Recipes from Oregano

1k 4.5 120м 6
Karachai soup, perfect for a feast with the family on cold winter days)))) For lovers of lamb and for those who don't know how delicious it is ))))
Potatoes on the holiday table
0.7k - 60м 6
No party or meal is complete without potatoes. I want to offer you a very fragrant and tasty potatoes. Unusual submission will decorate your festive table. Serve potatoes and any dish out of it, just before eating, so it was hot. The flavors and the melted cheese will captivate you.
Pizza Mario
0.6k 4.5 60м 12
Learned to cook this pizza at this Italian.
Greek meatballs in the oven "Bifteki"
0.5k - - -
Once my family asked me: "what do we have for lunch today?" - "Tonight, we will eat Russian burgers," I replied. - "Chops? What is it? - "Cutlets are fried pieces of minced meat". The next question I was somewhat discouraged... "But what do they smell?"- "Well, measom, a little garlic and onions." - "???" - "all".- "Well, then it's tasteless". Here's a funny dialogue. You want to offer traditional Greek aromatic analogue, which is prepared in the oven.
"Gifts of autumn"
492 5 40м 8
Autumn is a rich time of year - hence the "Bright mood"! The beautiful pumpkin is perfect for cooking many dishes, and I liked that.
Dried caramelized garlic drain shelf
400 - - -
Accidentally stumbled upon this recipe online and couldn't pass by, the benefit of now draining the sea and I love to experiment. Compared with sun-dried tomatoes, plums are cooked much faster, and the taste, perhaps, win. For the recipe thank the author - Valery Yatsenko.
Pickled fish "guttersnipe"
398 - 2160м 30
Easy appetizer of cheap fish, which in Greek is called "Gavres". Other names: anchovy, anchovy. Fish is always sold fresh! Having in the fridge for a snack, you are hard to surprise. Great for strong drinks.
Slices of Turkey breast cooked in Italian
382 - 30м 3
This dish is very simple and quickly prepared from the pulp of Turkey, chicken or other pieces of"scraps" of meat in a very tasty sauce, in a very short time. To tell stories for a long time I will not go and try... the Result is this recipe, I just conquered the speed, simplicity and deliciousness! Loved it all, from small to large.
Meatballs with rice in sweet and sour sauce
361 - 60м -
This is a simple dish wand wand for me, working women, and for my family that loves to eat! Preparing quick, tasty, readily available from the usual ingredients, and looks delicious! We love you!
336 4 - -
Kalia is a Tatar national dish, we can say 2-in-1, as obtained from two dishes: the hot broth and meat snack which can be served both hot and cold. Traditionally this dish we have a mom, so this time was no exception))) In the pictures handle my mom))) the contest "a Journey through old recipes".
Meat lasagna
333 3.5 60м 6
A classic recipe of Italian cuisine "Lasagna" stuffed with meat
Juicy chicken baked in the oven
315 - 120м 6
What turned out tender and flavorful chicken, not to transfer. Couldn't wait for it to cook to try. A bunch of different spices and herbs in addition to soy sauce made the chicken incredibly tasty and juicy.
Mexican spicy rice
305 - 30м 4
It is an aromatic rice with Mexican spices that is traditionally served with fajitas with sour cream, paste of black bean sauce and Pico de Gallo. However, this figure can be used as a separate side dish.
Chicken with prunes and rice
304 4 90м 6
Delicious, beautiful and simply unbeatable Kura!!!
Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian
301 - 40м 2
Do you think that stuffed cabbage is a Ukrainian dish? Not at all! Roulades or rolls of cabbage familiar to all Europe! Just they are all prepared differently, with the national, so to speak, "highlight".
Fried calamari
300 3 20м 10
Very tasty and quick recipe of cooking squid
Potato salad
297 5 10м -
Very light salad, despite the fact that the main ingredient is potatoes. Great snack in the summer heat.
Mushroom soup
297 3 30м 3
light soup, prepared quickly, eaten quickly also!!!
297 - 60м 6
Traditional Chinese dish Cianci very tasty! On the website there are variants of the recipe, but my ingredients are a little different. And I would recommend all-taki to prepare Cianci with Chinese seasoning "Malesani" because it is an integral part of this dish. The Chinese put it everywhere you can, and Cianci no exception. You can buy it in any supermarket in the Department of Sino-Japanese products.)
Marinated duck breast
295 3.5 180м 1
Suitable for festive table, and the sandwiches in the morning...
295 - 50м 4
Albondigas (accent on the letter "o") thick vegetable soup with meatballs. It's a Spanish or Mexican dish. The taste is very intense: spicy-hot, just what you need in the cold season. The dish is hearty, think, love your family and friends.