Recipes from Rye flour

Carrot bread
371 - 1000м 2
Beautiful and healthy rye-wheat sourdough bread. Recently got into baking, first baking in the bread machine, then used the recipes to bake in the oven. I loved to bake bread and I decided to raise the level - raised sourdough for baking unleavened bread. Every weekend now I'm looking for new recipes and my house fills with the smell of fresh bread. This recipe I found in the blog Anna973 apparently it is some famous character in the environment of bakers. I'm not too experienced Baker, but since I found this recipe, not the Cook, I decided to photograph the cooking process and add the recipe! Sorry for such a looong preamble, let's get finally to the preparation of bread!
Pomeranian Rybnik and the gate of the rye dough
334 - - -
Baking this on the fan, someone like, someone not. Personally, I pure rye dough is not very much, prefer to mix rye flour with wheat 50: 50, but my husband just loves these pies. Baked for him.
Striped bread
309 - - -
The recipe for this bread I took from the book "Serves them bread machine". It's kind of interesting (in form) and delicious (for fans of rye baking)bread.
Rye bread without yeast
293 - 480м -
Bread baked without yeast and no wheat flour. I use only rye flour, water, salt and sugar. As additives use bran or semolina bran and different flours (flax, pumpkin, chickpeas, corn, etc.). The store bread is not desirable.
Pancake cake with mousse of trout
256 - - -
For making pancake cake can go absolutely any toppings. I suggest you make pancake cake with mousse of smoked trout. Original, tasty and beautiful dish. Prepare a cake to surprise your loved ones.
The hens
239 - 60м 6
Offer you to get acquainted with specialties of Russian North cuisine - rye cookies with a cute name "Hens". Cookies are baked in the Kargopol area in March. The sun in the North a little. Here and there to bake cookies in the form of the sun with different outlandish flourishes. This cookie is made from rye flour can be stored up to one year. But nowadays this is not its dignity, the more we will appreciate his dimiceli. A minimum of products, greater scope for the imagination in its manufacture, the absolute usefulness is a biscuit should cook!
Bread "2 in 1"
238 - 200м -
The eternal problem – what to eat to lose weight? Or – as so to prepare, so tasty, and healthy? The answer is found!!! Looking for a long time, by trial and error. Finally, the result was Delicious and Healthy bread. So, to all lovers of healthy and delicious food, WELCOME!
Wheat-rye biscuit with potatoes
232 - 60м 4
Lean wheat-rye biscuit with mashed potatoes, fried with NAPA cabbage, onion, garlic, Basil and soy sauce KIKKOMAN wok. Delicious and wholesome, crispy, nice and hot, and cold.
Sourdough bread
228 - - -
A good yeast-free bread without leaven to bake. So first I want to show you how very easy it is to make the leaven of spontaneous fermentation of only two products - flour and water. This recipe allows you to get a good strong starter for baking homemade bread and other products for 5 days.
Honey-rye flatbreads
227 - 60м 8
Delicious. Quickly. Useful. Crispy, flavorful (at the stage of baking), looks nice. Perfect for morning tea, milk or coffee.
224 - 80м 5
Most is a national triangular pies Komi-Perm. They are prepared on rye flour with a filling of millet porridge with poultry.
Kulaga cherry
223 - 60м 4
Traditional Belarusian treats. Fragrant, rich, delicious pudding based on rye flour.
Lean unleavened bread "Favorite"
221 - 15м 12
Some months bake this bread. He became my favorite. Why? Because it's delicious, healthy - rich in fiber and dietary fiber, b vitamins and trace elements, is baked very quickly and this bread in the store just can not buy! The composition of the led itself, completely eliminating white refined flour, devoid of all beneficial properties. Now in the Post, I thought it would be appropriate to show the whole process of cooking. Maybe someone of you Cooks, and useful...
KARELIAN bread (the most delicious bread baked by me so far)
213 5 - -
Today this bread is considered a luxury, and it was created after the war as a wheat analogue of Borodino, from 1950 became standard and won not one gold medal. Also surprisingly tried this tasty bread and simple - easy to bake even at home! Try it - you'll be charmed!
Airy mousse of rye flour
212 5 20м 6
Traditional Estonian dessert dishes. Easy and not high in calories.
Gingerbread house
211 3 50м -
Celebratory cake. Suitable for a Christmas buffet and children's birthday party.
Bread "rustic"
210 - 30м 15
Soft, fine, fragrant bread with a crispy crust, seeds and nuts. No kneading and hassle. Baked in roaster or ovenproof pot. " Better than from the bakery! " praise him all who tried. With cheese, sausage or just sprinkled with salt butter it's perfect. You will not regret it - at first. But remember: Long-term dependence You provided!
Rye bread to yeast free sourdough
207 - 75м -
Homemade bread on a yeast-free sourdough I bake for more than a year, as soon as he learned what harm caused to our body the yeast. Since then, the homemade rye bread became a regular guest on our table!
Carrot-oat cake
205 - 120м 12
Carrot? Or oatmeal? Or carrot?... no, it's oatmeal! Ufff... All good, loved and useful, these two pies suddenly become the "theme of the season" in our house. But what to bake this time?... It's time to combine the recipes and put in doubt the point!
Rye bread for bread machine
202 5 - -
A delicious, airy bread. Recommend!
Crackers rustic
200 - - -
These crackers are not for losing weight... since in the goose fat or lard. But no eggs and almost no sugar. But they are very tasty and rassypchatyh... Offer you three options: normal, with flax seeds and sesame seeds, and sugar... But can make them quite salty and spicy...