Recipes from The chicken legs

Salad "Autumn kiss"
1.3k 5 30м -
"Autumn kiss - a taste of ruby cherries, what a pity that nothing this summer, in front of the whole fall..." So sings Alla Pugacheva. We have already winter and everything worked out, i.e. left the salad.
Bavarian salad of smoked chicken with beans
1k 5 60м 8
Another delicious salad from prepared foods. Very like my husband!
Salad Agat
0.8k - - -
Delicate, light and my favorite salad! Not found this salad on the site, but if there is, do not swear, immediately remove your! Salad want to give Nina barska for her magical recipes.
Team meat Soljanka
0.7k - - -
Arrived cold and wet weather, by this time the soup arrived. Well, what could be better than soup in this weather? But if a glass? It is a fairy tale. Solyanka is like borscht, everyone has their own, according to this I want to share his many years of proven prescription.
499 - 90м 6
Kalia - a spicy, thick soup with a spicy and thick in consistency broth, cooked with the addition of brine, most often, cucumber. There are three types of first courses of this kind: Kalia, rassolnik and Solyanka. They are all very tasty and different from one another by the presence or grains, or potatoes, or other additives and, of course, the level of spiciness. Cal cook fish, meat, chicken broth or broth of fowl. Homeland cagli Finland and originally the soup was made only on fish broth (kala - fish), the more interesting how the soup was to belong to the Russian cuisine. Cal I cooked in chicken broth was very tasty, I recommend to try.
Salad "encore"
462 4 - -
Vkusny and hearty salad that tastes very similar to smoked sausage. So named because the husband and father-in-law asked me to make MORE!
Salad "Doodle"
455 - - -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe "Salad "Crowing""! Love myself sometimes so here is a salad to ease off!))) Simple, tasty and juicy salad! Perfect for every day and occasion! Salads like already have a site, your put up as an option!
Festive salad
436 - - 8
Chicken salad with pineapple and cheese has a very unusual taste. The combination of chicken with sweet pineapple and salty cheese gives the salad a touch of the exotic. This salad is always on our table at family celebrations and holidays. This time the salad was prepared on the occasion of the anniversary of our wedding. And, of course, not only salad, but the roll with the spicy crust and the cake with poppy seeds...
Salad Listopad
413 4 - -
Salad "the Dreamer"
389 - 60м 6
The recipe for this salad came quite by accident. Was looking for recipes with egg pancakes, reviewed several options and decided to combine them, something removed, something added, a delicious salad, my husband and son loved it, now often it is cooked. The salad is quite hearty, can quite replace a full dinner.
382 3.5 60м 6
All lovers of chicken is dedicated. Chicken and potatoes in a new and interesting execution.
Salad "Ruby gerbera"
354 3 - 8
This salad is the flower I want to give all the girls in this wonderful holiday!!! My dear, please accept this flower from me as a sign of respect! Good luck to you! Be loved!!! With the upcoming holiday!!! Congratulate you with the holiday of spring, With the breath of the river and the sun Shine, Let the days be blissful and clear. And let the sun come in the window. Let it be the awakening of the soul Intoxicating the resurrection of nature, So were You always as good As the gentle brightness of the firmament.
Salad "Love"
332 - - -
This salad can fall in love with the first spoon, hence the name. The salad is very simple and quick to prepare available ingredients. You will also feel "Love".
Salad "the Grapes of ash"
331 4 - -
Every day before leaving the house I see a large red clusters of mountain ash that grows near the entrance. Really wanted to bring a bit of autumn with its unprecedented colors everywhere home and leave her mark. So there was this juicy, delicious , unusual salad. Raduyte yourself and loved ones!
Salad "Obolon"
324 5 - -
Another of the many salads with chicken meat
Salad "Tidbit"
323 - 30м 8
At first I thought it was a "girly" salad, corn and pineapple in combination with chicken... But my men gladly ate it and asked for seconds!!!
318 3 240м -
Sights on the Tatar national dish and I feel like a criminal :-) Well, it is very tasty! P. S. Consulted of Tartar; -)
Salad "Improvisation"
317 - - -
Wanted recently to do something for the second time for dinner, but spontaneously born this salad... maybe there is. From the refrigerator turned out pretty good salad! Tasty, affordable and pretty fast. Try?
Hot "Yin-Yang"
312 5 60м 4
This dish was born thanks to the cruel necessities of life: my husband prefers pork, but I more like chicken. Hence the combination of two tastes and two principles - male and female. It turned out quite well.
Salad "Krasnodar"
311 - 40м 8
One of the favorite salads in our family! Unusual and very tasty!.. Read it long time ago somewhere in a cooking magazine, the name was lost.. In the family called him "salad with pomegranate". Here call it "Krasnodar", because of my geographical position)))
Salad "Twig"
310 5 - -
Very very! delicious salad, a special piquancy gives him the sauce. The name depends on the time of year and mood in winter, fir in summer, willow, etc. I got a pine with beads))) I Recommend!!!