Recipes from Black olives

Salad "Caesar" with shrimp
0.7k 4.3 30м 4
Cooking options "Caesar" there are so many, including on the website are a few varieties of lettuce. Want to offer your own version of this salad with shrimp. Simple and fast.
Team meat Soljanka
0.7k - - -
Arrived cold and wet weather, by this time the soup arrived. Well, what could be better than soup in this weather? But if a glass? It is a fairy tale. Solyanka is like borscht, everyone has their own, according to this I want to share his many years of proven prescription.
Salad "Sunflower"
0.5k 4.5 - -
Salad of cod liver. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Appetizer "a Coach for Cinderella"
493 4 10м 1
Festive children's snack
Salad "Captain"
468 4 15м 5
"Remember, captain, how you escaped in the ocean? Sailed in fog and the white hat." Well, our salad for good captains, cowards do not treat! Marine motifs with cabbage, peas. Great addition dinner.
"Herringbone" for appetizer
331 - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
294 - - -
Original and very tasty salad, food can vary - what's in the fridge ;-)
Spicy Mexican pizza
289 - - 5
Weekend released time for culinary experiments, especially if the weather does not favor the sun. Pizza Mexican bean layer with cheese and spices – why not?
Salad "breath of Spring"
279 5 20м 6
Itself did not expect!
Meatloaf with mozzarella
260 - - -
Delicious, juicy and very beautiful meatloaf in a Mediterranean style. In the spring bright and colorful!
Salad "Marine a miracle"
259 - 30м 2
We, the inhabitants of the Far East love a variety of fish dishes. But the tuna we got "caught" just in jars on the shelves. And my youngest son loves salads. So we have to fantasize.
Pickle "superfood"
253 3 30м 4
This recipe of pickle, I have never seen. Although... a pickle is a pickle. As always, cucumbers, barley... But this is my recipe to try I recommend to fans of the brine soups. Tastier I have not tried.
Soup olive cheese
243 - 90м 8
Want to offer delicious soup with olives and cheese, very simple to prepare, but the taste new. Recommend cook to anyone who wants to diversify the home menu and to please the family with new and delicious dishes.
Salad "Soccer ball"
226 4 30м 1
here I saw a salad "support?", and myself decided to cook, only changed some products to suit this option.
Salad with chicken
220 5 30м -
Very simple and delicious salad! Is layers! Don't remember where I took it, whether a friend said of the recipe, whether she came up with :)
Salad "The Martian"
218 5 15м 4
This salad was born thanks Annie Very Irresistible. The other day I read her recipe with avocado and decided to try this fruit salad. Somehow the avocado reminded me of the taste of boiled potatoes. Had to paszamant a bit, and it turned out delicious salad with the taste of olives. You can use it as toppings on the bread, make great sandwiches. At work the girls sandwiches very much.
Meat Solyanka "My imagination"
208 5 - -
In the midst of Post I want to provide for Your consideration the recipe for meat Solyanka))) I, as always, break all the rules. Wanted to submit Lenten recipe, but then I thought it was boring. So show your solyanochku. I always cook it in broth from chicken Breasts. It is not greasy and tasty. Never add potatoes. It's a hodgepodge, not potato soup. Try when cooking, stick to the classics, but bring your.
Salad "Manet"
208 3.5 - -
Another found an unusual salad...
Salad "Eat me"
203 4 30м -
Very tasty salad. I advise you to try. Easy to prepare. Will not disappoint people if you'll make it.
The villager meat team from E. I. molokhovets
186 - 180м 24
Well, then..., meat Solyanka ... team. And I cooked it according to the technology (why applied this concept, I will explain the process) Elena Ivanovna molokhovets. (No. 59. The villager meat)
Salad "Winnie the Pooh"
184 - 50м 8
Gave your child a holiday in the theme of Disney Winnie the Pooh he's Winnie the Pooh. Cake ordered, but I wanted to do something with their hands, and in my head immediately arose Association with my favorite "yellow" salad. Both small and large liked it!