Recipes from Cauliflower

Casserole of cauliflower
1k - - -
Hello, friends! I offer you a recipe of delicious and tender casserole of cauliflower!
1k - 90м 8
This dish is a Changeling from the Mediterranean cuisine, and in particular, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and other Arab countries up to Egypt. Preparing is quite simple. Very original taste due to the presence in the recipe of spices - cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg. In my opinion, the dish is very different from a pilaf. It has a soft and mellow taste. I recommend to try!
Salad "Embassy"
0.6k 4 30м 4
Very tasty, bright, light, vitamin salad.
0.5k 3 70м 10
Juicy vegetable dish with meat. Not time consuming, easy to prepare and extremely tasty. Extremely good domlama cooked on the fire.
Salad "Fantasy"
441 - - -
That is called "Fantasy" I first saw this salad. Very bright and rich, it attracted me because of its content. I immediately wanted to try it, and my expectations were met. The salad was very tasty, juicy and unusual. Help yourself!
Cauliflower sauce "Bechamel"
395 3.5 30м 4
Very tasty cabbage. Recommend.
374 3.5 30м -
Semolina with vegetables. This is a simple, tasty and nutritious Indian dish well suited for the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Salad "The Terminator"
361 3 15м 4
A light salad with a spicy taste.
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
361 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Mushrooms Tremella and seafood fried with vegetables in Chinese
361 3 40м 6
Love roasted vegetables with seafood in different variations. Especially in summer when full of fresh vegetables for every taste, this recipe. In the winter I use a ready mix frozen vegetables
Salad with cauliflower "solar"
359 - 60м 4
Good day, dear cooks!! I come to You today with a humble everyday salad... the fact that my husband does not like cauliflower in any of its manifestations... and I'm just the opposite REALLY!!! And so I decided to dream a little, so as they say... the wolves are fed... and the sheep are safe... stand on Your court salad... it turned out with a very delicate taste... quite hearty and at the same time, fresh... go to sample!!!
Salad "Favorite cabbage"
343 5 10м -
This salad I brought from USA from the restaurant in which he worked. This salad consists of two types of cabbage - cauliflower and broccoli and also onions. Continuous vitamins!!! And the taste... the Most popular salad in the restaurant!
Fast fondue with vegetables
339 - - 6
Fast fondue with cauliflower and small potatoes from Hochland.
"Fire and ice" Recipe No. 2
319 3 20м 4
This salad of cauliflower for fans of salsa... because I love this vegetable, very long time experimenting with it, I realized that cauliflower does not like competitors and more delicious low-order salads... Now the "Flame"...
Pilaf, "Shah Jehan"
316 - 80м -
This pilaf is named after the great Shah Jahan, who was famous for construction of the great Taj Mahal. He was a patron of artists and musicians, appreciated poetry and painting. And of course was a foodie and Amateur gourmet.
Zapekanka "On the island of Buyan"
298 3 - -
In the sea the island was cool, Not RUB, not residential; It lay empty plain; It grew on oak unified... ...through the lapping waves ... and the surf... through the rustle of leaves and the howling of the wind...we're getting to a good shelter.. where fear no storm...where on the carpet near the fireplace in moricet cat.. gentle fire warms our body, our soul will warm up here's a juicy zapekanok delicate puree with marcovicci and dill.. filled with bright vegetables and tender mushrooms.. all this combined with bright spices and condiments.. very juicy.. tasty.. but at the same time totally lean.. so "Fast from Moulinex". with pleasure.
Cannelloni with vegetable filling "Spring"
297 - 80м -
The second time experimenting with these wonderful tubes of pasta:) this time with a light vegetable filling and spring option.
Cabbage hill
286 4 - -
Fabulous kitchen Shula
Roasted cauliflower with avocado
282 4 - -
A very simple side dish - the name speaks for itself
Vimba breaded cauliflower
281 - - -
Live by the sea, but because the fish is a frequent guest on my table.
Cauliflower grilled
280 - 25м 4
Offer to cook cauliflower in sour cream marinade, and fry going over the coals in the grate of the grill. Fragrant, tender and flavorful!