Recipes from Oat flakes

Oatmeal cookies with sesame and flax
1.2k - - -
Healthy and delicious cookies, besides being prepared quickly and easily.
Oatmeal with young cabbage
1.1k - - -
Savoury and very tasty version of oatmeal. Even for Breakfast, even for dinner! And a bit of history of the phrase "Oatmeal, sir!"
Salad "Beauty"
0.9k 4 15м 3
If Breakfast this salad every day, the skin will become soft and velvety.
Biscuits of bread crumbs
0.8k - - -
The bread – to all a head! And versatile ingredient in the kitchen in any form. What we usually do with bread crumbs? The breadcrumbs in the meatballs... let's bake cookies! It is crunchy and can be varied! And if you remove some of the "bells and whistles" like nuts, chocolate - get economical option "for all occasions". Go!
Night oatmeal in a jar
0.8k 5 10м 2
Offer to cook a very healthy Breakfast – lazy oatmeal in the Bank. Such a Breakfast is done in the evening: put into the fridge for the whole night and in the morning prepared Breakfast. Berries and dried fruits you can take any, you can add nuts and coconut. Yogurt can replace milk or yogurt. This is a great Breakfast for those who in the morning have little time or do not want to cook.
Pork wassce
0.7k - - -
I do not know how anyone, but my husband loves grilled meat, but rarely gets it))) Just as holiday meals! Romantic dinner - just the case - I cooked the pork in wassce, with a few additions-changed the third. Dish Hungarian cuisine. The meat is tender and juicy with meat flavor, not clogged with marinade and spices is loved very much. Try? Favorite to share!)))
Cake with oatmeal and acidophilus
0.7k - 20м -
Saw this recipe in a TV show. Decided to try to cook, but since the exact proportions did not know, did everything by eye. For Breakfast only, so ate)and a Great hearty and healthy option for Breakfast instead of pechenyuzhek (very satisfying)for both adults and children who cannot stand oatmeal as cereal. There is a minimum of sugar! (so who likes sweeter-add separately)
Unleavened bread made in a slow cooker
0.7k - 60м 1
Bread does not contain yeast, fat, eggs, sugar - therefore suitable for those who loses weight and not only.
Oatmeal drinking
0.7k - 15м 2
And not to have our porridge? This is no joke! How to persuade your child to eat healthy porridge? To represent it in the form of a cocktail! I invite you to try tasty and healthy porridge prepared with whole grain rolled oats Extra from TM Mistral, with the addition of yogurt and cherries. Such a mess you can give the baby to school with you, pack it in a jar with secure lid.
Muesli Swiss with whipped cream
0.7k - 40м 3
It's incredibly tasty, as useful and just a very "beautiful muesli"! Cereal, fresh juice, fruit, whipped cream, and it's not the whole delicious set of products... If it will be the first muesli that you try, you will fall in love with them forever! For the recipe thank charming Julia Vysotskaya! Help yourself!
Oat cupcake with cherries in a slow cooker
0.7k - 20м 8
Very tasty, sweet oat cupcake with cherry without flour in slow cooker.
Lenten oatmeal cookies
0.6k - 50м 4
With carrot))) and Apple. Since childhood I love oatmeal cookies. And now very often doing it well have nothing to do. Offer You one of the options)
Chocolate osamabin with a banana
0.6k - 15м 1
Today I will tell you how to cook chocolate osamabin with a banana. This is a very tasty, quick and healthy Breakfast of oatmeal. The taste of this oatmeal pancake can be changed every day, you can add berries and fruits. This oatmeal pancake, you can do sweet: remove cocoa and add cheese, ham or herbs.
Fish-lentil meatballs
0.6k - - -
For a variety of fish menu will fit these meatballs, which are quite self-sufficient and do not require a side dish. It is possible to apply only a light vegetable salad.
Pie "Health"
0.6k - 60м -
Plain, bulk cake. The recipe is very simple, with minimum ingredients and is suitable for fasting, so for those who are "not all". It can seriously help out when among your guests there are people with limitations, and entertain want.
Energy bars with cranberries
0.6k - 30м 12
Energy bars. Extremely tasty, with a pronounced honey-nutty flavor, toasted oats and sour cranberry bars, perfect snack and a great replacement for the purchase bars, which are not cheap! They can be made from almost any mix of nuts and dried fruits that you prefer and love, and most importantly - it's very simple and affordable!
Cake "Potatoes" cereal
0.6k - - -
Bright and productive start to the day with a healthy and delicious Breakfast, thanks to the useful option of cake "Potatoes" - cottage cheese and oat flakes TM "Mistral".
Porridge "Good morning"
0.6k - 15м 2
Think about the benefits of oatmeal not only knows every Englishman). I really love this cereal with milk, but in the post there are lots of options for delicious cooking. The recipe is simple, but indispensable for a meatless Breakfast.
Cherry yogurt brownies
0.6k - - 6
Refreshing, bright, delicious and delicate cakes! Children and adults who are watching their figures, I recommend!
Night oatmeal "Mocha"
0.6k - 10м 2
Night oatmeal is a convenient way of cooking Breakfast. Just enough in the evening to mix the ingredients and clean up the oatmeal in the fridge until morning. I suggest to try the oatmeal with the taste "Mocha" is the porridge and coffee "in one". All simple, but tasty and impressive!
Cocktail oatmeal-melon
0.5k - 20м 2
Offer another option delicious, juicy and nutritious cocktail of melon and cereal from "Mistral".