Recipes from Apricot

Apricot sauce-ketchup
1.8k - 130м -
Sweet and sour ketchup are homemade. Has a great taste with a fruity acidity that emphasizes and complements the taste of meat dishes.
Strasbourg pie
1.6k - 60м 8
Delicious, tender cake with apricots.
Spicy marinated apricots
1.4k - - -
Once tasted pickled plum, thought, and what apricots are bad? Such a blank can be used for sweet pastries and make the sauce. Indescribable taste:sweet and sour, with the aroma of spices!
Salad "Apricot poodle"
0.9k 5 30м 4
This salad is from Women's Forum website "Scribbler" now in the season of apricots is very relevant. Besides, light and hearty at the same time, in the heat it can completely replace dinner.
Cake "Cassiopeia"
0.9k - - -
Fragrant and tender cake with poppy cream and apricots. Very tasty, very tender!!! A recipe dug from the "ancient" filing of the magazine "Liza". Recommend!!!!!!
Compote with citrus notes
0.9k - 20м -
Somehow, the Boy is not honored recipes compatico. But my life runs under the slogan "a day without compote!!!" the Compote is a dish that I make through the day because my Vanya was very thirsty! ))) That accounts for the mother to be did in order to avoid drinking any soda. Today I made kompotik, but decided to diversify slightly..
Salad "Amazing"
0.9k 4.5 - -
It is a pity that this salad can be prepared only in the summer season!
Fruit soup "Etude in Sunny colours"
0.8k - 25м 6
Winter. Like many in this word to my heart entwined... namely: heat, cold, dampness and dullness. In short, I do not like winter! How I want summer and warmth again! In this regard, ... on the table a variety of fruit - compotes, kissels, fresh fruit, frozen berries. And fruit soup. And to lose weight helps :)
Colbert of rice with apricots
0.8k 3 - -
French Christmas dessert. Apricots with delicate rice rolls, fried in apricot syrup. Very tasty and memorable dessert. Let's start cooking with a song from a favorite childhood cartoon "Nu, pogodi!". Raise the mood! Tell me, maiden, where was... Yuri Entin - Tell me, maiden, Where was that? Tell me, sweetheart, How are you? For thee ran, Santa Claus. I have shed many Bitter tears! - Come on, let's dance come on! - No Santa Claus, No Santa Claus, No Santa Claus, wait!
Crepe flambe
0.8k - 60м 2
The Flambeau (FR. flamber to flame, fire) cooking — receipt of cooking where the dish is sprinkled with brandy, vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks and set fire to, and why food gets its unique taste and aroma. The Flambeau was always higher culinary chic.
Rare "Apricot water"
0.8k - 15м 6
Sweet, delicate, sparkling. Just remember Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" And Berlioz, who inspired me to "Apricot water" "Once in the shade of the budding lime trees a little, the writers of the first duty rushed to the brightly painted booth with the inscription "Beer and Water". Yes, it should be noted the first strangeness of this terrible may evening. Not only at the kiosk but along the whole Avenue parallel to Malaya Bronnaya street there was not one person. In that hour, when really, it seems, had not the strength to breathe, when the sun, having heated Moscow, in a dry fog fell somewhere beyond Sadovoye ring, no one came under the lindens, no one sat on the bench were empty alley. - Let the Seltzer - asked Berlioz. - No Narzan, said the woman in the booth and somehow offended. - Got beer? - A husky voice enquired Bezdomny. 'Beer's being delivered later this evening' said the woman. - What do you have? - Asked Berlioz. - Apricot, only warm, ' said the woman. Well, let's, let's, let's!.. The apricot juice produced a rich yellow froth, making the air smell like a hairdresser. After drinking, the writers immediately started to hiccup, paid, and sat down on the bench face to the pond and back to Bronnaya."
Apricot-peach mousse
0.8k 4 - 4
Bought apricots... tried, like, nothing(good)as it turned out, in the fridge left half jars of canned peaches and that's what came of it... For the contest "Sweet taste of summer"
"Tutti - Frutti" with cream and marmalade
0.7k 5 40м 4
"Tutti frutti" - all fruit (ital), in a figurative sense - all sorts of things. Sweetie pie with fresh peaches, apricots, strawberries and cherries - in General with any fruit that you find in the fridge. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Cake "Debut"
0.7k 3.7 - -
For the first time in my life baked a cake for mommy's birthday. Long picked up the recipe in the Internet, including on our wonderful site. Got some ideas from different recipes, something she thought, was such a magical cake, moderately sweet. Of course, without a couple of blunders not done (of which I will indicate as tips on how NOT to do).
Donuts abrikoska and peaches
0.7k 3 - -
Very delicious sweet donuts stuffed with peaches, abrikoos and Smorodinsky.. with a pleasant acidity from the filling, dusted with powdered sugar for contrast.. and of course some of your favorite spices..
Jelly "Fruit bomb"
0.7k - 90м 6
I often make fruit salads, this time decided to diversify the diet. Made fruit jelly. Easy, delicious and healthy dessert will delight you and your kids. Minimum effort, maximum taste.
Apricot seeds walnuts
0.7k - 60м -
Forgotten fruit snack with a minimal amount of sugar. Has an intense apricot flavor, good color and minimal manufacturing costs.
Jam from apricots and plums
0.7k 4 30м -
Jam is obtained from apricots and fragrant with a pleasant acidity from the plum.
Apricot mini pies
0.7k - - -
Delicate cakes made of cheese dough with apricot filling.
Cake "Cabbage"
0.6k 3 - -
Do you like sweet vegetables ? ; )
0.6k 5 - -
Simple and tasty cake with chocolate paste and assorted fruits.