Recipes from Anchovies

Mousse of smoked trout
1.2k 5 - -
Today I offer you to cook the mousse of smoked trout, a wonderful appetizer of fish, simple and tasty. A great recipe for parties and receptions. You can use any red fish of cold Smoking (salmon, trout, salmon). This simple delicate mousse can be used as a filling for pancakes, you can serve it with crackers and croutons and with fresh vegetables such as cucumber slices or radishes. However, the presence of fruits does not exclude bread component.
Puntarelle with anchovy sauce
420 - 20м 4
Puntarelle alla romana. Traditional Roman salad puntarelle – puntarella the sliced shoots with anchovies, garlic and olive oil. In Rome you can buy this salad in the late fall and winter.
Pickled fish "guttersnipe"
394 - 2160м 30
Easy appetizer of cheap fish, which in Greek is called "Gavres". Other names: anchovy, anchovy. Fish is always sold fresh! Having in the fridge for a snack, you are hard to surprise. Great for strong drinks.
Niçoise salad
361 4 20м 6
Nice fish salad with my changes and additions.. some green beans, tomatoes, onions.. and even eggs, olives, canned anchovies and tuna, with a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, mustard, garlic and allspice..
Spanish “Russian” salad
345 - 30м 6
Ensalada rusa – Russian salad – can be ordered in virtually any diner in Catalonia. This very popular salad with artichokes, anchovies and olives somehow got the name "Russian". Perhaps someone tried to play our ubiquitous "Olivier" and created this version, which by the way can be a good replacement for this usual Christmas dish. The salad was delicious and versions of it a lot, so let's called Russian.
Croatian fish pie
289 - 30м 10
Delicate fish pate, melting in the mouth. Recipe brought to you from Sunny Croatia. You can do as the fish (red, white) and shrimp and any seafood. Stunning! Universal recipe.
Salad "Bandiera" anchovies
281 5 25м 4
"Bandiera" in Italian-flag. Also called Italian cuisine that combines the three colors of the Italian flag-white, red, green. Very elegant and original salad.
Solyanka with sturgeon
241 3 120м 10
A classic recipe turns out very tasty, if not sturgeon can replace the red fish, is perfect for a celebratory dinner.
Shrimp salad "Caesar"
199 5 30м 3
The original recipe of the classic salad.
Solyanka in Japanese
192 - 70м 5
Escanaba-Shire. "the Shire" in Japanese means "soup" and "estaba" translates literally as "the pot around" (in Japanese is not strong, therefore, we believe the Internet). That is, in fact, Estaba-shiru soup, into which you can put anything your heart and that there is in the fridge. In fact, it is the Japanese equivalent is known and beloved by many halophytes.
Salad "Caesar"
191 5 40м 1
Delicious salad, but it's one of his recipes.
Baked tomatoes with buckwheat cereal
174 - - -
Baked tomatoes with buckwheat flakes, black olives and anchovies in olive oil "From Russia with love". Not a recipe, but a solid utility (smile). Then you and tomatoes, and buckwheat, and olives, and anchovies, and olive oil. Basil, cucumbers, greens, yogurt, garlic. A Paradise for those who do not eat meat, and not only for them. A great snack like on the holiday table and for everyday menu. Another good idea on how to feed young capricious useful buckwheat cereal. They're not completely noticeable and blend with the flavors of Italy or Spain. And here we are all these "foreign countries" to give your answer: where do you without our buckwheat go?:) All the great of Russia was raised on it. Eat buckwheat and be healthy! So from Russia, with love this recipe:).
Mousse of tuna baskets
173 3 30м 3
Of course, to serve this mousse not only in baskets - you can serve it just on a bread toast, sprinkled on top of chopped onion. But for the holiday table, you can still come up with something more interesting... like this and bind this dish! Mousse of tuna - very tasty and tender. You can also use for stuffing snack bars, cakes, eggs, or tomatoes, and much more...
Pizza with shrimp and anchovies
171 3 60м 6
The pizza tasted, and the house is perfected
Cauliflower with shrimp Sicilian
170 3.5 40м 4
very tasty and unusual
Fusilli with chickpeas, olives and a sauce of red lentils and capers
168 - - -
An unusual sauce of lentils and tomato juice, elegant "springs" pasta, chickpeas, garlic is such an incredible combination. Fasting beans products from Mistral is a pleasure, hearty, delicious, a huge variety of dishes - it can't get bored. And it is not true that children do not like healthy food )))
Snack "Juicy slice"
159 4 - 10
Gentle pashtetik anchovy - spice.. boiled eggs and canned peas for tenderness.. fresh tomatoes for freshness. garlic - for easy sharpness.. combined with juicy slices of crisp Apple, dill and pomegranate berries... very easy, fast, unusual and delicious... the appetizer will fit if you suddenly come visit, if you just want something easy and neobychnogo, if you want to decorate a festive table...
Minions of beef with cherry confict and a side dish of zucchini with sun-dried tomatoes
157 3 15м 1
Meat with berries - divine!
Green sauce
157 5 - -
To dishes of meat and fish
Appetizer of lentils "Black goddess"
155 - - 5
Although, it's not just an appetizer. This salad can be spread on bread, can be stuffed eggs, tomatoes and even use as a sauce for pasta. In General, the taste is so versatile that you can add to grilled fish and boiled potatoes, rice and poached egg. My next fantasy, which usually comes in moments, the song Makarevich: "when you put your hands and no words, no music, no forces." Here's to them not to give, I go to the kitchen to cook, then comes something new.
"Sausage" from canned tuna
155 - 40м 6
Think this is a way to prepare canned tuna you've ever tasted! Of course, we are used to this dish is originally from Italy, more precisely from Piedmont, but, nonetheless, it is worth to give it a try, as it combines good taste, value and ease of preparation!