Recipes from Pineapple

Salad "777 "
1.4k 5 30м 6
Very interesting chicken salad, although the list of ingredients and say. Taken from the menu of the café. Before you met me it was one of the two most favorite salads my husband (now he has dozens of them... ), but this remains in the forefront. Easy, beautiful and delicious!
Salad "Lambada"
0.9k 3 30м 6
A wonderful combination of mushrooms, chicken and canned pineapple.
Salad "Spanish rose"
0.9k - 30м 10
I don't know why the salad is called ""Spanish rose", but I strongly suspect that because of a distant resemblance with this noble flower. But I know for sure - the salad is very tasty. A combination of chicken-pineapple-cheese can be considered a classic of the genre. And at the same time it will satisfy even those who are not a connoisseur of "sweet" meat (to this fellow I am). It turns out very tender, juicy and quick.
Salad "over the rainbow"
0.8k - 40м 8
Very tasty, colourful and unusual salad on the holiday table
Salad "champagne"
0.7k - 1м -
The recipe for this salad was shared with me a friend about 2 years ago and it has become part of our family. The salad is simple to prepare, but is very gentle and, in my opinion, very tasty! When throwing with a husband "dinner" I often cook it. Try it!
Salad "Breeze"
0.7k - - -
This recipe was posted on the website in 2008 by user aset called salad "Breeze" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring"
0.5k - 45м -
It is the national dish of Indian cuisine, sometimes you want to try to cook something sort overseas, but that is not very sophisticated and available, it is possible to prepare Pello, because the combination of rice, pineapple and pork with seasonings, baked in the oven, it turns out very interesting and tasty dish.
Salad "Tropics"
0.5k - 30м 6
A salad recipe with that name for quite a long time shared with me mother. I have an amazing woman! At 54 she is full of energy, enthusiasm, humor, and easy going. One evening she and dad holding hands returned from the theater (catch all that in my youth there was no time and opportunities) and decided to go eat. Mom ordered this salad and since then prepares it at home, as I do for all holidays. I like that the salad is placed in layers and long enough has an aesthetic appearance, and the presence of my favorite cashew nuts.
Festive salad
430 - - 8
Chicken salad with pineapple and cheese has a very unusual taste. The combination of chicken with sweet pineapple and salty cheese gives the salad a touch of the exotic. This salad is always on our table at family celebrations and holidays. This time the salad was prepared on the occasion of the anniversary of our wedding. And, of course, not only salad, but the roll with the spicy crust and the cake with poppy seeds...
Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce
393 - 60м 4
Delicious and intricate version of the feeder fish on the festive table. Guests at the table don't have to fight with fish bones! And many did not immediately understand that this is a fish dish. Restaurant dish at home.
Salad "Cancun"
388 - - -
This delicious salad I tried at a cafe and so he liked me that became a frequent guest at my house. As well as a cafe in the style of "a La Mexico" (a salad nameless) had such a name! The unusual combination of pineapple with meat, vegetables, ... sweet peppers! It is, indeed, juicy and delicious!
Salad "French dressing"
387 - 15м -
My dear, do not scold me for "bourgeois" habits. The name and the salad is very aristocratic, but the products are quite affordable. This dish can please not only guests, but also yourself, loved ones. I tried it in one place and torturing the waitress questions about the composition of the filling, now often arrange a holiday to your loved ones.
Rice salad with chicken
385 4 30м 6
Rice salad with chicken, pineapple, lemon juice and walnuts
Cake "Hummingbird" with curd cream
385 - 360м 16
Recipe found at Chef Andy. Seen a similar recipe, but this is my vision etc. volume of products ) And I just need to keep this information at least for myself - to not forget what and how much take for your molds ))) the Cake is sooooo delicious. Very! Try it and You 😉
Salad "birthday husband"
378 4 - -
Easy to prepare salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
KAU pad
377 - 60м 8
"KAU pad" is translated from Thai means "fried rice". The dish turns out very tasty. Spicy, fragrant, spicy rice, goes well and is set off by a pineapple and cashews.
Salad "Amazon"
376 - 10м 2
Bright, tasty salad. The combination of shrimp and pineapple will be pleasantly surprised. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user lenochka77 called the Salad "Tenderness" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Shrimp curry in Thai style (thai red curry prawns)
370 - 30м 4
My man traveled a lot in different countries and has one weak spot - this exotic Oriental cuisine. Than more authentic, the better. This recipe I found on the English the Internet and adapted it slightly. The dish is very delicate due to the coconut milk and has a unique delicious taste! When it is prepared easily and quickly!
Salad "Palette of taste"
364 - 15м 2
Today, right in the eve of March 8, I received a mail-order gifts from Tanya - LaCostena, among the many pleasant things I immediately saw the book "Recipes for delicious dishes" of greens and salads. Leafed through and immediately made this salad. Think he will suit those who want to lose excess weight gained over the winter, because it only 41.5 kcal per 100g of finished product, and in addition, it is spicy, tasty and healthy.
Salad "Bug"
354 4 45м 8
Chicken salad with pineapple and grapes
Salad "Sunflower"
353 3 - -
Layered salad