Recipes from Quince

Salad "Ordinary miracle"
0.5k 3 - -
Hearty, delicious salad that can be a wonderful self-uznam, and on the holiday table is not ashamed to put... a Lot of bright autumn vegetables and a MAYONNAISE dressing... Cooked potatoes - for satiety... Crisp cucumber for freshness... a Boiled egg for tenderness... Canned peas for juiciness... Quince - spice... All this with a dressing of sweet boiled beets, garlic, sour cream and cream cheese... Decorate with pomegranate, peas, herbs and roses out of tomatoes... Salad, which is very quickly prepared and quickly eaten...
495 - - 4
This dish was taught to make me a woman, many years ago. I don't know why it called that, maybe that the rolls are called sandrikami.... The Internet is the search result gave me recipes pellets of fish or other meat, called sandrikami. You presented it the way I was taught, as I prepare for this day. Hope you enjoy it.
421 - 150м 6
There, is there already Basma, but how many people - so many cooking options! Good, and the set of products, and their sequence can vary depending on the time of year, desire to cook, and preferences of consumers. The dish is Uzbek. On the East pilaf is a festive dish. I think this is not fair! Basma (accent on last syllable) with its insane flavor, colors and raznoobraziem cope with the role of the holiday is not worse! This dish can be cooked outdoors in a cauldron or pot, and at home on the stove in a thick-walled pot. So, my option.
Behi Dimlama
411 5 120м -
What is DIMLAMA? (dimlama ... domlama...) I didn't know myself until yesterday. It so happened that he arrived on Christmas day MASTER (see the topic about the Risotto) and we decided to cook for the Christmas table a few dishes. One of them - this is DIMLAMA. The name comes from the Uzbek DULLES – steamed, warm up. Then prepare a dish of meat and vegetables that is steamed. But not a water bath, and for a few... in General, all will see, if enough patience to browse through the end. I must say that there are several ways to prepare this dish. Therefore, the possible experts do we have here. If you have other recipes or ways, what is called - IN the STUDIO! While we imagine Dimlama Behi or Dimlama with quince.
Pilaf "Ararat"
393 5 - -
Pilaf "Ararat".
White marmalade
340 5 60м 6
Ancient recipe from the series "Monastic cooking." Recipe excerpted from "the Book of recipes of the last nuns from Odivelas". Marmalade this brand is considered a delicacy in the city of Odivelas, Portugal. The secret of cooking white jelly for several centuries was a secret of the nuns of the local convent of the order of Bernardus de Cister (Ordem das Bernardas de Cister), founded in 1295, After the death of the last nuns sisters of Carolina Augusta de Castro and Silva came to light cookbook, which I poschastlivilos to buy. :-)
Spicy herring in quince sauce
306 - 30м 3
A very interesting and tasty appetizer. Long peeped it in the journal "Love to cook", but in any way hands did not reach, and here the competition. So help yourselves. But not at night, and thirsty! :D
279 4.5 100м 4
The recipe is taken from the book "anti-Stress menu" of the series "Recipes of beauty" and changed the composition...
Salad "Guliston"
275 - 30м 4
I wanted a quince, and is found on the Internet this tasty recipe a fresh winter salad. Successful, in my opinion, the combination of chicken, quince, radish, eggs and green peas. Help yourself to health.
Christmas duck with quince and pineapple
261 - - -
Traditional duck on Christmas table will be the Central dish of the holiday, will delight with its bright taste and will emphasize the skill of the hostess.
Cake with quince "Golden fall"
239 - - -
A yeast cake stuffed with carmelitano quince and hazelnut stratera. Go. Help yourself.
Baked fruit "Autumn song"
233 - 45м 5
The sweet melody of the autumn sunshine through the scarlet leaves... Apples, quinces and blueberries - the hot breath of winter. Inspired by the "Apples in the snow" by Helena D.
Kyufta in Tabriz
222 - 180м 10
I again cooked the books of the Elder hankishieva. Here is an interesting set of products, because not always we are preparing the meatballs with raisins or marshmallows... And of course spices and condiments... Yes, even a small help Tabriz is an Iranian city, a neighbor of Azerbaijan.
The Etchmiadzin dolma
213 3.5 - -
Dish of the Armenian cuisine.
207 - 480м 20
A recipe of one of my Board books of Elder hankishieva. This fragrant and very unusual soup - "timeless classics of the East". It is cooked in ceramic pots. My pot was busy "Moonshine". Therefore, cooked in a saucepan.
Meatballs feature in the style of sous-vide
203 - 180м 4
In my childhood the word is the feature I was associated with something mysterious and delicious, now I know what is the feature of this sweet vegetable stew of different composition, which depends on location and circumstances, but none is complete without carrots, as it is the main ingredient. Style sous-vide - method of low-temperature food processing. By combining all these knowledge and conditions of the competition turned out very tender and tasty dish of minced meat cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4214. Try it and you!
Roast lamb with quince "Bahili Arcop"
196 - 180м 12
Bahili Jarkop. The roast is. And it also means that cauldron will be the two main product. Lamb and quince. There is, of course, and something else.... But these is more important.
Vitamins in winter - quince
194 4 - -
I harvested in the fall growing in my cottage quince, it is considered to be decorative - it has a little fruit, but the taste and quality of fruit is not worse than the large southern fruit.
Fruit-vitamin salad
187 5 - -
Very favorite kids dessert! Sweet praktikami with your loved ones and your favorite yogurt!
Hadia ASHI-soup with cereals
179 - - -
Hadia ASHI is the Azerbaijani dish made from different grains. Free translation of this dish - "soup gift". Azerbaijani customs this soup cooks the grandmother of the child who came first tooth=)) and give it to the neighbors so that the teeth cut through easily and without pain=)) Well, of course, this soup can be prepared and just. It is very hearty and healthy=) Well, if you make fries for a soup without oil, it will be a great diet dish
Tincture of quince
176 5 - -
Offer a recipe of the delicious liqueur. Thanks to quince vodka has the aroma of quince and pleasant sour-sweet taste. The main condition is that the quince should be ripe, fragrant and with a "beautiful" skin (because the peel is also in the business). Tincture is not done quickly, we need to wait a month, but it's worth it. Yesterday we tasted a glass of brandy.