Recipes from Orange

Roast the liver and heart with vodka
0.9k - - -
A great dish for dinner, flavorful and tender.
Salad "Birdie"
0.7k 4.5 20м 6
The unusual combination of chicken, vegetables and fruits.
Salad "MS beets"
0.6k - 15м 4
With beets you can cook a lot of salads. Offer You one of them. You know, a salad on the holiday table is not ashamed to submit.
Dessert "Monamur"
0.5k 3 25м 2
Mouth-watering treat!
Cake-salad "Amorous"
0.5k 4 - -
The idea was prompted by the cooks from the cook! I love our website - lots of interesting and wonderful can be found here!
0.5k - 45м -
It is the national dish of Indian cuisine, sometimes you want to try to cook something sort overseas, but that is not very sophisticated and available, it is possible to prepare Pello, because the combination of rice, pineapple and pork with seasonings, baked in the oven, it turns out very interesting and tasty dish.
Salad "Other exotics"
0.5k - 35м 6
Was looking for this recipe on the website, very much similar, but they are mostly with seafood. I offer You the option of chicken, this combination of ingredients at first glance, confusing, but in the end it turns out very tasty. My family devours that cracks behind the ears, and guests always ask for the recipe.
Tournedos a La Parmentier pork
486 5 40м 4
This recipe I found in a cooking magazine "Sale e pepe" and decided to try it. Simple to prepare, very tender and tasty.
Cake "Veronica"
470 - 30м 10
Favorite cake of my daughter Veronica. She often asks him to cook, while helping myself. The cake is done easily and simply, because in its preparation used ready-made sponge cakes. Try it, it's delicious!
Salad with chicken and shrimp, "Francesca"
449 - - -
Easy gourmet salad, almost a dessert, and obviously female. The combination of chicken and shrimp with plum and sweet orange sauce wins the first time! Looking at the photo you thought carrot top? And that's not guessed!!! Come - I'll tell you what it is :-)
Salad "Diplomat"
438 3 30м 4
Easy in all respects salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Orange liqueur
437 4 - -
Romanian kitchen. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Fruit salad in pomelo
409 - - 5
Pomelo Latin sounds as Citrus maxima. That is, this huge citrus enough for a big company. But if to make him a salad bowl, then it will fit at least 4 servings of delicious, colourful fruit salad! But this is what you need for Christmas dessert! And this is my hundredth recipe :-) I can't believe!
Orange chicken
382 - 50м 4
One of the most popular dishes of Chinese (American-Chinese) dishes. When I first tried this dish, I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is so unusual that at first do not understand that you eat main dish or dessert). My first acquaintance with the orange chicken took place on 6 -8 years ago in USA and I have long thought that this wonderful dish will be very difficult to make at home. Many of you probably know that Asian dishes require different sea exotic foods and spices, but turned out to be. All the ingredients can be found in a conventional supermarket. By the way, recipes of this dish a lot, I picked up the ingredients for this dish that the recipe was similar to a recipe used in Chinese restaurants in America. And I came to the following...
Sangria Dolce Vita
364 - 180м 6
Sangria is an alcoholic cocktail native to Spain. Its history goes back more than 400 years. This cocktail is great because its preparation used products available. Good as the hot summer with ice and winter.
Biscuit from whole wheat flour without eggs
363 - 60м 6
Very soft and tender cake with light notes of orange. You know, many of our "cooks" try to stick to a healthy diet. I dedicate this recipe to them!
Coffee and citrus liqueur "44 "
356 - - -
Flavored liqueur with taste of citrus and aroma of coffee. The New Year did "Coffee and citrus liqueur "44". Make it quite often. I generally like to do different licencii. Pretty strong drink, but also flavorful. Very good added to cakes or impregnation. And so to sit - also not bad.
Fruit graten
351 - 15м -
Fruit dessert that is served hot. For a basis I took French orange graten, adding to the recipe notes of soy sauce and slices of papaya (melon). Here, soy sauce is well blended into the sweet fruit and creamy tones. Colorful dessert will brighten gloomy autumn days.
Pork loin chops with oranges in Greek
348 3 200м 4
Very fragrant and tasty dish. Yesterday was my favorite! Tastier meat, I did not.
Salad "Daisy"
348 3 20м 6
Lovely salad with yellow and white layers lifts the mood not only in appearance, but pleasant taste.
Compote with citrus notes
339 - 20м -
Somehow, the Boy is not honored recipes compatico. But my life runs under the slogan "a day without compote!!!" the Compote is a dish that I make through the day because my Vanya was very thirsty! ))) That accounts for the mother to be did in order to avoid drinking any soda. Today I made kompotik, but decided to diversify slightly..