Recipes from Plum

0.7k 4.1 - -
Tkemali - Georgian condiment, which is served with meat, add in soups. It can be served with sausages, to fish. Very tasty, flavorful and healthy salad!
Fish with stuffing in the dough and garnish the truffles
278 5 150м -
Fish in the test remains juicy and tender. About the mushrooms: in Azerbaijan grow only in one region, ate for the first time, delicious, tender mushrooms.
Petey in Sheki
267 4.3 240м 3
Petey-the national soup. Rich, delicious, aromatic, without problems. There is Piti in Baku, but... tonight isn't about him.
244 5 60м 6
The first Azerbaijani national dish.
235 - 150м 1
In each country, you can taste the national dish, which then fall in love with the first spoon! Petey - Azerbaijan national soup of mutton (brisket) cooked in clay pots in the oven. Petey - the dish is hearty, delicious, insanely flavorful. I suggest You to be in the glorious city of winds - Baku, and to taste national dishes!
211 - 480м 20
A recipe of one of my Board books of Elder hankishieva. This fragrant and very unusual soup - "timeless classics of the East". It is cooked in ceramic pots. My pot was busy "Moonshine". Therefore, cooked in a saucepan.
Plum-universal seasoning
204 3 60м -
I also will add their imagination on the seasoning! Soon in Latvia will be ripe plum. I was in a distant Soviet era of empty shelves from a friend received a jar of cooked pureed plum. Necessity is the mother of invention! See the recipe.
Compote of apples and plums "August"
200 - 18м 20
Stay in the kitchen in the midst of a hot summer for many the real test... I Suggest a quick recipe of compote, which minimizes the cooking time and, hence, the extra heat in the kitchen! The compote is ready for use immediately, without a long Asturiana. And yet, at the same time retain the useful properties of fruits and their taste!
191 - - -
On the territory of Azerbaijan is home to many nationalities and every nation has its own original dishes. In the South of the country in the Lenkoran Talysh live, the most popular dish of these people have Lavangi (stuffed fish or chicken).
Sauce "Asparagus"
183 - - -
The plum sauce for the fried potatoes, poultry, roasted or boiled! After tasting this sauce once, after him no one refuses!
Hadia ASHI-soup with cereals
181 - - -
Hadia ASHI is the Azerbaijani dish made from different grains. Free translation of this dish - "soup gift". Azerbaijani customs this soup cooks the grandmother of the child who came first tooth=)) and give it to the neighbors so that the teeth cut through easily and without pain=)) Well, of course, this soup can be prepared and just. It is very hearty and healthy=) Well, if you make fries for a soup without oil, it will be a great diet dish
Sauce plum
179 - 60м 1
This sauce was prepared from the remaining plums from sokovarki. It is a pity to throw away such yummy, so I made everything to save, and here's what happened...
Appetizer with vodka
170 4.5 30м -
Sweet-and-savory... fragrant acusonic.
Snack "Rainbow"
163 3 25м -
A storehouse of vitamins!
Young tkemali
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Young - similar to wine, i.e. as a young wine. Tkemali is done in the spring, early summer, when the period has ended and the new is still too early to do that. It is done not for storage and for quick use, therefore, is done quickly, in small quantities and easily :-)
Watermelon jelly with plums and blueberries
159 - 30м -
In 1980, a nice old woman gave me to read a cookbook, released in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Among the dishes I noticed the prologue to the cooking jelly. It was a lot of information about the use of this product, but I was interested in the entry of the Charter of the nutrition Institute for noble maidens: "In the hot months of the year it is strictly forbidden to water the ladies with kvass and compote. That ladies did not sweat and frequent washing... walking in To the application rely jelly. In these or add blueberries for the eyes brightness and accuracy of vision." I tried to cook according to the proposed recipe of watermelon jelly with the addition of plum and blueberry. Since summer is one of my favorite drinks. Plum gives the drink a light acidity, and honey replaces sugar. Jelly are we cooking liquid for drinking and a thick for dessert. We get 1 liter of drinking jelly and 600 ml thick. The author has offered to cook the starch composition of various products: rhubarb, potatoes, oats... I liked the option for the corn starch. For those who don't like jelly, we'll make jelly.
Tkemali in my opinion and side of the workpiece
158 - - -
Tkemali want? And the concentrated juice of cherry plum? A light jam from it? And all at once? Then you just here! Yes, I know that recipes asparagus here we have a lot, but dare to put your option, although initially just wanted to add to the diaries. Now, judging from the experience of my accident Satsebeli, I will break the chain a whole herd of true connoisseurs of all subtleties of preparation of the Georgian sauce, which live in all corners of our vast country and abroad. Just specify that my recipe is not a dogma, but merely my version, which is like my family and I are not going to change and something to add to it. I want to share with those who're really interested. And connoisseurs can proudly striding by, along with his skepticism. Many years of life in the North Caucasus, the knowledge of this flavor of plum sauce and taste my family brought me here for such a symbiosis of the recipes. There will not be the exact number of ingredients, here is the idea, the melody of the recipe, my secrets... the result of the above will be delicious thick sauce that you can taste the infinite, already adjusting to your taste, adding and removing all that like it or not. Yes, not afraid of the fact that a lot of beeches: is easier than to describe.
152 3.5 60м 4
Pumpkin stuffed.
Sauce "Asparagus"
150 - - -
Every cook your recipe! I long thought, whether to adjust their own, he is very, very similar to a recipe IZUMPUD, but still a little different. And I think, more than fast... so took a chance.
The sauce in the pot
149 3 200м 4
Nothing new, as usually prepared sauce, but decided to cook in clay pots in the oven. Because of this, changing the taste of the dish.
Squash sticks with pineapple flavor
147 5 - -
Very tasty, especially in winter