Recipes from Vinegar essence

Salad "Nine"
1.6k 5 90м -
I want to offer you a very tasty salad for the winter. There is a salad "Ten", but mine is a little different. Come, see. It is very tasty and quickly prepared.
Harvesting of tomatoes "Devil"
0.8k - - -
Well, I decided to put my prescription blanks from pomidoor. I was looking for the ingredients and the name, such is not found. I advise you not to pass this recipe to all lovers of domestic preparations!
Soup for the winter in the Bank ", the Storeroom of the sun"
0.5k - 150м -
The harvest season and preparations for the winter is in full swing, so, dear cooks, I want to share with you another recipe of canned soup. This blank soup can save you time and effort and favorite to feed the family a delicious lunch.
Salad of sprouted Masha "Tergum-Cha"
394 - - -
Tergum-Cha - Korean salad from sprouted Masha. Needless to say, he is insanely useful. There's a huge number of vitamins and minerals, and, moreover, it is very tasty. How to sprout beans and cook this salad and not only that, I will tell you today.
391 - - -
This is not an original recipe of the famous Tatar pie. And adapted to the tastes of our family meat pie. And since this cake is popular not only among my family members, but the regular recipe is overwritten guests, neighbors - who still managed to eat of this pie. I decided to your own risk - to put your option on the cook. Recipes cubeta here a lot and they like each other, yet a little different, there are differences. So I hope that my recipe will be useful to someone.
Pickles "Mom"
295 3 - -
They're so delicious and crispy! Thank you mom, learn to make vegetables a fairy tale.
Heh fish
293 - 240м 6
For thrill-seekers want to cook this dish. This cooking method is also suitable for any bases of salad (asparagus, chicken navel, stomach, meat, etc.)
Radish salad
287 4 25м -
Slightly tangy radish salad for lovers of Korean cuisine.
Salad "Three friends"
275 - 60м -
The role of the three friends - tomato, cucumber and pepper. There is also a bow, but he's evil and they are not friends... just kidding! All perfectly combined into one delicious company. During the fast, open a jar of this salad to boiled potatoes - already the tale, and even meat or fish - no words. I suggest You make such a blank and in the winter to enjoy.
Chard for the winter
254 - 40м -
Homework always come to the rescue. Offer novice cooks to not be afraid and engage in conservation. Today will be able to prepare the chard, two different recipe, both easy and understandable. And in the winter, cook the broth of potatoes, You will add the jar and you will hear at the table "Wow, summer soup! Where?!" or served with grilled chicken marinated stalks and again praise. And what else should a woman making the first steps in the kitchen... good Luck, dear.
Soup for the winter "Country"
253 - - -
Hi! Offer another preparation for winter - easy vegetable soup that is wonderful will save you time in everyday work and variety to your table. The author of the recipe Nina Strekalovskaya, "Recipes for an Encore".
The dough for pasties "Favorite hrustic"
209 - - -
Honestly, look through all the recipes pasties... Pasties with this test for many years my mom does, well, accordingly, now I am! The dough will be very elastic, after frying it becomes very crispy!
Salad "Great taste" or squash Lecho
209 - - -
Want to share a recipe for a tasty salad for the winter. It tastes very similar to kefir, only the main ingredient in it is not bell peppers, and zucchini.
191 5 30м 10
I can always just cucumbers for this recipe, like, even those who don't like pickles - similar to salt.
Pickled plum
178 3 - -
Also from the Azerbaijani cuisine. Very interesting zagotovochka obtained. Plums are very tasty, spicy and not too salty.
Appetizer-processing "Night shift"
169 - 150м -
Where did the name of this snack – I'll never know, and even in what direction to think.... And therefore, let all remain, and this pain in the ass will be on the conscience of the author. In principle this is a ready snack. You can eat cold, you can heat, and I cook from the soup.
Pickled pearl onions
166 - - -
Of a bow, of course, you can buy in the supermarket. But much nicer things to cook for myself! And budget, of course.
Carrots in Korean nekuracka
163 - 60м 1
Carrots in Korean "nekuracka". This dish was invented ethnic Koreans who lived in the Soviet Union, but since the stock was not daikon and Chinese cabbage, then replaced the classic ingredients for normal domestic carrot with spices. This recipe I like the most, it's a combination. Preparing a carrot quite often, and at the festive table, and on weekdays. The composition is simple, requires no cooking skills. This recipe has long shared with my sister, and she is an expert on cooking business.
160 4 - -
Kozuli — ceremonial cookies made from wheat or rye flour, often in the form of sheep, cows, horses. Goat gifts caroling, family, fertility pills they were fed to livestock, used as a talisman for the barn and stables. In addition, ROE was used for the Christmas divination. One of the carols is: "Us is not the way Chara green wine, And we not road Bratina the beer drunk, the Way we kozeletska Christmas". For the contest "new year tastes of the planet."
Carp in Korean
154 - 60м -
Carp is one of the most delicious river fish. Cook him a savoury snack, it's easy and delicious. Fans of Korean flavors, help yourself.
Cucumbers "Drunk"
151 - - -
I want to share with You the recipe of pickled cucumbers with vodka. Very tasty!!! Try it!