Recipes from Orange

Roast the liver and heart with vodka
2.5k - - -
A great dish for dinner, flavorful and tender.
Cake "Fruit of the Opera"
2.2k 5 420м 8
Want to offer your primariy very light, delicate, truly summer cake or dessert "Fruit of the Opera". Cakes are soft, surf the air, and thanks to a impregnation juicy and moist. The composition without the gluten. Optionally, the cake can be replaced by any other. Dessert moderately sweet. And the combination of strawberry with citrus notes give just the perfect combination. Despite the multiple layers of this dessert, it is prepared easily and simply. Hope you like it!!!
Salad "MS beets"
1.6k - 15м 4
With beets you can cook a lot of salads. Offer You one of them. You know, a salad on the holiday table is not ashamed to submit.
1.6k - 45м -
It is the national dish of Indian cuisine, sometimes you want to try to cook something sort overseas, but that is not very sophisticated and available, it is possible to prepare Pello, because the combination of rice, pineapple and pork with seasonings, baked in the oven, it turns out very interesting and tasty dish.
Salad with chicken and shrimp, "Francesca"
1.5k - - -
Easy gourmet salad, almost a dessert, and obviously female. The combination of chicken and shrimp with plum and sweet orange sauce wins the first time! Looking at the photo you thought carrot top? And that's not guessed!!! Come - I'll tell you what it is :-)
Cake "desert rose"1 from Pierre Herme
1.5k - 720м 16
Every season has its specialities. Winter, spring, summer, autumn... Each time of year comply with its products, their combinations. Now outside of November. I live in Moscow, and the weather kept us from mid-October until March. But I recall my childhood... So it was only in November: the snow, or wet snow, it gets dark early, late dawns... And want something warm, soft, comfortable... In November my dad and grandparents OTHERS (the grandmother is 91!), and it just so happened that I bake something exclusive for them. This cake recipe is French pastry chef Pierre Herme is the best complement for tea in this cold season. The recipe is taken from Nina of Nixie, for which many thanks to her!
Salad "Other exotics"
1.4k - 35м 6
Was looking for this recipe on the website, very much similar, but they are mostly with seafood. I offer You the option of chicken, this combination of ingredients at first glance, confusing, but in the end it turns out very tasty. My family devours that cracks behind the ears, and guests always ask for the recipe.
1.4k - 3м 26
Ashure is one of the ancient traditional Turkish desserts, it is very tasty and healthy. This year it is prepared and handed out on November 3. My ashure ready and I want to share with you this recipe. Despite the fact that ashure is a Turkish dish, it has an analogue (IMHO) in our kitchen - kutya )))
Cake "Veronica"
1.3k - 30м 10
Favorite cake of my daughter Veronica. She often asks him to cook, while helping myself. The cake is done easily and simply, because in its preparation used ready-made sponge cakes. Try it, it's delicious!
Salad "Birdie"
1.3k 4.5 20м 6
The unusual combination of chicken, vegetables and fruits.
Cake-salad "Amorous"
1.3k 4 - -
The idea was prompted by the cooks from the cook! I love our website - lots of interesting and wonderful can be found here!
Salad "Diplomat"
1.3k 3 30м 4
Easy in all respects salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Tournedos a La Parmentier pork
1.1k 5 40м 4
This recipe I found in a cooking magazine "Sale e pepe" and decided to try it. Simple to prepare, very tender and tasty.
Chicken in pastry
1.1k 5 40м -
Delicious battered chicken.
Biscuit from whole wheat flour without eggs
1k - 60м 6
Very soft and tender cake with light notes of orange. You know, many of our "cooks" try to stick to a healthy diet. I dedicate this recipe to them!
Orange liqueur
1k 4 - -
Romanian kitchen. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Pork loin chops with oranges in Greek
1k 3 200м 4
Very fragrant and tasty dish. Yesterday was my favorite! Tastier meat, I did not.
Moroccan sweetness-Briouat
1k - 60м -
Briouat is a traditional Moroccan dessert made of thin Filo pastry with sweet almond filling and citrus scent of orange water. Preparing to Ramadan just like that. Sweet, fragrant rolls (briouates) stuffed with rice pudding sprinkled with powdered sugar and dipped in honey, it turns out very tasty, and I can't believe that of rice and so easy to prepare such a wonderful thing. Will surely enjoy especially lovers of Oriental sweets.
Salad "Counterpart"
1k 4 60м 2
"These eyes opposite-kaleidoscope of lights. These eyes opposite all brighter and warmer. These eyes opposite tea-colored. These eyes opposite what is it, what is it?" "Counterpart" in French is "opposite". This gentle salad for lovers, loving and beloved will be a wonderful decoration of romantic dinner "for two" together with "Scarlett March 8".
Sangria Dolce Vita
1k - 180м 6
Sangria is an alcoholic cocktail native to Spain. Its history goes back more than 400 years. This cocktail is great because its preparation used products available. Good as the hot summer with ice and winter.
Roll "Black forest" by Jamie Oliver
1k - - -
Insanely delicious meatloaf from the charming Jamie Oliver. Will have to work hard but the result is worth it!