Recipes from Chocolate milk

Latte (Latte macchiato)
0.8k 5 - 2
Latte (aka latte macchiato) is a milk beverage based on espresso. Prepared with foamed milk and consists of three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. It has a delicate taste of milk, served in a tall glass or Irish glass with a spoon for foam.
0.8k - 45м 5
When my daughter tried them on she said,"Wow, what a great panchitos"!!! What this means - it is not explained. Well then present to your court panchitos ;-))
Cake "The Kiss"
0.6k - 60м 10
Tasty, tender, just melts. Real kiss of a loved one.
Matzo cake
0.6k - 20м -
Very simple, quick and no baking!
Cake "Fad"
0.5k 4 40м 16
A quick but very delicious and unusual cake. Try to make and you will not regret it! All the ingredients are available.
Cheesecake "bounty"
487 4.5 - -
Who ate the bounty, who knows...
Cocktail with glaze
436 3 25м 6
Chocolate shake with chocolate icing.
Cake "Domino"
417 - - -
A birthday son baked a cake in the form of Domino! Meringue in combination with hazelnut and honey cakes - a fairy tale!
Cake "Meteorite - 2 "
410 - - -
Another flight of fancy transformed into a delicate and delicious cake, the idea of cooking which I nurtured for a whole year...
Chocolate cookies with nutmeg
407 5 60м 4
Unusual cookies in taste and color. It's worth a try!
Cake "Meteor - 3 "
402 - - -
Another author's recipe of the delicious cake.
Dessert "Shock-manzhe"
398 4.5 30м -
Chocolate Cup with brandy
Marzipan-cheeky Pets
393 3 20м -
Wanted to make anything sweet roses. Marzipan being sold by us, never herself did not cook... food in the house... at least the food Dyes I have. Of provisions still left...
Dessert "Pavlova"
392 5 120м 10
"Pavlova" is a traditional Australian and new Zealand dessert. It is prepared and served at every occasion including weddings, engagements and other family events. Like any popular dish, this dessert has many variations. Dessert "Pavlova" is made in all the large restaurants in the world, it adorns the tables of the most fashionable cafes. In 1926, the great Russian ballerina, toured Australia and New Zealand, presenting its dance of local people and long remained in their memory. Australian Herbert Sachs, the chef of the hotel "Esplanade" invented this dessert in 1935 and named it in honor of Pavlova. Four years after the death of a ballerina. Now the words "the Pavlova cake" is understandable to all and the exact cause of the Association, as is still the word "pizza". Only the accent English people put all the wrong places, "On". Little bit sorry about the ballerina know not all now...
Cake "milk"
381 3 45м 10
If you love bananas, chocolate and nuts - this cake will become your favorite dish! On German cooking sites grazing many of these "dear", but I think my version you like, because it is proven!
Cake "Trufle"
371 - - -
Hello everybody! Want to start your week with this delicious cake. The recipe I found on the net. Thanks to the author EVA. It's just fabulously delicious. And for chocolate lovers cakes – just Sokoban, truffle madness. Because the structure he has buttery-chocolate, like a real truffle. The cake just melts in your mouth. It want to eat more and more. I was told that it's just chocolate in chocolate. And mind you, the cake is done without a single gram flour!!!
368 - - 8
Japan. Country, able to defeat the Europeans in a true ideological shock. Although we are familiar with karaoke, origami, ikebana, anime, sushi, sake, but EVERYTHING is different: the attitude, the clothes, customs, lifestyles, home furnishings... and, of course, food. I walked around this recipe for several years. That was his hour, or even day. I selected a whole folder of recipes and methods for making mochi. For the ordinary Japanese is a very easy recipe, especially because it is based on, pasta, you can just buy at the store, you can make the most from a special flour made from glutinous rice, special varieties of mochigome. But for me it was a real culinary adventure with many interesting stops. If you are interested, please ... To begin with, that is a classic paste for mochi beat burly men with wooden hammers in a wooden mortar, where they grind the steamed rice grain, mochigome. But...
Muesli Swiss with whipped cream
363 - 40м 3
It's incredibly tasty, as useful and just a very "beautiful muesli"! Cereal, fresh juice, fruit, whipped cream, and it's not the whole delicious set of products... If it will be the first muesli that you try, you will fall in love with them forever! For the recipe thank charming Julia Vysotskaya! Help yourself!
Muscovy cake "Beautiful dream"
345 - 120м 12
Light cake with berry mousse and hazelnut cake. A wonderful option to please your guests or myself and remember the summer at any time of the year! Sweet-and-sour taste of refreshing berry mousse gives vitamins, walnut cake does not leave hungry!
Cake "Pancho"
339 5 - -
A lot of different similar and dissimilar recipes browse the Internet from me here - a large number of cream!!!
Coffee “Mocha cloud”
337 4 15м 5
Natural coffee prepared at home is not very much, so prepare this coffee masterpiece with soluble (Nescafe is best suited). But it's a matter of taste - in any case, the drink will be excellent.