Recipes from Cheese

0.8k 3.5 - 18
Wanted to cook khachapuri :) but a fantasy played out :) and stuffing the cheese went the contents of the refrigerator :):):) turned out very edible!:)
Salad "Makovka"
0.6k - - -
Delicious, fresh, little salad.
Mackerel "goldfish"
0.6k - - -
I'm not a big fan of fish, but this fish led me to a complete delight! I'm a little language is not swallowed, and the second half with great pleasure enjoyed "goldfish". The details of the recipe below won't regret it! The contest "give me tonight".
Salad "Wheel of fortune"
0.6k - - -
Well, VERY tasty salad!
Appetizer "a Coach for Cinderella"
494 4 10м 1
Festive children's snack
Pizza soup
492 - 40м 4
Very tasty, unusual, and most importantly - fast! Your participation - at least. The soup is very rich, with a pleasant mild spicy flavor. Hearty. You will like it!
Snack cake "Napoleon"
425 5 - -
Edible and very good! Salty cake.
Salad with squid-2
376 3 - -
The dish is a squid in this salad, add more cheese and garlic and don't use the potato, the taste is spicy.
362 - 15м 3
Easily and quickly, for lovers of beer. Fried seafood and fried potatoes with celery stalks, spread soft cheese with herbs.
Super Sandwich
351 3 - 1
This sandwich is not very difficult. The main thing is that You have a good mood.
Hot sandwiches "Exotic" in grills
351 - 15м 2
In the gloomy autumn morning treat yourself and your loved ones hot exotic sandwiches that will lift your mood for the day! However, why only in the morning for Breakfast? Sandwiches "Exotic" you can have a snack at any time of the day. And can even offer their unexpected guests. Sandwiches are easy to prepare. And eaten... eaten so that you won't have time to blink))
Fast fondue with vegetables
341 - - 6
Fast fondue with cauliflower and small potatoes from Hochland.
Pepper "hoarder" almost French
338 - 80м 6
Very tasty dish, but economical, so called "hoarder". But almost in French because the basis is taken and reworked the recipe for pepper in French (can't remember what forum).
Potato soup with mushrooms
334 - 45м 8
Delicious soup)
"Herringbone" for appetizer
331 - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
Meat from Farther
330 - 30м 2
Today, I want You to treat very simple and tasty meat. Prepares portions. The dish is served in the restaurant, as Belarusian. And the name says))) I have this recipe called "meat". This is good, just. Try.
Salad "Snowman"
326 - - -
The salad is made a figure of a snowman.
Cheese soup
320 - 45м 4
Vegetable soup with cheese flavor and hints of soy sauce. A great variety to your diet.
Salad "the Flower from the bottom of the sea"
313 5 - -
Fritters in the role of outlandish shells, and the red fish is our flower :) the Leaves are lettuce - waves of the sea... mmmm... summer is coming... soon the sea :))) I'll Try to participate in the competition "Scarlett March 8" :)
Roll "tricks of Hanami"
311 5 80м 8
Fragrant, delicate hanuschik (rolls) of the softest dough with minced meat... framed... vegetables stewed in a creamy sour cream dressing... absorbed all the smells and the tastes... are incredible, just the most tender and tasty!!!
Sushi in Russian
302 3 10м 10
Delicious rolls.