Recipes from Juice

Salad "Hummingbird"
0.8k 5 - -
Delicious, bright salad of canned squid
Cocktail "exit to Eden"
0.7k 3 5м 2
If now the unbearable heat... make a cocktail and will be much better!!!
Cake "Monastyrskaya izba"
0.7k - 180м 5
Cake transfer "All Bodo relish!" Hello, dear Cooks! Of course, the site already has recipes of this well-known and many favorite cake, and, before I post, I certainly viewed them. But, since the same recipes were only two pages, I decided to post another :) the cake Recipe was inspired by me yesterday in the transfer "everything will be All right," today and decided, so to speak, to embody the idea into life :) All the steps are completely recorded from transmission :) This is my first recipe on your favorite website ("graze" on "the Cook" in the summer, brazenly stealing Your recipes, but registered only yesterday))) )
Liquor "Xue-Xue"
0.7k - 30м 6
In the fall I bought my husband a bottle of liquor "Xu-Xu". Liquor very much. Costs around 800 rubles. per bottle. Clever husband read the bottle and it is not the first time make the liqueur taste that surpasses the original.
0.7k 4 5м 1
Vintage Yemeni dish of fried puff pastry.
0.5k - - -
The daughter said that nothing tastes better "Snickers" did not eat. ( ( Well how is that? ( ( The grapes we have now is cheap, its nuts... decided to make her "Snickers", but only the Georgian - natural, tasty and nutritious treat. PS. Girls Georgian women (well, boys), correct, if not entirely authentic it turned out. But I tried...
Cheesecake "bounty"
487 4.5 - -
Who ate the bounty, who knows...
452 3.5 40м 2
In various Japanese restaurants one of the most my favorite dishes is "Unaju" - eel with tasty sauce on a rice pillow with scrambled eggs. A friend found the eel at an affordable price, so why not try to make the delicacy at home? Tried it, it worked! I love! Happy to share the recipe with you and offer for the contest "give me tonight"
Lenten cake with poppy seeds
404 - - -
"And we're, you know, only playing..." (C) For lovers of buns and other pastries, which at the same time, keep fasts, offer Lenten cake with poppy seeds. On "search" among vegetable muffins such is not found. So post, maybe someone will use the recipe, and the cake will taste. The recipe I adapted for the grill. But originally it for the oven.
Shrimp curry in Thai style (thai red curry prawns)
380 - 30м 4
My man traveled a lot in different countries and has one weak spot - this exotic Oriental cuisine. Than more authentic, the better. This recipe I found on the English the Internet and adapted it slightly. The dish is very delicate due to the coconut milk and has a unique delicious taste! When it is prepared easily and quickly!
Cabbage with tomatoes
318 4 - 2
Vegetable salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Blue eggs with artichoke "Metro-boulot rated-dodo"
316 - 40м 1
Once in France, the already discussed monotonous rhythm of life of the Parisians: a morning ride on the subway, all day at work, short night at home and sleep, after which the cycle repeats. French writer Pierre Bearn has given this phenomenon of urban life comprehensive definition of "Metro-boulot rated-dodo" (subway-work-sleep), which instantly became popular. But even in such a daily routine citizens find the time for a measured conversation over dinner, combining the operational issues with the pleasure of gastronomic delights. Today our lunch will be quick, easy to prepare and with a spicy dash of classic French blue cheese.
An unusual mulled wine "Heart"
315 - - -
In the cold of winter our body feels stress. And the most vulnerable at this time is the heart and blood vessels. It is necessary to maintain the body, so I suggest you drink in the style of mulled wine from products that you don't identify with the first SIP, but which are very good for the heart and blood vessels.
Cocktail a La "Daiquiri" with melon
303 4 - 2
Very fragrant, sweet alcoholic cocktail with rum.
Salad "Sea monster"
293 - - -
Here's an interesting salad, easy, delicious and unusual, I once tried in a cafe. Constituents is able to recognize and take notes))) the gas station, of course, had to pick up the taste. And the name left of the original.
Salad "Greek"
292 3 20м 4
Hardly anyone not familiar with this salad and surprise here is difficult... But I'll try. It's all about original seasoning and herbs. Based on the recipe from the restaurant William Bass company "Romashka management"
Cake "Red cat"
279 4 - -
Red Pope.. red.. red Santa became all white light!! I suggest to try this red yummy... the taste of coffee with mouth-watering ginger cottage cheese and lemon cream... because ginger oven long... and then... bake one.. have a good chunk impregnate.. smear cream... and enjoy mouth-watering flavored cakes.. which in a matter of minutes disappear with a mug of aromatic tea
Salad "Hallim"
275 - 60м -
... One morning, preparing 3автрак and a refuge from 3абвения in the fridge 3апеченный on the eve of the eggplant, I accidentally (not naroshno...) made this delicious пома3ку, which, as it turned out 3A 3автраком, ока3алась Jewish salad Hellim...
Cake "Tiger heart"
260 3 - -
how many interesting and exciting in the competition.... as soon as we did not consider our furry guest... and majestic master of the taiga... and playful, lying on the back of the tiger... and the mischievous cubs had.. even tiger hieroglyphics, the eyes and the ear was under our scrutiny.. but most importantly - the heart of the tiger.... a real mystery.. what is it? which he is the master of the coming year? predatory... uncompromising... or?.... ... NO!... he has the most amazing... tender... soft... heart... of course, in the new year, as in the tiger's heart will be good, like vanilla cakes with orange cream... there will be disappointments ... as chocolate cakes and chocolate-coffee frosting... but let the good. after all, TIGER HEART is a MIRACLE... you have to sensitively capture the beating of it... and follow its rhythm ... ... then a whole NEW YEAR in Your heart will bloom orange flowers:) for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Devonshire Apple pie
253 - 45м 4
On the website we are very fond of Apple pies, it's easy to guess at the number of recipes of these pies. Quite by chance I saw on the Internet an Apple pie from Devonshire. What I want to say a cake is not only seductive-aroma suspected, but tasty, crisp, airy and with a pronounced Apple taste. For the dough and baking takes a little time, which is very important for many of us.
Stuffed heart "Pseudo-pineapple"
251 - - -
Dark, supple meat beef heart great taste complemented by the sweet aroma of pineapple (made with zucchini). No one will know that you substituted canned pineapple for squash and enjoy the combination of sweet "Fake pineapple" meat.