreased to 270 gr.
Italian cake "Walnut"
300 - 120м 12
Amazingly delicious cake!! Mouth-watering cakes of meringue and walnuts, 2 tablespoons of flour and a lot of whipped cream!! This cake is a must!!
Hepatic pancakes
299 4 40м -
I love pancakes, can be seen, Belarusian roots make themselves know)) But even more I love the liver in different variations, so I decided to combine these two things. We loved it, try it and you.
Cutlets with couscous and potatoes
298 - 40м 3
Vegetable cutlets with couscous, potatoes and onions - a great variety of meatless table. You can eat as a main dish or as side dish. Goes well with homemade salted: cucumbers and tomatoes - yum!
Chicken chops in cheese batter
298 - - -
Chicken chops in cheese batter turn out delicious, soft, flavorful and just melt in your mouth! It's a win-win both for holidays and for everyday!
Fruit soup "Etude in Sunny colours"
297 - 25м 6
Winter. Like many in this word to my heart entwined... namely: heat, cold, dampness and dullness. In short, I do not like winter! How I want summer and warmth again! In this regard, ... on the table a variety of fruit - compotes, kissels, fresh fruit, frozen berries. And fruit soup. And to lose weight helps :)
French cake "Petit fours"
292 - 180м 48
Hello, dear friends! "Looking forward, we have a holiday, So as a gift to receive, But much nicer to it to give!" It is time-time to attend to the menu for fire-breathing Dragon, to appease our intellectual and gourmet. Dragon finally indifferent to sweets, and maybe on dieke sitting. Therefore, in order not to tear apart, I propose to make a delicious gift - mA-a-a-ahonkaya French brownies – fours. Tiny, one ukasik, but... with pepper!
Potato zrazy in Kiev
284 - 40м 6
Ideally, these pancakes should cook with mushrooms. And the twist of dill oil making them extremely juicy and tasty. Great version of light summer dinner.
Cake "Dream"
279 - 120м -
Friends, I want to share a recipe for a regular cake. Say in three words - well, very tasty (was)!