Recipes from Seeds

0.9k 5 20м -
Gabetta is quite bland in taste, but it does not spoil its taste, very good for morning Breakfast. Crispy crust, tender crumb. Not long further ADO, you can spread butter with cheese or flavored, your favorite fruit jam. And it is possible to eat with the first or second dishes as bread. Recipe taken from the Internet.
Salad "2 minutes"
459 - 5м 2
Why two? Yes, so many need to be cut. Fresh, basic and extremely healthy salad for your dinner's ready!
Is eaten this way
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Don't know what to call it. It's the seasoning, and a separate dish. Everyone will be able to cook and be creative. No particular proportions, you can cook to your liking. Here is the approximate proportion of.
Cake with white chocolate and nuts
277 - 70м 8
24 th my girlfriend in the Ukraine birthday. She loves baking all sorts of Goodies, so I bought her a gift book. Well, a boy drops a book with recipes, anything from it is not preparing? So I could not resist and, of course, prepared. It turned out very delicious cake. A variation of the classic recipe in which nuts and chocolate stacked into a thick, syrupy filling. (Description from the book.)
Cold soup "Spring breeze"
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Light delicate soup, with the smell of freshness of spring, tender greens and herbs. An excellent replacement for hot soups in the summer. And a wonderful main dish for a spring discharge.
Easter tri-color
183 5 - -
Very tasty Easter. Recipe found in the Internet, but did, and so would have made three different Easter. Thank you to those whose recipes I have used.
The sourdough bread
180 4.5 - -
I want to offer one more recipe bread. He may not be for beginners, although... we all once something started. So...
Salad "the Dream mistress"
172 - 20м 3
What easy to cook in a festive spring day? To make a delicious salad of fresh vegetables, juicy kiwi and spicy dressing (just don't overdo it with the garlic and salt!). Call family to the table and wish them a "Bon appetite!".
Bread "Family"
146 4 - -
Crisp and lightweight sunflower and honey aroma.
Bread with flower pollen
146 - - -
For the bread machine. The week was surfing the web and as always it turns out - looking for one thing and find another. So do I He saw a bread recipe in which you added the pollen. I read the recipe, nothing complicated there, so I thought: why not!!?? Pollen the house(and in granules and liquid), bought something, wanted to give their children (after all, it is VERY useful), but..... as always - but. The kids didn't want it to eat, because the taste is not very tasty. And then just kill two birds with one stone. And the bread we eat (especially - he of the three types of flour), and the pollen is not lost. The bread turned out delicious, the pollen (though its there a little) gave the bread a faint bitterness, but this bitterness gave the bread flavor. Recipe converted into a LG stove (and removed some of the ingredients), but below I will write the original recipe.
Salad with avocado and quail eggs
140 - 40м 4
Made spring, a light salad with avocado and quail eggs, a nice sour yogurt dressing with mustard and liquid honey to balance the taste. All this sprinkled with pine nuts and a mixture of different seeds. That was not advertising, do not call the firm that produces similar compounds, but it's nice that our producers have started to please their customers.
Rabbit sauce
138 3 120м 5
My mother in law lives in the village and there are breeds of rabbits. Therefore, the rabbit is a common dish on my table :)Here's one way of making it...
Very cheesy quiche "easy"
138 4 - -
Long ago something wasn't cheese... corrected!! Without cheese, I just can not live (and not just me). It is my firm belief that the more CHEESE the better!!! This a great idea and I will develop :) I Suggest you another cheesy deliciousness. Everything is simple and fast to ugliness, but also delicious! Try it, you will not regret!
Cherry-Apple pie"Snails"
137 3 180м 8
Sweet, tasty, setnence... for long winter evenings with a Cup of tea.
137 5 20м 50
It seems nothing special, but vkusnoteevo
Pie "Kikkoman"
136 - 60м 4
Dear cooks. I want to present to your attention a wonderful orange cake. Why Kikkomania? Because Kikkoman has become the inspiration, the Muse for this recipe. I considered a bottle of TM Kikkoman. Light green and yellow-orange letters on a perfect shape bottle, with a dark, rich soy sauce. I decided to do orange on top and light green to put inside. And the soy taste is present everywhere. The cake turned out perfect. He is not only bright and beautiful but also insanely delicious. Crispy crust that keeps the filling juicy, perfect for pies, which can take on a picnic.
Salad of chilled salmon
133 3.5 30м 8
This salad I saw in the program "Culinary duel", really liked it. Quickly and delicious.
Cakes Holiday
132 3 60м -
Meat balls coated in sesame seeds.
Sea salad with pasta "Rainbow"
127 3 10м 2
Do you love salads? And sea salads? A multicomponent salads and quick to prepare? Then this salad is for You! Use your combinations of products and enjoy your creativity! Cook it with Scarlett March 8!
Pie "Love"
126 - 1м 7
The main feature of this cake is that the composition has a sea-buckthorn, nuts and pumpkin seeds.
Vegetable strudel with onion stuffing
126 - - -
My family love this loaf! And because it is prepared without eggs and milk, I want to share with my fasting friends! The only deviation from the post in my roll - it's a cheese crust on top, but cheese can be replaced with some seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax) or Mac, or even top no cover! Go get it!