Recipes from Melon

Fruit graten
351 - 15м -
Fruit dessert that is served hot. For a basis I took French orange graten, adding to the recipe notes of soy sauce and slices of papaya (melon). Here, soy sauce is well blended into the sweet fruit and creamy tones. Colorful dessert will brighten gloomy autumn days.
Milkshake "collective Farm in Bali"
337 - 5м 2
They say there is a silver lining. Bought a melon - "farmers ", cut... and complete disappointment: juicy, flavorful, but not sweet... Tried it, got upset and put it in the fridge. But here's the Epiphany: to make a cocktail. The result exceeded all expectations! By the way, the cocktail can be made without alcohol, it's still delicious.
Salad "Rubik's Cube"
317 - - 2
Suggest you try a delicious, easy fruit salad. Easily prepared, available ingredients and original design. Help yourself!
"Sailing" from melon and watermelon
246 3 - -
The idea of this design seen in some magazine a long time ago. Here, finally brought it to life with their additions.
Two dessert of melon, watermelon and soufflé chocolate
241 5 30м 2
This unusual dessert will surprise both adults and children. Will perfectly complement a festive dinner.
Cocktail oatmeal-melon
241 - 20м 2
Offer another option delicious, juicy and nutritious cocktail of melon and cereal from "Mistral".
The "flowers" of the melon
240 4 30м -
Decoration of melon.
Salad "Melon basket"
236 5 20м 2
Summer fresh salad in a beautiful bowl of melon. Previously submitted so the fruit salad, today experimented with chicken... Turned out elegant and appetizing, the taste is a bit exotic, sweet, fresh, but I really liked it. Help yourself!!!
192 5 60м -
Melon and again, and again CARVING)))
Pickled cucumbers "Oboldennye"
183 - 60м 5
Fans of the unconventional offer to roll up a few jars to sample. Sweet and sour, with a delightful melon scent and a thin, faint Basil notes.
Dessert "Fragrant melon"
178 3 - -
For fans of sorbet, and not only... Fragrant sorbet of melon with a delicate "ice cream" and chocolate cherry layer, it's so delicious that you can eat endlessly. Cooked very easy and the products always at hand, one has only to have patience and not to eat in the form of a cocktail, not waiting until hardens.
Cupcake with melon and agave nectar
175 - 60м 10
I would like to dedicate this recipe Masha Maraki84, which was published a few months ago the recipe for melon Kaka. The idea of using melons in the cakes I liked, I began to experiment and created my own recipe of a completely new and unusual. The taste and aroma of agave nectar perfectly balanced with melon, and the texture of the cake turns out so light and crumbly that I want to eat it again and again.
"Flaming cocktail" of melon
174 5 - -
Exotic. This cocktail is dedicated to my friend OKSANA (OK-71 ), in honor of her birthday 01 July.
Melon smoothie with a banana
168 - 25м 5
Very tasty, healthy and flavorful smoothie.
"Pineapple" of the melon
167 3 - -
Melon Cup
166 5 - -
Fragrant delicate flavor
Fruit smoothie-berry
161 - 7м 1
Very tasty drink smoothie cocktail. We are always stocking up on summer berries for the winter. And if You tried to freeze melon? It happens when we buy a melon, it is not very sweet but flavorful! Suggest to freeze and make delicious drinks in the winter! In General, you can add anything you want!
Melon jam with star anise
157 - - -
A delicious marmalade with pieces and rich flavor of sweet melon, and subtle anise flavor. Recipe Nicky Belotserkovsky.
Refreshing gazpacho of melon
151 - 45м 4
This is quite an unusual soup with sweet and salty taste-based, like all soups, gazpacho, three ingredients – bread, garlic and olive oil. The sweetness of the melon it softens the salty sun-dried tomatoes, and vinegar and lemon juice add brightness. This soup is served very cold as an entree or in a little glass as an amuse bouche (small appetizer served before the main snacks, literally "entertainment for the mouth"). If you like the combination of melon and cured meat, you'll like this soup.
"The candlestick" of the melon
148 4 - -
For a romantic evening
Smoothie "Magical flower"
146 - - -
This is indeed a magical flower that attracts and fascinates the smell of fruits and berries, as well as their divine taste! The contest "Tired sun" bar "Virtual drink".